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Are you Canadian? Do you like getting deals?

I’ve recently come upon a great blog that is dedicated to posting all sorts of different deals for Canadians. It’s called, and it’s fab. I’ve had it in my Google reader for a while now, but haven’t posted about it until now. If you’re Canadian, and love a great deal, then definitely go and visit the site. They have links to tons of great online flyers (definitely helpful to have all these flyers in one place, instead of trying to search each of the individual websites), tips and tricks, coupons, and info on big sales coming up. It’s worth a look!

I was particularily excited about the sports “fan packs” that teams apparently offer. I had no idea you could just e-mail a team, and they’d send you loads of free stuff! We certainly don’t do that in my city. Anyway, I e-mailed the Calgary Flames, and they e-mailed me right back and said I’d have my very own “fan pack” in 6 weeks or less. Sweet!!! :)

The good, the bad, and the job

The good news: I only spent $5 last night at the bar for a pint of Race Rocks.

The bad news: We lost. :( It’s really disappointing, and I maintain that if it weren’t for our shaky goaltending, we would have gone all the way. But, it was a fantastic season. I’m proud of them, and I’m proud to be a part of the hockey club!

As some of you may know, I’m trying to move to Alberta by early 2008. It’s hard. I don’t want to give up this part-time gig. I don’t want someone else to do my job – I’m the only one to have ever held this position (the organization is only 3 seasons old). I like that feeling – the feeling that I belong to something that’s huge, or at least has the potential to become huge. I like being the “face” of the organization when I’m working. I want to be a part of it when we make it big; when we finally succeed. I’ve never become so attached to a job before, and I don’t want to lose that feeling of truly loving my job (even though it’s just my part-time job).

I’m almost positive that no job would make me as happy and satisfied as working with an organization like this. That’s something I can believe in, and something I’ve always been passionate about. So I guess it’s a matter of sacrifice – I’ve got to quit the job I love so much to have a shot at something bigger down the road. This organization I work for is the biggest thing this city has to offer, and the only one of its kind that we have. I have to move if I want something more … yet I’m reluctant to.

But I shouldn’t be reluctant. This is just a part-time job, afterall. And I can’t wait around and hope that my boss quits so I can take her job. But I’m afraid if I don’t wait around to take her job and gain that experience, I won’t have the qualifications to get that better job with a bigger organization. And then I’ll just be sitting at a desk with a boring government job, pushing paper, and going crazy for the rest of my life!

Argghh! This is stressing me out. Time for the gym.

Halfway through the month, and already over budget?

Damn! I was checking Quicken last night, and I’m already $1 over my dining out budget for April. And it’s only the 14th! Okay, I know, it’s only a buck. But still. Being over budget already makes me think that it’s already a lost cause, and it doesn’t matter how much I spend on food anymore, because I’m already not going to achieve my target. I even adjusted my dining out budget to $50 this month too, so it makes me sad. It was one of the challenges I set for myself this month: don’t go a single dollar over budget. I really thought I could do it too! I guess it was because I was going from one job to another, and 14 hr. work days … just didn’t really think to pack a lunch and a dinner on those days.

It is going to be so hard not to buy a single cup of tea, or a snack or anything for the rest of the month. Two weeks. I wonder if I can do it! I guess that’ll be my new challenge for the month. If I can do it, and only be off my goal by $1, then I won’t feel so bad.

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