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Last week when I went to close my TD accounts, I asked the woman to calculate how much I would have to pay for my fees that month. She told me a number, and I wrote a cheque out to her in that amount. Well, it turns out she was 6 cents off, and I ended up owing money. Now there’s no way I was going all the way downtown to the bank just to write a crappy cheque for 6 cents, so luckily when I called the customer service line, the man just credited my account the money. I guess TD isn’t that bad after all.

I finally got to read Shopaholic & Baby yesterday. I’ve had that book on hold at the library for months! Anyway, I read it in one sitting, and it was okay. I don’t think it had the charm of the other books, but it was still a good read. Venetia was such a two-faced bitch, and I love how Suze just kept referring to her as a cow, as if that’s the best insult she could think of. NIUiceprincess, have you finished reading it yet?

Oh, and also I was told I came in second for that job I interviewed for last week. They want to keep my resume on file because they’re pretty sure another job is going to be opening up with them in the next 6 months or so. I’m even surprised I came in second considering how much I bombed the interview! Oh well. In a way, I’m kinda glad I didn’t get the job because it was a 2 year contract position … because now I can concentrate on getting a permanent job.

Anyway, it’s off to go do some fund raising work with my hockey team! Hope everyone’s having a fabulous weekend!

Where did Casey Serin go?

Has anyone been following website, I am Facing I’ve been reading it for quite a while now, and I found it interesting to read the comments and all the controversy surrounding him and his blog. Basically the story is he’s a 24 year old who managed to purchase 8 homes in different places in the U.S. in an attempt to flip them for big money, ran up about $170,000 in credit card/line of credit debt, and launched a website to share his story with the world.

Anyway, I went to read his site today, and all that’s there is a note saying the blog is over, and will never return. What!? I couldn’t believe it. It leaves me wondering what happened to make him shut his blog down so abruptly (people are saying he violated his contract with his wife Galina, who never really liked him blogging about their finances and relationship in the first place and wanted her husband to get a real job), and what will happen to him in the future?

As much as people absolutely HATED Casey, I do admire him for dreaming big and going for what he wanted. Sure, he probably should have taken smaller steps to achieve his financial goals, but at least he went after them with 100% of his energy. And in the end, he did show remorse for what he did, and he was trying to earn money legitimately with online advertisements, consulting, etc. He wanted to make things right with his wife, and for his future. It shows that he learned from his mistakes. The website made him accountable for all of his actions, and I think the thousands of readers he had commenting on his projects really grounded him, and made him realize that he made a lot of mistakes. He definitely got a lot of harsh criticisms from his readers, and while I don’t blame them, they were pretty mean most of the time, and I did feel bad for Casey a lot of the times. It takes a pretty strong person to face up to that kind of hatred, keep writing, and keep trying to make things right.

Will he try another money-making endeavour again? Probably. Will he end up succeeding? Maybe. Think of all the things he’s learned from his journey … he now has all this knowledge from his mistakes, and from fellow bloggers to take with him. I only hope he decides to blog again, because the thing about Casey is … he’s a real person. He made some huge mistakes, and he opened up and shared it with the world. That takes a lot of guts! He was honest in his blogging, and actually used his blog as an outlet to break down his thoughts and ideas about his situation. I liked his style of writing, and I always found his posts entertaining. It’s too bad he had so many people hating on him. It’s so easy to criticize someone else for their mistakes, especially over the internet. After a while, I really started to feel bad for Casey. People can be pretty cruel sometimes, and in my opinion, they were unnecessarily mean to him.

I might be the only person who thinks this way, but I hope “The World’s Most Hated Blogger” returns to the blogging world one day.

What’s with the PPP dry spell?

Is it just me, or has there been a complete lack of PPP opportunities lately? Maybe my blog isn’t popular enough, and I’m just not qualifying for any … but only a few days ago, I had 9 or 10 things to write about … now there are zero. ZILCH. None. And I see other PF blogs writing about opportunities I’ve never seen before.

I guess it’s time to figure out how to bring more people to my blog.

In other news, I am depositing the $200 reimbursement cheque from health care today, so I updated the sidebar to reflect the new EF amount. My big dental surgery is on Tuesday, and I’m so nervous!! Then I have to go for a follow-up fitting appointment two weeks later.

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