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Should I sell my scooter?

Someone I know is interested in buying my scooter. Truthfully, I don’t use it much here in Vancouver – maybe a few times a month. But I do like that I have the option to use it, and it only costs me $15/month to insure (and only $6 to fill up the tank … which gets me 170-200km), so it’s not like it’s a financial burden.

I originally paid $2,200 for it (it had 34km on it, and brand new it sells for $3,600). Then, I put down $800 to upgrade it with a Stage 3 performance kit. So now instead of going 50km/hr, it goes upwards of 80-85km at top speed. That has a HUGE advantage over regular stock scooters, because I’m not afraid of being able to keep up with traffic now, which was a huge stress for me when I first got my scooter. Plus, it cuts down my commute time.

The scooter has about 9,600km on it. If I sold it, I would ask about $1,500 for it, because the upgrades were a custom job, and my scooter is currently one of the only scooters in the province (of this make) with these upgrades done to it.

I just don’t know if I can part with her. I love my scooter. And when I feel like it, I really do like riding it around. It’s fun! And it’s super loud (because of the upgrades), so it makes me feel cool when people hear the noise and expect a motorcycle, but it’s just little ol’ me. On my scooter. (Yes, I’m a nerd).

I’m just not sure if I’m utilizing it enough to justify keeping it.

The rising cost of gas

I know I really have no right to complain about gas prices since I drive a scooter, but yesterday when I went to fill up my tank, I paid an outrageous $6.11!!! I couldn’t believe it – it was by far, the most I’ve ever spent on gas. $1.19/L? RIDICULOUS.

My commute is 6km round trip, which means I can go exactly one month on a tank of gas (my scooter got me 120km last month, which is pretty crummy … but there’s a lot of stop and go on my route) … and since I don’t plan on driving my scooter very often (better for my health, my wallet, and the environment), I think I can make this tank of gas last me a long time. It really depends on the weather. I dislike walking in the pouring rain, or when it’s so hot that I start to sweat the moment I start walking.

Some of my co-workers commute over an hour each way to get to work, and I can’t imagine how much they’re paying in gas each week. It kind of blows my mind, and it makes me wonder if I will ever be able to afford a car of my own … or if I would even want to. I feel guilty for not having a car, since BF has to drive everywhere, and we don’t really live that close to each other. I’ve offered to pay for some of his gas each month, but he won’t let me. I think he’s just saying that. I bet if I just handed him some money, he’d take it.

Anyway for those who live on the lower mainland, have you seen the Vancouver Gas Prices website? It will show you were the cheapest gas is, which is a pretty handy little tool to have. They have one for my hometown too, but I never bothered to use it because 1) gas prices are the same at every gas station in that city, and 2) I drive a scooter … so really, I don’t need to watch gas prices, since my cost fluctuates very little compared to people who have to fill up cars or trucks … or ridiculous and unnecessary luxury SUVs, in the case of people in Vancouver.

I heart my ridiculously fast scooter

I was going to go skiing with BF after work today, but I forgot I have to stay late and work until 8pm. I was kind of looking forward to going skiing again, since I had a lot of fun the last time … but I’m also glad in a way that I’m not going, because that would cost me another $25 that I don’t really have to spare at the moment.

So instead, I’m saving $25, getting a free meal and working an additional 3 hours in exchange for said free meal.

I rode my scooter for the first time to work this morning. It’s pretty cool living less than a 10 min. drive from work. When BF left this morning for work, shortly after 7am, I had time to enjoy two cups of tea and read the morning news on before I had to head out. :) Being able to get ready for work and have a relaxing cup of tea in the morning is such a luxury. And the coolest thing about riding my scooter is, most people don’t expect me to be able to go so fast, so when I roared by them on the Lougheed Highway this morning, I feel pretty badass. Well, as badass as you can feel while riding a scooter. :)

Also, I saw my scooter mechanic this weekend when I was back home, and he said he’s pretty sure my scooter (with it’s modifications) is the only one like it on the mainland, since his shop is the only one in the province that can do these sorts of upgrades specifically for scooters. I think that’s pretty rad.

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