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Switching my money categories around

Since I’ve decided to max out my RRSPs this year, and take them out for the First Time Home Buyer’s Plan, I decided to update my goals on the sidebar. I lowered my Condo Down Payment fund from $40k down to $25k, and increased my Retirement Portfolio goal from $3k to $16k. Combined, that’ll still give me the $40k down payment I need. This way, I can see my goals a little clearer. I also updated my NetworthIQ, and am pleased to see that I’m steadily increasing my net worth! :)

Speaking of down payments, I got in touch with a realtor and will be setting up an initial meeting with her in the next month or so. She is the mother of my (ex)boss at the arena, and is a well-respected agent in the city, so I know I’m in good hands. My mom has a friend who is a mortgage broker, so I’ll probably go through him when I’m ready to figure out my financial situation.

The BF has been pleading with me to show him this blog. He’s been really into personal finance lately, and I just think he’s curious as to what I’ve been writing about. :) He even said he might want to start up his own PF blog too! That would be kinda cool. I’m inclined to give in and just show him, because it’s not like he couldn’t do a simple Google search and find it for himself. Anyway, it’s something to think about.

Verdict: Rent (for now. I think.)

So I had another talk with the BF about potentially buying a place together. I told him I didn’t think I was financially ready to buy. I don’t have my EF set up, and I also don’t have a down payment available since my parents pretty much told me flat out they couldn’t loan me any money. Plus, I’m not sure if I’m willing to buy property with someone at the moment. I’ve always said that the first time I buy property (condo), I’m going to do it myself. And the BF really doesn’t want to live in a condo because he wants a garage to store his motorcycle and tools and stuff. Basically what it comes down to is that we want different things in a property. I’m not willing to sacrifice location, and he’s not willing to sacrifice things like a garage and a backyard.

We still have to talk about it in a little more detail, but we agreed that I’ll to try and find us an apartment or basement suite for under $800/month out on the peninsula close to my work. It will be hard to find something in that price range, but I’m not really that pressed for time since we have until November to move out. The only thing I’m worried about is not being able to find a place in the fall once all the college kids come back for school in September and take up all the apartments.

Anyway, in exchange for the long commute (45 min each way), I agreed to pay for the BF’s bus pass which is $60/month (he bikes to work right now because we live in town), as well as for internet which is $41/month ($30 for the first 6 months) … and I think that’s reasonable because the $500/month we’ve been paying in rent for the past year or so, I’m actually only paying $150 of that amount since I was in school and trying to pay off my debts.

I personally think everything should be split 50/50, and things like bus passes and parking spots, etc … those should be paid by the person who’s going to use them. However, compromise is the name of the game. The BF does not want to live out on the peninsula because it really is quite a commute into downtown, and it’s away from all of our friends and family, and basically any sort of entertainment … but with my job being out there, I really REALLY don’t want to rent a place in town … so an extra $100/month for the convenient location is worth it in my opinion.

But then again, it’ll be really inconvenient living all the way out there and having to come into town all the time for hockey or soccer, or basically whenever we want to do anything. The BF has a truck that I pay 25% of the gas for right now … we could use that to go into town, but it’s not exactly the most fuel efficient thing on the road. So maybe living in town is the answer … and maybe I buy a car or a faster scooter or something for the commute. But then I get stuck with that stupid long commute again, and I’ve already been doing it for 8 months. And I really don’t want to buy a car or another scooter.

Or maybe we meet in the middle and find an apartment where we’d both have the same distance to commute to work. That way we’d be a little closer to town. I don’t know.

What do you think?

Another day, another dollar

Well, it was pay day today, so I was able to put $575 into my condo down payment fund, $100 into the EF, and my auto payment of $50 into my RRSP.

I also had to pay off what I spent on my credit cards … $570 in total (YIKES!!). The big expenses I had this pay period were my new purse ($117), concert tickets ($65.73 after the exchange rate), dinner with the BF ($50) … and I had to buy us bus tickets down to Seattle for next weekend’s trip ($57.90 for 2 round trip tickets). The BF is going to reimburse me with his half, but hasn’t yet. I’m not too worried about it; I know where he lives. :)

Speaking of the BF, he went off on a fishing trip to the mainland with his dad for 4 days. It’s nice to have the place to myself for a long weekend, but at the same time it feels really weird not to have him around to talk to whenever I want. He left last night at around 7:30pm, and after celebrating my newfound alone time by eating ice cream straight out of the container (he hates that!) in bed while watching Sex in the City, I was bored out of my mind by about 11pm. I’m also going to have to brush off my culinary skills, because he cooks practically every day for us (hey, at least I do the dishes!).

Today’s my interview for Job #1! Then after that, I’m going to the Aveda Institute to get my hair highlighted by a student. I don’t know which appointment I’m more nervous about!

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