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Spending Recap: Sept 1-7, 2014

Monday 1st – Victoria, BC
$35.87 ferry
$67.55 (rental car for Hawaii)
$106.67 Hotel deposit (for Hawaii)

Tuesday 2nd
+ $350 freelance income
$28.33 groceries

Wednesday 3rd
No Spend Day!

Thursday 4th
No Spend Day!

Friday 5th
$6.85 lunch
$16 drinks

Saturday 6th
No Spend Day!

Sunday 7th
$24.56 lunch (for 2)

Freelance Income: + $350
Expenses: - $285.83

TOTAL: + $64.17

First thing’s first – we booked our rental car for Hawaii (we leave in 8 days – eeek!), and put down a deposit on the hotel. The balance we will pay when we get there. I’ve almost always booked trips far in advance, so it seems pretty crazy to have booked a somewhat big trip to Hawaii and leave all in the same month.

The week was pretty normal. We were all set to work on BF’s sundeck again this week, but in an amazing turn of events, we no longer have to do anymore work on it. :) It was such a big weight off of our shoulders that we decided to make the most of the weekend. Friday night we had a date night on Granville Island – dinner at the market, drinks at the brewery, and a comedy show at TheatreSports. On Saturday after my field hockey game, we met up with friends for lunch and some beach time with their kids. Sunday was brunch with his friends, and a relaxing afternoon.


September 2014 Goals

No joke, September is going to be an expensive month. I’ve got a trip to Hawaii budgeted, as well as paying my field hockey team fees. With $4,000 worth of expenses this month, I’m just very thankful that in August, I made almost $2,000 in freelance income which pays for Hawaii and a little bit more.

You’ll see that my food/grocery budget is relatively low this month – at $150. This is because we’ll be out of town for a week. I’ve also lowered my Entertainment budget back down to $100, after it was sitting at $150 for much of the summer. Aside from Hawaii, I don’t anticipate any big activities. We’ll be going to another BC Lions game this month, but we have free tickets. And I’d like to go to TheatreSports on Granville Island if we have time, but there’s a 2-for-1 coupon in the Entertainment Book for that. :)


September 2014 Goals:

  • Stay on budget. I know this is an obvious one, but it’s so easy to go crazy when on vacation. We are pretty good at keeping track of expenses while on vacation, so hoping to continue that success. :)
  • Finish cleaning out my storage closet. I made a good dent last month, but the rest needs to get finished.
  • No take-out coffee. Lattes aren’t a treat anymore. It’s become a “whenever I want it” kind of thing. I need to break that habit.
  • Save $850 towards retirement. Normal contributions are $750/month.
  • Start budgeting for Christmas. Have you started saving for the holidays yet?

Spending Recap: August 25-31, 2014

Monday 25th
$6.14 gelato
$49.24 gas

Tuesday 26th
+ $236.07 freelance income
$14.25 groceries

Wednesday 27th
$4.15 lunch

Thursday 28th
+ $501.46 freelance income
$20.90 groceries

Friday 29th
$47.25 hair cut
$12.50 lunch

Saturday 30th – Victoria, BC
$35.87 ferry

Sunday 31st – Victoria, BC
$44 Saanich Fair
$24.29 groceries
$9 pub

Freelance Income: + $737.53
Expenses: - $267.59

TOTAL: + $469.94

It was a busy week. Field hockey practices started up again, I took a day off during the work week to help BF with the renovations on his house, and over the weekend I headed back to Victoria for a couple of days.

I wasn’t able to book a hair cut at the place I normally go to in Victoria, so I settled for an Aveda salon in Vancouver. It was reasonably priced and conveniently located, but my cut was just okay. And if I’m going to spend $50 on a hair cut, I want it to be more than just ok. Lesson learned.

Over in Victoria, our days were packed with visiting family. Saturday we hung out with BF’s family – went for a walk in the afternoon, and his sister cooked us dinner that evening. Sunday we went to the Saanich Fair with my family, and my parents had us over for dinner. My contribution was an apple pie from the fair, as well as ice cream. :)

It was nice to be back on the island for a few days, because I don’t anticipate my next visit to be until Thanksgiving weekend in October.

How was your long weekend?

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