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Weekend Budget

So a friend and I are doing a high ropes course on Sunday. It should be interesting, and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it. It’s basically an elevated obstacle course set in the forest, which includes zip lines, bridges, scramble nets and swinging logs. I am personally kind of afraid of heights, so this should be good for me.

The cost is $40 for 2.5 hours, and the weekend is looking kind of spendy already. But I haven’t been home in over 2 months. Which really isn’t a great excuse…

Projected Spending:

$15 ferry

$45 hair cut
$30 lunch (my turn to treat my sister)
$35 miscellaneous (we’re taking a day trip)

$40 ropes course
$5 coffee
$15 lunch
$15 ferry

TOTAL: $200

The weekend home is just about normal in terms of spending, aside from the ropes course. I seem to be averaging 1 visit home every 2 months, so even the hair cut is somewhat normal now.

Spendy, spendy, spendy.

Spending Recap: August 16-22, 2010

Monday 16th
$138.27 groceries

Tuesday 17th
No Spend Day!

Wednesday 18th
$51 boot camp classes

Thursday 19th
No Spend Day!

Friday 20th
$35.02 gas
$7.60 lunch w/boss
$8.50 snack for BF and I

Saturday 21st
$33.60 PNE admission for BF and I
$40 miscellaneous PNE spending

Sunday 22nd
No Spend Day!

TOTAL: $313.99

Well, this week was a bit spendy. I bought 6 classes of boot camp, and we also went to the PNE. We both really enjoyed ourselves there, but I’m not sure if it was worth almost $75. Actually, I know it wasn’t worth that much. Of course we could have saved a lot of money and not had snacks or bought lunch there, but that kind of goes with the atmosphere of the PNE. I doubt we’ll be going again next year.

I also really want to try to get our groceries to around $100/week for the both of us. Every week we’re closer to $120-140, and while it’s not exactly a budget breaker, that means we’re spending around $500/month on food alone. And granted, we’re both quite active so perhaps we might eat more than others. And BF is a big guy (6’7″) who is always out and about doing volunteer work and school. Plus, food is kind of our form of entertainment. We don’t go to bars or spend much money on alcohol. We like staying in and making yummy dinners. BUT STILL. We’re just living off my income at the moment, and that’s a huge amount for me to be paying.

Entertainment spending

A couple of days ago, I met up with my sister and her BF for a lovely dim sum lunch (she treated). They were in town to do a little shopping at IKEA. I’ve stayed away from IKEA for quite a long time now, because you can never just go in and buy one thing. I doubt we’ll be buying anything furniture-wise until we decide to move and buy our own place anyway.

Anyway while at lunch, we all decided to go to a pre-season Canucks game together. BF, too. My sister has never been to an NHL game before, and her BF has only been to one. As for BF and I, we go at least a couple of times per season.

The game we’re all going to is in September, and it’s up to me to find tickets. They shouldn’t be too expensive. There are upper bowl tickets for $35/each, so we’re hoping to find lower bowl for around $60-70/each. It should be doable since it’s just pre-season.

After that, I think the only other game we’ll be going to is the Outdoor Classic in Calgary in February. :)

In other social activities coming up, tomorrow I’m going over to a friend’s house for a BBQ. She said the only thing I have to bring is wine, and luckily I already had a bottle of white chilling in my fridge, so I won’t have to spend anything on that.

And on the weekend BF and I are going to the PNE. I’ll buy tickets online to get the discount, and we won’t be doing the rides this year or going to that Bryan Adams/Beach Boys concert, so that will save some money. The plan is to just buy lunch and mini donuts while we’re there. :)

Also, BF’s family is coming into town for a week at the end of the month. I don’t anticipate doing anything spendy. Maybe a dinner out? Other than that, just probably hang out and play with the kids.

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