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I’ve missed my boyfriend

Last night, BF came over and we watched Semi-Pro and ate my mom’s lasagna. We also went to the grocery store, and I bought him a little cheesecake, and myself some sorbet. The total came to $10.09 … and then it dawned on me that I haven’t been grocery shopping at all this week. Yikes. How did I just forget to go shopping? Oh well …

Today we’re having a staff BBQ, which is good since I have no food in my house. I’ve been resorting to eating cereal for lunch the past couple of days. :)

I also got an e-mail from my friend about the wedding in September. I need to go get my measurements taken so she can order the bridesmaid dresses. She’s not giving me much time, since she needs the information by Tuesday at the latest. And I still haven’t gotten my wedding invitation in the mail! :) Anyway, she said at an alteration store, it shouldn’t cost more than $15 for them to do it.

Tonight I’m probably going out with BF and his friends to celebrate their successful trip. I don’t anticipate spending much money, since I’ll probably be driving. Then tomorrow, they’re going rock climbing. He wants me to go, but I’ve never been before, and I don’t want to learn when he’s going with a group of experienced climbers. Anyway, I e-mailed Z and asked what he was up to, since he had asked me if I wanted to go hiking. I suggested rock climbing to him as well, so if he comes up, I’d certainly feel a lot more comfortable.

A few random Thursday thoughts

This week has seriously flown by. I’ve kept myself busy every evening, and this weekend will be no different. I’ve got plans crammed into every minute of every day that I’ll be home. Same with next week after work.

Even though I miss BF a lot, if he hadn’t left, I doubt I would have ever reached out to these new friends in Vancouver. I think that him leaving has really saved me, as weird as it sounds. It was getting so comfortable just to hang out with him and his friends all the time. I would see him as often as I could, and I was happy doing it. But on days where he was busy? I would find it extremely hard to fill up my time. I would be ridiculously bored. Now that I have rekindled my friendship with a couple of awesome people here, I’ve started to really create my own little support network. I’m having fun, and I’m not moping and stressing and wondering if my boyfriend is alive or dead up there in Alaska … although when I’m alone in bed at night, that’s all I still think about. But as for this support network, if by some chance, things don’t end up working out with BF, I know I will be able to survive here in Vancouver by myself.

But the one thing I’ve learned about myself since BF has been gone? If I have access to a car, I’ll use it. Since he’s been gone, I haven’t walked to work, or to the grocery store once. I’ve always taken his car. This is bad … bad not only for the environment, but bad for my health. I’m grateful for the car – it’s really been helpful to have it … and I’m kind of sad to have to give it back, but I think it will be better for me to go back to walking everywhere.

Finding a comfortable place

For those who are curious, I received another SPOT message from BF yesterday. :) It’s been 13 days since he’s been gone … meaning I have a maximum of 11 days to go before he gets back. He could be back sooner, depending on if and when they summit. Although … I’m not really even sure whether they would come home after 3 weeks if they haven’t summited yet.

Thanks to Canadian Finance Guy for telling me about the Google Maps terrain function! I didn’t even know that existed. I’ve pinpointed exactly where they are. They seem a lot farther away than I would have expected them to be, given they’ve been on the mountain for about 10 days. But then again, what do I know?

Today after work, I’m going hiking with my friend Z. I’m pretty excited, because we’ll be hiking in the rain, which I love to do. It’s also nice to get out of the city and into the beautiful places surrounding the lower mainland. We’re headed back up to the North Shore to Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, and apparently if you get on certain paths, you can hike from Lynn Valley all the way to Horseshoe Bay, for any of you who are familiar with this area.

When I first moved to Vancouver, I mentioned trying to find a place on the lower mainland that feels comfortable, and that feels like home. Well, North Vancouver, Port Moody, and to a lesser extent, Port Coquitlam are the winners for me. They all feel like I’m living in a smallish city, more the size of my hometown … and I get a really good vibe from these areas. Everything is a little more quaint, and it feels like a real neighborhood. Plus, they’re surrounded by the forest, mountains and water. These things make me happy. Perhaps when I eventually move from where I’m currently living, I’ll look at these three areas as potential places to rent or buy.

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