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Thursday Randomness

I borrowed Save Karyn from the library this weekend, and read it in one sitting. It was a pretty cute book, and much like the Shopaholic books I secretly love so much (speaking of which, I’m on the hold list to borrow the newest Shopaholic & Baby book from the library … but the last time I checked I was hold number 187 of 325, so I doubt I’ll be reading it anytime soon!). I saw it on sale at Costco for around $17.50, and was tempted to buy it, because at Chapters it was $34.99 or something like that … but it’s not a life or death situation. I will live if I don’t fill my Becky Bloomwood addiction right away. :)

They decided to jack up bus fare starting back on April 1st, which angers me a lot. It’s only 25 cents, but now I’m paying $2.75 for a one-way ticket, and that’s just ridiculous! I remember back in the day, it was only a dollar. A dollar! God I’m old.

I was cleaning out a drawer in the washroom last night, when I uncovered a huge stash of (unopened) beauty products that I got for free when I was a beauty advisor while going to school. I found a $45 tube of Dermaglow hand cream (the best stuff in the world), Lancome face self-tanner and the body self tanner, Biotherm waterproof eye make-up remover, and some random Avene creams (including a sunscreen). Do you think they’re still good to use?

It’s about time I get off this island!

My boss just told me that he’d like me to attend a one-day marketing seminar in Vancouver next month. Awesome! 1) I’ve never been away “on business” before, and 2) since the seminar is on a Thursday, and I get Friday-Saturdays off, I’m just going to stay and spend some time with friends and family on the mainland. Going to Vancouver can get pretty expensive, which is why I rarely ever go. But since it’s for business, I would get to use my company credit card to reimburse me for the ferry, and transportation to and from the ferry. I also think I get a meal allowance for the day of the seminar as well, but I’ll look into that. Anyway, the trip isn’t confirmed yet, but I hope I get to go!

In other news, I applied for a job in Alberta with a hockey team. It’s for the exact same position my boss has at the arena, except that it’s with an NHL team. I don’t have any expectations, and I don’t even expect to get an interview, but still … I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one! They want 3 years experience, and I only have 2, and they probably already have somebody in mind, so we’ll see.

From the Government of Canada

Got my quarterly GST cheque today for $74.45! I also qualify to receive it again this fiscal year, except I’m not sure how much it’ll be. I’ll deposit it on Friday when I get paid, and it’ll go straight towards my debt.

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