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Almost tax time!

Tonight I’m going for a dinner/movie date with a friend. I’m really looking forward to it. We’re either going to see Up in the Air or Leap Year. I’d watch either. I still really want to see Avatar (I know, I know, I should have seen it already – I said I was going to!). I was waiting to see it with J, but he’s been so busy lately and all my friends have already seen it. Sigh. I should just buy the IMAX tickets. Then he’d be forced to go. :)

Other than that, things financially are going as planned. I’m (im)patiently waiting for all of my forms to get mailed to me, so I can start on my taxes. I’m thinking of doing my own taxes this year. It’s a bit complicated because of my side business. Last year I went to H&R Block because I thought it would be cheaper than my old accountant. But it ended up costing $280! WTF! Good thing my refund was quite large. They charge per slip of paper, which isn’t really fair because most of what I had was pretty easy. Just entering a dumb number into a program. So I’ll attempt to do it myself this year, and if I find it too difficult, I’ll just go back to my old accountant who charges $100.

Travel Fund To Date

Well, according to ING’s handy dandy Goal Setter, I am right on track in my Travel Fund savings. Back in June, I plugged in $10,000 as my goal, and as of right now I’m on track to reach that goal in January 2010. And if I keep saving at this rate, I should have close to $15,000 by mid-June! :)

I also realized that I should be getting my tax refund back before we go traveling. I didn’t end up filling out those papers to deduct less tax off of my regular pay cheques. I know not to count on my tax refund as part of my savings plan, but because of my contributions to RRSPs, according to Morningstar’s RRSP calculator, I should be getting around $1,200. And then I have to factor in my graphic design business write-offs – which should be interesting this year.

I’ve wanted to have a Travel Emergency Fund separate from my personal EF. So I think I’ll put my tax refund into that. The Travel EF just a backup – in case we need an extra flight, or if we’re stuck somewhere expensive for longer than we expected … and near the end of the trip, maybe it’ll be that extra little money we use to stay a few weeks longer – or do something that we didn’t think we’d have the money for. Who knows. But it would be nice to have that cushion just in case.

Spending my tax refund

Yay! My mom just called me and said that my tax refund cheque has arrived ($2,200+). She is is going to mail it to me tomorrow, so hopefully I get it sometime this week.

My original plan was to put my entire tax refund towards my LASIK eye surgery.

But since then, a lot of things have changed – I totaled a car, bought a car & insurance as a result of the car crash (the bulk of the cost is sitting in my Line of Credit until I pay it off), and I’m now moving in with BF.

So, what I’m going to do is put the entire amount towards my car/insurance purchase. Then the entire thing will be paid off.

It will be easy to save up the $3k for the LASIK eye surgery (which is still on 0% interest until January 2010) once I move and my living expenses drop.

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