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Contemplating a scooter

So I’ve been seriously contemplating buying a scooter in the spring of 2012 and insuring it for 6-months out of the year going forward. For those that are new around here, I had a scooter before – but sold it when I moved to Vancouver because it became impractical (where I needed to go was only accessible by highways). But now that my lifestyle has changed, and I live closer to the city, I am really beginning to see how having a scooter will positively impact my life.

I’m finding myself driving everywhere these days – to work, to field hockey, and to see friends, because the SkyTrain/bus isn’t practical. Taking public transportation takes too much time, and I’m just getting busier as each day passes with my freelancing work. I can’t be taking 3-4 hours of my day to commute round trip by transit to a field hockey game, or to practice. The Lower Mainland is huge, and traffic always sucks. When I go to Vancouver, that’s about a 30-45 min. commute each way from where I live.

While my car is pretty good on gas, a scooter is obviously way better on gas. Plus it’s fun to drive, and it’s easier to find parking. And, after the initial cost of the scooter, the insurance/repairs/gas is actually cheaper each month than a bus pass. When I had my scooter before and was riding it every single day, I think I was paying around $45/month for insurance and gas combined.

Clearly this is a want, not a need. I have a car already, so I don’t need another vehicle. But I can see myself using the scooter a lot during the warmer months to do those long commutes within the city, as well as to get to work. I go through about $150/month in gas right now, and a scooter would definitely cut that down significantly. That’s the drawback to living in the suburbs, I guess. :) Plus, I think it will also significantly cut down on the wear & tear of my car. And, let’s face it, scooters are awesome. The biggest reason why I want one is because, well, I want one. They’re super, super cool.

It’s a big commitment, and it’s a lot of money up front. In fact, I think it’d be probably around $5,000. First I’d need to do my research and buy a scooter (thinking a used Vespa). Then I’d have to get my motorcycle license, because I’ll probably want 125-150cc. My last scooter was 50cc (which goes a max of 63 km/hr when you take off the restrictors), and I had to put a race kit on it so that it would top at 80km just so I could keep up with traffic.

Anyway, we’ll see. I have bigger things to save up for at the moment, but the scooter is in the back of my mind.

Bye bye Scooter!

Hoorah! The scooter has sold. Can’t say that I wasn’t sad to see it ridden away by someone else. I was really attached to it, but it didn’t make sense to keep it and never EVER ride it. I think since I moved to Vancouver, I’ve taken it out less than 10 times. And not at all since October (when I moved to my current place).

I originally bought the scooter brand new in a private sale for $2,200 3 years ago, and today I sold it for $1,600 (+$75 insurance refund). I took a loss of $800, not including the performance upgrade and various accessories I purchased for it. But all in all, this was definitely a money saver for me – and aside from working 2 full-time jobs for 3 months, was the biggest reason I was able to get out of debt so quickly. To have a reliable, economical ride with no mechanical problems whatsoever – what a lifesaver! Plus it was super cute and fun to ride. I got compliments on it and people were always stopping to ask me questions about it.

So, there were definitely a lot of fond memories with that scooter. But I’m glad the scooter went to the person that bought it. She’s a lot like me, and she seems to be the type who would take good care of it. And that was the main thing I wanted. I wanted to sell it because a scooter as awesome as mine needs to be ridden, but I wanted it to go to someone who would love it and appreciate it.

It sounds so silly. I’m making it sound so dramatic. It’s just a scooter! But to me, it represents what got me from my past to my future. From in-debt to debt-free. And that means a lot. :)

Scooter: pending sale. again.

So I had 2 viewings for my scooter this evening, and got 2 offers! :) The first woman to view it said that she would call me in the morning and bring over cash for the sale. The 2nd people to view it had cash in hand, but I told them that since the first woman wanted it, I had to give it to her – but if the sale fell through, I would give them a call. I’m sure some would have just taken the cash from the 2nd couple, but I couldn’t do it to the first woman.

Anyway, if all goes well, tomorrow morning I’ll have $1,600 in hand! :)

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