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saving money

Flights booked

So BF and I just booked our flights to Calgary. I checked WestJet and they were having a pretty good seat sale and we couldn’t pass it up. It came to $295.40 after taxes and fees for each of us. Way cheaper than the $400-450 I had expected to pay so I’m pleased. :)

The cheapest hockey tickets we’ve found for the game we want to go is $100 each before taxes/fees. And that’s for the super high nosebleeds. Not pleased. We have a while to go, so hopefully these are just pre-season over-inflated prices. Although it’s probably going to be the most coveted game of the year (Flames vs. Penguins), and Calgary fans are crazy, so who knows!

My friend told me that she has a $63 WestJet credit, and just gave it to me b/c she can’t use it before it expires! FOR FREE! Wow!!! We transferred the credit over to my name, and that brings our cost down to $263.90 round trip each. Sweeet!

This and that

I forgot to mention that yesterday I successfully returned that Black Diamond backpack to MEC. Although the guy at the returns counter wasn’t impressed. He said it was “normal wear and tear” on an item. But I had only used it for 4 hours! Oh well. I got my $35 back anyway.

After MEC, BF and I went for dinner with his parents (they treated). The food was below average, and our waitress was insane (not in a good way), but it was nice to see them again. I think we’re going to see them again one more time on Thursday before they leave to go back to Alberta.

As for those ridiculously expensive boots that I bought last night? Well it turns out that the extra padded tongue was missing from the box, so I’m going to have to call MEC and see if they have it somewhere in the back. Otherwise I’ll have to return them and buy them from another MEC store? Or … well I don’t know. We’ll see what they say.

Oh, Black Diamond.

Today after work, BF and I are going to MEC so that I can (try to) return that Black Diamond backpack ($35) that I bought earlier this month. I used it ONE TIME for about 4 hours, and there’s already a hole in it. So much for rugged outdoor gear! Hopefully they’ll take it either as a return or for store credit. I’m also going to e-mail Black Diamond to complain about the quality of their backpack. I understand rips and tears from normal use, but to get a hole in the bag after half a day is just ridiculous. I wasn’t even doing anything hardcore.