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The Lunch Challenge – Week #3

So I’m into Week #3 of bringing my lunch to work, and it’s going well. I sometimes have the urge to just go out and grab Subway or a burger or something, but it passes. And it gets easier. Still, it’s sometimes hard when most people in the office go out to buy their lunch every day.

Right now, I’m eating a piece of fruit in the morning (around 11am), lunch around 1:30pm, and another piece of fruit and a granola bar around 3:30pm. Then I get hungry again around 5:30-6pm, but that’s about when we have dinner anyway.

I also used to get french vanillas from Tim Horton’s or from the 7-Eleven, but I don’t anymore. Along with not going out for lunch, I’m also not buying snacks either. No matter how delicious they are, the calories in those drinks are absolutely outrageous. The only time I do get them is if we’re grabbing breakfast at Tim’s super early in the morning before we start a long hike. That way, I can justify it. I’m consuming a lot of calories for breakfast which I don’t normally do, but I’ll be burning a million times more than that over the weekend. :)

Did anyone watch Dragon’s Den last night? BF loves the show, so we try to watch it every Wednesday evening. :) Anyway, there were 3 guys on there talking about and I thought it was an awesome idea!

It’s a free service and the website gets paid a $25 referral fee by the wireless provider. Basically, you create your dream wireless cell phone plan (ideal monthly fee, features, & other requirements), and the company shops your plan around to all the wireless companies in Canada who aim to meet or exceed your expectations. Then you get an e-mail notification whenever you receive an offer from a wireless company. Brilliant!

So I went online immediately and signed up, only to find out that it’s only servicing Ontario for now, with expansion to the rest of Canada hopefully soon. Grr! So if you’re not in Ontario, you can sign up and they will let you know when their service is available in your province. But if you ARE in Ontario, check it out! And then maybe come back here and give us a rundown on your experience and what kind of offers you were given? I would be really curious.

Thank goodness it’s Friday & Pay Day

Today is pay day. It’s only been a 4-day work week, but it seems like it’s been dragging on forever. Very excited for the weekend. Anyway, I’ve updated the sidebars and my NetworthIQ.

Here is what I’ve saved:

  • $200 RRSPs. I am now well past the $25k goal that I set for myself for 2009.
  • $25 TFSA. Part of my Retirement Portfolio. I’m currently only saving $25 bi-weekly because I’m focusing on building up my RRSPs.
  • $100 Car Fund. I went to go look at a car the other day with BF. It’s a compact car with AWD and is exactly what I’m looking for. With $2k down, bi-weekly payments would be about $188. We haven’t taken it for a test drive yet, and I don’t expect to seriously consider buying a car until we know for sure what’s happening. Maybe by mid to late November.
  • $100 Emergency Fund. Slowly creeping up to $5,000 and that’s where it’ll stay. I don’t anticipate trying to regularly save into the EF after I’ve hit my goal, and will probably funnel the extra money into my Savings Fund. The EF is going to be strictly for dire emergencies, and I will only use it if the Savings Fund is dry. $5k represents over 6 months of bare bones living.
  • $50 Travel Fund. All of my upcoming travel has been paid for (Vegas in December, Calgary in January). I’m going to try to squeeze spending money out of my monthly budget for those 2 months, instead of dipping into the TF. I think I can do it.
  • $64.06 Savings Fund. This is now fully funded to $3,000! It will be wiped out once I pay for my LASIK, so I’ll be starting from scratch again come 2010.

Total Saved = $539.06 (38.5% of my net income)

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