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Scooter helmet = bad hair day

The walk to work this morning took a heck of a lot longer than anticipated. I’m not sure what my deal was, but it took me almost 45 min. to walk just over 3 kms. And the route I took (which takes me off of the scary busy main roads) doesn’t have any sidewalks, so it’s a little sketchy.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to ride my scooter in. The only bad thing about riding my scooter is I’ll basically have to concede to having horrible hair for the entire day. I guess that’s the price I’ll have to pay in order to cut my commute down to 10 min.

Scooter vs. Car: the Vancouver debate

Wednesday after work, BF bought a new car. It’s pretty nice (kind of big, but he’s a super tall guy), and definitely beats the truck he’s been driving for the past few years. I got to drive it back to his place … and I definitely got car envy as I walked around the dealership looking at all the brand new cars – especially when I came by a red Mini Cooper (my dream car).

I’ve been thinking a lot about selling the scooter and buying a cheap, reliable used car … like the one I used to have (’89 Mazda 323 hatchback). I really don’t want to, but having a scooter just isn’t very practical for getting around in Vancouver. It’s great for the island, but the mainland is so spread apart and connected by highways. Plus, people are crazy over here – always in a rush, accidents all the time. Riding a scooter could be just plain dangerous … although, I live quite close to work and nearby stores, so perhaps it will work out. And while I despise relying on public transportation to get around, it’s probably worth it in the long run to keep my costs to a minimum and stick with my scooter. Having my scooter is still a million times cheaper than buying a bus pass every month. You can’t really beat $15/month for insurance, or $5 to fill the tank.

Phone interview today!

Well I picked up my scooter yesterday after work, and it is amazing. Before the upgrades, she was super quick off the line, and now it takes a few seconds to really get going. But let me tell you … when she starts to pick up speed, it’s unreal. I only had the nerve to go up to 75km/hr., but I had barely moved the throttle, so I know she’s going to be able to rip a lot faster than that.

And yesterday, I passed a leather-clad guy riding a Harley, and I swear he nearly fell off his bike when he saw me scoot by. :) The look on his face almost made the entire cost of the upgrades worth it. Plus, the new chrome exhaust they put on is so badass. Total damage to my wallet? $849. That’s not so bad.

I have a phone interview today for that job in Calgary. I’m kind of nervous/excited/apprehensive. There are some things I never really took into consideration when I was applying for jobs out-of-province. I won’t be able to play field hockey anymore (unless I play for the Alberta provincial team, and that’s only during the summer), and I am not one for cold winters. At all. It makes me upset when it gets anywhere near freezing. And that being said, I was thinking today: what do people even wear in the winter? Do you wear a snow suit and boots to work, and then change into business clothes and heels? Do you actually have to wear long johns? What exactly are long johns? I’m picturing a full body suit that’s made of waffle cloth. It’s all very confusing.

But, thinking positively, moving to a bigger city with more opportunities just might be worth it. At least for a few years anyway. Fingers crossed the interview goes well!

It was pointed out to me by an anonymous commenter that being Canadian, I really should know what people wear in the winter to work when it snows. I thought about it, and honestly without Googling it, I have no idea. And now I feel really stupid.

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