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One final push to the end!

That little bit of student loan debt has been driving me INSANE. So to stop me from going crazy, here’s what I propose to do over the next 2 weeks:

I currently owe approximately $2,700.

  • This Friday is pay day, so I’ll pay $1,000.
  • I’ll throw in my entire tax refund of $1,300.
  • April 13th pay day, I’ll pay the balance off of around $400!!!

So that means it will have taken me one year to get rid of that dumb student loan debt. One year on the dot, as a matter of fact. The seemingly unbelievable goal will be obtained! I can’t believe it! WAHOO!!!

I will now be completely debt-free by the end of May! :)

Blew the boyfriend’s birthday budget (say that three times fast!)

Well, I went and blew my $50 budget on the BF’s birthday present. There was this book he really wanted, but after shipping, it was a little over $100. Why was it so expensive? Because it was independently published and not many copies were printed, so the costs are higher. But he really wanted it … and he had only mentioned it a million times to me last week. Plus, it’s apparently a really informative book on the career that he wants to get into, and since it’s such a huge change in careers (from a computer programmer to a helicopter pilot), I want him to be as prepared as he can get. At least my sister will be contributing $25 to the present, so it’ll really only cost me $75. And that’s only $25 over my budget.

My sister and I also split a present for my boss at the arena. My boss always buys us chocolates and little presents for the holidays, and since her birthday is coming up, we bought her some gormet tea from Murchie’s, and a box of chocolates. My share of the present came to $10, so that’s not bad.

How anonymous is this blog?

I’ve been trying to keep this blog anonymous, but I’m not sure how anonymous it really is. For a brief few hours, I had a link to this blog from my regular blog on a different site, and then thought better of it, and took it down. But a few hours is enough time for a couple of friends to click on the link and wander over. Plus, based on the details of myself on this blog, I’m sure it’d be pretty darn easy to figure out who I am, where I live, and what I ate for breakfast.

And my boyfriend now knows I have this blog, and desperately wants to read it. He’s really into personal finance as well, and he’s very “fiscally responsible,” as he likes to describe himself. But, I’m reluctant. I like how this blog is my very own, and to my knowledge, nobody in my real life knows about it.

But I guess I have nothing to hide. Having this blog forces me to be open about my finances, and that’s what I wanted from the beginning. My boyfriend is fully aware of my financial situation (although he was definitely against me buying that new computer), and sometimes I try to talk shop with my friends, but honestly none of them have any interest in finance.

It’s also an issue of security. Is it smart to tell the world how much money you have? I know most PF bloggers have a sidebar that tracks their finances down to the penny, and a lot of them even have pictures of themselves. Is this safe? Are they scared of getting stalked and robbed? Or have their identity stolen?

I don’t really know what I’m trying to say. My other blog has gotten me into some weird situations in the past (a very famous music magazine took a paragraph word-for-word from my blog, for starters, and that turned into a little bit of a fiasco with a famous band, but I digress …), and I like the idea of having a completely anonymous blog … but on the other hand, maybe one of my friends will get inspired by reading my blog, and decide to start one up of their own.

So right now, to my knowledge, nobody I know in real life has ever read this journal (p.s. if any of my friends are reading this right now, please leave me a comment). But how about the rest of you PF bloggers? Do your friends and loved ones know about your blog, and if they do, do they read it? How do you feel about it?

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