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This and that

I forgot to mention that yesterday I successfully returned that Black Diamond backpack to MEC. Although the guy at the returns counter wasn’t impressed. He said it was “normal wear and tear” on an item. But I had only used it for 4 hours! Oh well. I got my $35 back anyway.

After MEC, BF and I went for dinner with his parents (they treated). The food was below average, and our waitress was insane (not in a good way), but it was nice to see them again. I think we’re going to see them again one more time on Thursday before they leave to go back to Alberta.

As for those ridiculously expensive boots that I bought last night? Well it turns out that the extra padded tongue was missing from the box, so I’m going to have to call MEC and see if they have it somewhere in the back. Otherwise I’ll have to return them and buy them from another MEC store? Or … well I don’t know. We’ll see what they say.

Oh, Black Diamond.

Today after work, BF and I are going to MEC so that I can (try to) return that Black Diamond backpack ($35) that I bought earlier this month. I used it ONE TIME for about 4 hours, and there’s already a hole in it. So much for rugged outdoor gear! Hopefully they’ll take it either as a return or for store credit. I’m also going to e-mail Black Diamond to complain about the quality of their backpack. I understand rips and tears from normal use, but to get a hole in the bag after half a day is just ridiculous. I wasn’t even doing anything hardcore.

Trying out Aveeno face care products

This month I had $50 allocated to Personal Care. Ideally I wanted to buy new face cream, night cream, eye cream, and face wash. Obviously, $50 isn’t going to buy me all of those things. If I bought my usual Avène brand, those 4 things would have cost me around $135 before tax. So I made the decision to switch to Aveeno (cheaper but still pricey), and began scouring the local stores for deals.

The best deal I came up with was approx. $22 each at Superstore for the face cream and night cream, $25 for eye cream, and $12 for face wash. $81 total before tax. Good, but not great. London Drugs was more expensive. $30 each for the face cream and night cream, $30 for eye cream, and $12 for face wash. $102 total before tax.

THEN, I was perusing the London Drugs online flyer, and it said that Aveeno face creams were on sale for $19.99 this week. So after work I decided to check it out. Not only were they on sale for $19.99, but the face cream had a bonus face wash attached to it! So for $45 I got a face cream, night cream and face wash.

The eye cream wasn’t on sale and was still $30 at LD. I tried to use the face cream around my eye this morning, but it’s SPF 30. A little got into my eyes, and it stung like crazy. So I will definitely buy the eye cream. I think the next time I’m at Superstore, I’ll pick one up for $25 (plus I have a $5 off Aveeno coupon, so it will only be $20!).

For some of you, this may still seem like a lot to pay for moisturizers … but I don’t spend much money on make-up (the only make-up I wear is mascara, a bit of pressed powder, and a bit of blush), and taking good care of my skin is really important to me. So I have no problem spending that kind of money on my face. As long as I’m getting the best deal I can find on it!