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A couple of days ago, I met up with my sister and her BF for a lovely dim sum lunch (she treated). They were in town to do a little shopping at IKEA. I’ve stayed away from IKEA for quite a long time now, because you can never just go in and buy one thing. I doubt we’ll be buying anything furniture-wise until we decide to move and buy our own place anyway.

Anyway while at lunch, we all decided to go to a pre-season Canucks game together. BF, too. My sister has never been to an NHL game before, and her BF has only been to one. As for BF and I, we go at least a couple of times per season.

The game we’re all going to is in September, and it’s up to me to find tickets. They shouldn’t be too expensive. There are upper bowl tickets for $35/each, so we’re hoping to find lower bowl for around $60-70/each. It should be doable since it’s just pre-season.

After that, I think the only other game we’ll be going to is the Outdoor Classic in Calgary in February. :)

In other social activities coming up, tomorrow I’m going over to a friend’s house for a BBQ. She said the only thing I have to bring is wine, and luckily I already had a bottle of white chilling in my fridge, so I won’t have to spend anything on that.

And on the weekend BF and I are going to the PNE. I’ll buy tickets online to get the discount, and we won’t be doing the rides this year or going to that Bryan Adams/Beach Boys concert, so that will save some money. The plan is to just buy lunch and mini donuts while we’re there. :)

Also, BF’s family is coming into town for a week at the end of the month. I don’t anticipate doing anything spendy. Maybe a dinner out? Other than that, just probably hang out and play with the kids.

    Spending Recap: August 9-15, 2010

    Monday 9th
    + $191.60 expenses refunded from work
    + $51 refund from ICBC
    $129.09 Superstore (groceries)

    Tuesday 10th
    No Spend Day!

    Wednesday 11th
    $17.62 Taco Del Mar

    Thursday 12th
    No Spend Day!

    Friday 13th
    $17.70 dessert (whoops)
    $24.63 T&T
    $38.96 gas

    Saturday 14th
    $21.61 breakfast & snacks (for drive to hike)
    $13.38 map
    $31.80 groceries for hike

    Sunday 15th
    $5.80 ice cream
    $10.77 Subway
    $39.78 gas

    TOTAL = $108.54

    Well our hiking trip over the weekend was a huge bust – more on that in another post. Because of that, we ended up car camping and touring (driving) a whole bunch more than we had originally planned. Gas was costly, especially because we were in BF’s Jeep due to the ridiculously sketchy roads we drove on.

    What saved me was extra income that I was able to make this week. But even then, we could have cut back a TON on our spending. Friday we didn’t have to spend all that money on dinner and dessert – but it was so hot that neither of us wanted to cook dinner so we opted to buy sushi from an Asian grocery store.

    Because of all this spending, we’ve decided not to go to the Bryan Adams/Beach Boys concert on Saturday. I can’t justify spending $100 for both of our tickets, when we basically spent all that money over the weekend on our road trip.

    Planning a trip home

    So my sister and I are planning our annual Sister Trip for the year. Last year we went on an Alaskan cruise, and this year we went to Mexico, but that wasn’t a real Sister Trip. So we’ve decided just to go up island to Coombs. :) Although, for those of you who’ve been to Coombs, you know how cute and awesome a day trip there can be. We try to go every year to wander around and see the goats. Plus we’re in love with their jalapeño cheese bread from the bakery and salt water taffy. Oh, and we always make sure to stop in Chemanius on our way back and get ice cream. :)

    This trip will be happening sometime at the end of this month, and we’ll also be getting our hair cut – so that will be an extra $50 or so.

    It will be my first weekend home since mid-June. I didn’t really want to go home in August, since I already spent money on the ferry earlier this month for a wedding. But my sister is going back to school in September and with field hockey starting, neither of us will have weekends free anymore.

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