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Buying birthday presents

I know BF’s birthday is a long time away (June), and I really should be focusing on my sister’s birthday which is next month, but last night I stumbled upon the perfect gift. So I bought it. It wasn’t that expensive, and combined with the other part of his present that I plan on getting, this is actually going to be well under budget for what I had expected. I’m satisfied. :) I’m busting to tell you what I got, but well … I guess it’ll have to wait until June.

Speaking of my sister’s birthday, I’m stumped. I was thinking of buying us concert tickets, but nobody good is coming anytime soon. I’ll have to really put some thought into this.

Money & Relationships

Today after work BF and I are going out for dinner downtown with a bunch of his friends. I’m excited to go, but at the same time, I can’t help but wonder if I should really be going. I mean, I don’t exactly have any flex in my budget this month. What with the moving expenses and getting set up in my new place, I’m already massively over budget. I told him how I felt, and he is insisting on treating me to dinner. Which makes me feel even worse.

It’s not like I’m poor, but it brings up an interesting question that maybe all you PFers can answer for me: how do you deal with this kind of situation? I feel like whenever I tell someone (anyone, not just the BF) that I’m “trying to save money,” or that I “just don’t have the cash this month” to do whatever they are asking me to do, I feel like a charity case; like I’m hinting that they should pay for me or something. It’s an awkward feeling, because that’s not how I feel at all.

In this case, we’re having dinner with 8 of his friends, and he really wants me to go. I really want to go. But I feel guilty. Whether I end up paying, or he pays for me, I can’t shake this crappy feeling. Like the money spent on dinner would probably be better off saved. Do I want to eat a nice dinner, or do I want to become a property owner?

I know that sometimes I can be a little too much when it comes to saving money, so I should probably just ease up and have fun tonight. It’s not like we go out often to dinner. But still.

You guys know me better than I know myself. I’ve blogged about this very topic before. I do need to learn how to find a balance in my life, I just don’t know how. The responsible side of me wants to save every cent I have … but the 25 yr. old side of me wants to go out and have fun and be young. It’s so hard.

A February To Do List

You know, I’m really proud of BF. When we first started dating, he was such a free spirit with his money … and while I don’t think he’ll ever become as penny-obsessed as me, I have noticed that his financial thought process has changed. He even created a little budget for himself, and I find that he’s weighing the pros and cons of purchasing things now. Some things. He’s still pretty spontaneous, and it’s still shocking sometimes … but that’s probably just because I think buying a little block of mozzarella cheese when it’s not on sale is quite a scandalous PF thing to do. Which is what I did yesterday when grocery shopping. I like to live life on the edge.

I have a list of things that I need to do, but I’ve been avoiding them because most of them cost money. Money that I don’t really have to spare at the moment … but these things need to get done by the end of the month:

  • buy a broom
  • buy a hand held vacuum. I don’t have room for an upright, and I also don’t have much carpet to clean. For some reason that just sounds dirty. Which is why I’m buying a vacuum. hahaha oh, I am so not funny this morning.
  • stitch up a pair of pants. A seam split, so I just have to sew it back up. I hope I brought my little sewing kit with me to Vancouver.
  • get the sleeves of a coat let out. I’m not sure if my arms grew in length, or if I just prefer coats with longer sleeves now.
  • get 2 or 3 pairs of pants dry cleaned. I’ve never had them dry cleaned before. Meaning I’ve never washed them before. Is that gross? I guess I’m not really shining a very good light on myself today. My pants are splitting, my arms are growing, and I don’t wash my clothing.
  • hem a pair of pants. I bought them about 2 months ago, and they’re just sitting at home back on the island. I need to get them fixed up so I can at least wear them.
  • send back a pair of shoes that I ordered online at Zappos for my sister. They are too big, so I’ll have to return them, as they don’t even sell them anymore. Darn!
  • make a doctor’s appointment/renew my prescription. I have a family doctor back home on the island, and I really like him. He’s a family friend, and I’ve been seeing him my whole life. But I can only come home on the weekends, so it might be tough to see him, unless he’s open on Saturdays now. I really don’t want to get a new doctor.
  • make an appointment with my accountant. I want to get my taxes done ASAP. Fingers crossed that my last T-4 has come in the mail and is waiting for me back home.
  • call my friend in Michigan. I’ve been promising him that I’ll call, but the past 3 weeks have been so busy. It’s hard to find a few spare hours during the evening, especially considering the 3 hr. time difference. That’s no excuse though.

Valentine’s Day: the morning after

Valentine’s Day last night was really low-key, and I’m glad. After work, BF came over to pick me up. He brought me 2 hand-cut cardboard hearts (cute!), a book of NHL trivia/facts, and chocolate dipped strawberries (not the actual picture of them … but they were delicious! I should have brought them to work.)

From my house, we ordered take-out Indian food, rented 2 movies, and went back to his house for the night. I’m glad that we didn’t go out for dinner. For some reason, the thought of going out on Valentine’s Day makes me kind of want to vomit, because you know every couple is doing the exact same thing. It’s almost embarrassing.

Anyway, I baked BF an apple pie. I had most of the ingredients for the pie, but I had to pick up a few things: 5 organic granny smith apples, brown sugar, shortening, unsalted butter, and ice cream. Hmm, I guess I didn’t really have any of the ingredients. Except for the spices, flour and white sugar. I also randomly bought a package of dessert tofu, just in case the pie ended up disastrous. Anyway, the total bill came to $19.67. Yes, it was expensive, but I bought a 2kg bag of brown sugar for $6 (I bought the big one b/c I know I’ll use it all eventually), and the ice cream was $8.50 (very expensive, but I bought the bigger tub and it’s delicious … plus you can’t have apple pie without ice cream, that’s just science).

All in all, it was worth it, because BF really liked the pie, and I didn’t have to break the bank to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So I’m happy.

Dear Blog:

I owe BF about $35 from our trip to Costco on Tuesday.

Don’t let me forget.


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