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Spending Recap: Feb 11-17, 2013

Monday 11th
No Spend Day!

Tuesday 12th
$26.79 prescription

Wednesday 13th
+ $8.16 Great Canadian Rebates
$46.81 gas

Thursday 14th
No Spend Day!

Friday 15th – Victoria
$6.65 lunch
$4.14 coffee
$14.85 ferry
$45.08 dinner (for 2)

Saturday 16th – Victoria
+ $386.59 freelance income
$16.79 Silk Road Tea
$5.60 The Patch (thrift store)
$5.81 frozen yogurt
$8.15 snacks

Sunday 17th – Victoria
$4.67 coffee
$8 Chinese buns
$14.85 ferry
$25 parking
$31.49 groceries

Freelance Income: + $386.59 (+ $8.16)
Expenses– $264.68

TOTAL: + $130.07

I love going back home to Victoria, but it is never good on my budget. Not only does the cost of the ferry keep on rising, but my time on the island is always super social = $$$. That’s why I try to limit my trips back to just a few times each year, and I don’t think I’ll be back until at least April or May.

But we did get to go for Chinese New Year dinner with the family, as well as a delicious dim sum meal the next day.

My best purchase this week was a $5 pair of Lacoste pants that I picked up at The Patch thrift store. Nic insists on going there every time we go to Victoria, and he always finds something. Me on the other hand, this is my first really good thrift store find in years. I’ll need to get the pants hemmed, but it’s worth it considering the purchase price!

How was your week of spending?


Spending Recap: Feb 4-10, 2013

Monday 4th
$76.15 hard drive

Tuesday 5th
No Spend Day!

Wednesday 6th
No Spend Day!

Thursday 7th
+ $39.47 Ebates cashback
$6.71 breakfast
$28.54 dinner

Friday 8th
– $74.48 Banana Republic
$7 lunch
$9.32 dinner

Saturday 9th
$20.11 groceries
$60.29 London Drugs (household)

Sunday 10th
No Spend Day!

Freelance Income: $0 (+ $113.95)
Expenses– $208.12

TOTAL: – $94.17

Well after my little shopping spree at Banana Republic last week, I started to feel guilty about how much I spent. I ended up spending $300 last week on a suit (blazer, pants, skirt) for work. I’ve never owned a suit before, and I know I’ll need one for the job that I have. But… even though I got everything 30% off, and I don’t need to get anything altered, I still couldn’t stomach spending $300. So I decided to return the skirt, and now I feel a lot better. :)

I’ve also started using Ebates to earn cash back rewards when shopping online. It’s very similar to Great Canadian Rebates, except they offer a lot more American stores.

Spending Recap: Jan 28-Feb 3, 2013

Monday 28th
+ $186.44 freelance income
$67.89 eBay (silk blouse from J.Crew)
$470.74 Broco Auto Glass

Tuesday 29th
$23.40 groceries

Wednesday 30th
+ $900 freelance income
$30.24 sushi (3 orders)

Thursday 31st
No Spend Day!

Friday 1st
$23.89 dinner (for 2)

Saturday 2nd
$301.78 Banana Republic

Sunday 3rd
$40.32 groceries

Freelance Income: + $1,086.44
Expenses– $958.26

TOTAL: + $128.18

Well this was a great week for my freelancing, but not so great in terms of keeping my expenses down. I knew I’d have to get my car windshield fixed, so that was okay, and I did budget for my trip to Banana Republic. Still, it’s painful seeing nearly $1,000 slip away in just a week.

I also need to tone down the dining out. It’s so tempting to go to restaurants now that my favourite types of food are reasonably priced (unlike in Germany). And with Nic working weird hours at school, going to a restaurant or picking up food seems like the easiest thing to do. But that just means more preparation and meal planning is needed! :)

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