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Spending Recap: July 14-20, 2014

Sorry, this was supposed to publish last Friday… I’m having issues with WordPress at the moment.

Monday 14th
+ $18.73 Great Canadian Rebates
$6.50 groceries

Tuesday 15th
$28.14 sushi (for 2)

Wednesday 16th
No Spend Day!

Thursday 17th
+ $200 freelance income
$17.99 groceries

Friday 18th
+ $50 Tangerine referral (thx!)
$10 lottery ticket

Saturday 19th
$17.61 groceries
$2.75 SkyTrain
$2 Richmond Night Market entrance fee
$13 Richmond Night Market food
$2.75 SkyTrain

Sunday 20th
$47.51 pub (for 2)

Freelance Income: + $200 (+ $68.73)
Expenses– $148.25

TOTAL: + $120.48

Sporadic posting at its finest. :) I’ve been spending a lot of energy focusing on my full-time career – what do I want out of it, and how do I get there? In fact, I’ve set up a coffee date for this coming week with someone who I think will be able to give me some good insight into what I need to do to get to the next step.

As for last week in spending, it was hit and miss. I do try to keep spending to a minimum during the work week, because weekends are usually pretty social for me. On Saturday, BF and I went to the Richmond Night Market, and on Sunday I went hiking with my friend Nic, and then headed to the pub to celebrate his 30th birthday. :)

Making the most of summer weekends

photoDespite the up-and-down weather, this past weekend was a lot of fun.

Friday evening was pretty quiet. BF and I went for a walk along the seawall in Stanley Park, and then went back to his place to try out some new beers that were recommended to us. We’ve been on a bit of a fruit beer kick, so we shared a peach cream ale, as well as a blood orange. (On a side note, if anyone has any fruit beer suggestions, I’d love to hear them! Am currently loving Pyramid Apricot Ale.) We also watched Enough Said on Netflix, which I was skeptical about, but actually turned out to be an ok movie.

Saturday we waited out the rain, and then spent the afternoon at the tennis club that BF joined recently. My tennis skills aren’t good enough to play in a match yet, but it was really nice just to watch others play, read my book, and just relax outside.

photo 1After tennis was over, we took the SkyTrain out to the Richmond Night Market. It was a lot of fun people watching, looking at the fun things that were on sale, sampling the different food, and spending an evening out of the city. It was really hard not to get tempted by all of the delicious meats and seafoods around. Even though I’m happy being a vegetarian, I still definitely find myself craving certain things that I no longer eat – like takoyaki, ramen, or shrimp dumplings. :) But we were able to satisfy our cravings with a tofu noodle dish ($6), a couple of taiyaki ($3.50), and an ice cane ($3.50) – which tasted exactly like a Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream cone.

Once we were done with the Night Market, we naturally headed over to the River Rock Casino. Ever since I played roulette for the first time in Vegas, I’ve been a bit obsessed with playing the game again. But the $10 minimum was too rich for our blood, so we stuck with the penny slots. I ended up with $10 extra in my pocket once the evening was over, so can’t complain about that. :)

photo 3On Sunday, my friend Nic and I attempted to go hiking. Our objective was St. Mark’s Summit, but once we got to the top of Cypress, we realized it was too foggy to even attempt it. So, a bit defeated, we headed back down the mountain and decided to head over to Squamish and do The Chief instead.

The view from the top was… foggy. And even though we were both craving a hard hike, it was the best we could have done with the weather the way it was. It was also kinda nice to do The Chief without the trail as crowded as it usually is. We then went to the pub for a post-hike burger and beer to celebrate Nic’s 30th birthday.

The next two weekends will be great because of the Celebration of Lights fireworks and the Pride Parade! Fingers crossed the weather gets nice enough for a couple more beach days before the summer is over.

How was your weekend?

Spending Recap: July 7-13, 2014

Monday 7th
$6.97 Booster Juice

Tuesday 8th
$41 dinner (for 2)

Wednesday 9th
$1.45 sparking water

Thursday 10th
$5.25 Subway
$0.75 postage

Friday 11th – Victoria, BC
$16.75 ferry
$9.80 dinner
$5.24 bubble tea

Saturday 12th – Victoria, BC
$6.25 gym
$16.21 brunch
$29 Victoria HarbourCats tickets (2)
$5.80 beer

Sunday 13th – Victoria, BC
$6.25 gym
$21.56 brunch
$16.75 ferry
$22 parking
$11.29 Thierry Cafe

Freelance Income: $0
Expenses– $212.52

TOTAL: – $222.32

The summer months come with a price tag, don’t they? I’ve been enjoying the outdoors so much that we haven’t been cooking our own food as often. This week we went out for dinner a lot: Tuesday we spent the evening at the beach and then went for Chinese. Thursday we again spent the evening at the beach and then picked up pizza for dinner. The weekend was spent back in Victoria where all my social activities involved food, and when I came home Sunday, I had dinner with BF and his family at Milestones – he paid, and I bought the dessert later on in the evening.

The bad news is, all of this has hurt my wallet. But the good news is that we have been fully enjoying the summer so far, and that we realize what we’re doing and are looking at ways of correcting it. I am going to make a conscious effort to cook more meals in, and have social activities revolve around free/frugal activities. It also helps that next week’s weather isn’t going to be as nice as it has been the past two weeks. :)


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