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It’s about time the weather cooperated!

Yesterday was such a wonderful day. BF and his friend came to pick me up in the morning, and we went out for dim sum. Then we met up with another one of his friends and we wandered around downtown for a bit, trying to find a tattoo place that wasn’t completely booked up (they all were). If you’re wondering – yes I am planning on getting another tattoo. I’ve been wanting it for the past 4 years, so it’s just a matter of booking an appointment.

In the afternoon, we went to a farmer’s market, bought fresh fruit and some meat … then got some alcohol … and we all drank delicious sangria and ate BBQ in BF’s backyard. The sun was shining, and I didn’t seem to be doing too shabby with the board & card games we were playing either. :)

I was pretty much wiped out by 9pm, so after his 2 friends left, BF and I headed back to my place to watch a movie. But I was out by 11pm. I guess all that sunshine, alcohol, and kicking BF’s ass at card games really wore me out.

Tomorrow after work, we are going out for hot pot with one of my co-workers and her boyfriend. I’m excited. I heart hot pot. Anyone else a fan?

Anyway, Z and I were supposed to go hiking on Wednesday, but he leaves to work on a fishing boat tomorrow for 2 or 3 weeks. The receptionist at work seems keen on going for walks with me, but made sure to indicate that there will be no hiking involved. :) I think a lovely walk around Stanley Park could be nice one day after work.

On communicating with the BF

I have to come up with some sort of solution about BF reading my blog. I want to be able to tell him face-to-face about my day and about things that are happening with me, instead of having him read about it on the internet. It’s kind of annoying when I’d get all excited to tell him something, but I know he’s already read about it on my blog.

There doesn’t really seem to be an easy solution. I like that he reads my blog, I really do. I just don’t know what I can do. I thought that maybe he could read my blog whenever he’s with me – so that I get a chance to talk to him before he hops on the computer … but we tried that last night, and I got all embarrassed about being there while he caught up on 3 weeks’ worth of reading.

Anyone have a good solution? :)

I’ve missed my boyfriend

Last night, BF came over and we watched Semi-Pro and ate my mom’s lasagna. We also went to the grocery store, and I bought him a little cheesecake, and myself some sorbet. The total came to $10.09 … and then it dawned on me that I haven’t been grocery shopping at all this week. Yikes. How did I just forget to go shopping? Oh well …

Today we’re having a staff BBQ, which is good since I have no food in my house. I’ve been resorting to eating cereal for lunch the past couple of days. :)

I also got an e-mail from my friend about the wedding in September. I need to go get my measurements taken so she can order the bridesmaid dresses. She’s not giving me much time, since she needs the information by Tuesday at the latest. And I still haven’t gotten my wedding invitation in the mail! :) Anyway, she said at an alteration store, it shouldn’t cost more than $15 for them to do it.

Tonight I’m probably going out with BF and his friends to celebrate their successful trip. I don’t anticipate spending much money, since I’ll probably be driving. Then tomorrow, they’re going rock climbing. He wants me to go, but I’ve never been before, and I don’t want to learn when he’s going with a group of experienced climbers. Anyway, I e-mailed Z and asked what he was up to, since he had asked me if I wanted to go hiking. I suggested rock climbing to him as well, so if he comes up, I’d certainly feel a lot more comfortable.

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