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September 2014 Goals: Recap

September was a great month. It included a trip home to Victoria, one week in Hawaii, VIFF movies, and lots of social time with friends. However, with all of that comes a price tag, and mine was set at $4,000. :) Luckily, somehow, I came in under budget. This is due in large part because I didn’t have to pay for gas this month thanks to a gift card Hyundai Canada gave me as part of their Drive Squad team. Groceries were low because I spent about half the month away from my home, and I over estimated the amount I needed to spend on field hockey fees.


Over Budget

  • Entertainment – Just when I thought things were going to calm down after the summer, a flurry of things happened all at once – a comedy show, a concert, and a film festival. Instead of saying no, I said yes to everything. And considering I only went $70 over budget, I’m okay with that.
  • Clothing – I budgeted zero money, but decided at the last minute to get a summer dressed hemmed so that I could wear it while in Hawaii. While I was at the mall getting my dress hemmed, I went into Banana Republic and saw that a dress I had been coveting since last winter was on sale. Not only that, but it was 50% off the last ticketed price. A $140 dress for $51? Yes, please!
  • Travel – I would have been right on budget, but at the last minute, BF and I decided to go to a luau while in Hawaii. It was $109 US – kind of pricey. But it was at our resort, so we could have as many unlimited drinks as we wanted, and didn’t have to worry about finding a taxi home. :) I’m glad that we went, but I doubt I’d go to a luau again. Especially for that kind of money!

Net Worth Change: + $563 (0.56%)

Yikes. This was an ugly week for my investments. All of my stocks posted negative numbers this week, so hopefully it turns around soon. The only reason my net worth went up was because of my mortgage payments.

September 2014 Goals:

  • Stay on budget. CHECK! Even though I ended up going over budget in a few categories, the budget ended up balancing out.
  • Finish cleaning out my storage closet. FAIL. I cleaned up a little bit, but not enough to make a significant difference.
  • No take-out coffee. PASS. Okay, so technically I did buy take-out coffee this month – twice while on vacation in Hawaii. But that’s okay, right?
  • Save $850 towards retirement. CHECK! This was $100 more than my normal contributions each month.
  • Start budgeting for Christmas. CHECK! I don’t exactly know what I’m going to buy everyone yet, but I’ve at least set a preliminary budget.

Spending Recap: September 15-21, 2014

Monday 15th
$14.78 groceries

Tuesday 16th
No Spend Day!

Wednesday 17th
$8.40 Marble Slab Creamery

Thursday 18th
$5.25 lunch
$31.50 Stitch-It
$50.39 Banana Republic
$7.41 dinner

Friday 19th
$12.50 lunch

Saturday 20th – Kauai, Hawaii
$2.75 SkyTrain
$17.51 dinner
$109.65 groceries

Sunday 21st – Kauai, Hawaii
$13.56 dinner

Freelance Income: $0
Expenses: – $273.70

TOTAL: – $273.70

This was a pretty normal week of spending. I did go out for lunch twice, and bought dinner a few times. It was a pretty hectic week running last-minute errands before our trip, and going back and forth between my place and BF’s apartment. It was hard to find the right balance with the groceries. So that was a bit of a fail on my part.

But a huge plus is that since I’m a member of Hyundai’s Drive Squad, I got a brand new loaner car for the entire week. This meant that I didn’t have to pay for gas at all, which saved me $45-50 plus the wear-and-tear of driving my car. Definitely helpful. I’ve got another car that I’ll get to test drive for a week in October, and afterwards I’ll be sure to do a short recap of the cars.

I also won’t talk at all about the Hawaii trip, because I’ll have a spending recap post sometime next week. :)

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