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Spending time together for free

Yesterday the BF and I went for a 3 hour hike with his dad through Goldstream Park, and all the way up to the active train trestle 300 ft. above the river. On our hike back down, we also saw two abandoned gold mines. It was a great way to get in some exercise, since the BF hates going to the gym. He thinks it’s too boring, and would rather exercise outside doing something fun. Afterwards, we were invited back to his parents’ house for dinner, and who are we to say no to a free meal! :)

Below are a few pictures I took:

When we were up on the train trestle, I was pretty much scared for my life. The BF kept telling me not to look down, so obviously I spent the entire time looking down through the wooden beams to the river 300 ft. below. We were so high up I started to get dizzy from concentrating so hard. I have a huge fear of heights (and the train was scheduled to come by any minute!), but the BF is really adventurous and just ran off the bridge.

Today the BF is off canoeing with some friends down by the inner harbour area while I’m stuck in the office on this gorgeous day. I need a M-F job. While I really like having Fridays off, I really despise having to work Sundays every week. :(

I wish I could rewind time

I wish I knew 5 years ago that I’d want a condo eventually. I really wish I had thought things through. Planned ahead. I wish I had saved up a ridiculous amount of money, so that when I did get to the stage where I could actually afford mortgage payments, I’d be okay with the 25% down payment to avoid that nasty default insurance.

But, I didn’t.

So here I sit, 24 years old, twiddling my thumbs and frantically trying to save up money as fast as I can. I wish I were like my sister. For some reason she has the “spend less, save more” gene I apparently don’t have. I wonder what made her the way she is, and made me the complete opposite. While I try to play catch-up with my finances, by the time she’s my age, I betcha she’ll be all set to go, without a financial care in the world.

The thing is, with our combined income, I know my boyfriend and I could easily buy a brand new condo right now in the downtown area, and be living quite comfortably – even in the hot real estate market we live in (the average house here costs over $500,000!) … but it’s tricky. Buying property with someone is a huge investment not only financially, but also in the relationship. I always thought that I’d buy my first condo by myself, and then buy my first house when I got married. Now that I’m in a relationship, and we’re looking down that long-term road, I don’t know if I like what I see.

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