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Trying to sell my scooter. Again.

Well, I finally listed my scooter up on Craigslist again. This is the third time I’ve tried to sell it. The first time, my friend was supposed to buy it … but he found out his wife was pregnant so they couldn’t afford it anymore. The second time, someone off this blog was going to buy it, but she found out her kid needed braces. It was frustrating, because both times I told many other interested buyers that the scooter was sold. But that’s the nature of selling things I guess.

So. Hopefully third time’s a charm. I think that now it’s getting sunnier and nicer out, it will be easier to sell it.

If anyone from Vancouver is reading this, and is in the market for a cute scooter with some sweet modifications (50cc scooter can now go over 80km!), then e-mail me and I can direct you to my Craigslist listing! :)

Fingers are crossed the sale goes through before I move.

Scooter: pending sale!

I knew having a blog would pay off someday. :)

My scooter is now sold. Again. And this time, it’s to someone who regularily reads my blog! Normally I wouldn’t do this, but this person has been a longtime reader, and doesn’t seem creepy, so I’m going to go for it. Plus, I always take BF along with me whenever I have to meet someone off the internet to buy or sell things.

She lives in my hometown, so I think the exchange is going to go down sometime in March.

Scooter still for sale

Remember my friend that was supposed to buy my scooter? Well, turns out he can’t anymore. Not because he doesn’t want to, and not because he doesn’t have the money saved up … but because he just found out that his wife is pregnant! :) And they need to use the money he had saved up for my scooter. The pregnancy wasn’t planned – they were hoping to get pregnant in a few years once they had saved up more money. But they are so thrilled and I am VERY happy for them.

So, my scooter is back on the market. I’m not upset at all. Even though the value of new scooters has gone down, and I’ve had to reduce my asking price quite a bit.

I’ve even thought about keeping the scooter so that when BF and come back from traveling and we relocate back to the island, I’ll have a way to get around. I’m not sure though. I would certainly love to keep it.

I put an ad back up on Craigslist with an asking price of $1,500. So we’ll see what happens.

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