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Weekend recap

This was a good weekend. Saturday morning I cleaned up my apartment. I’m one of those girls who has to pull every outfit out of her closet to figure out what to wear. I’ve tried pre-planning my work outfits for the week, but I always end up changing my mind depending on if I have meetings that day, or if I’m feeing chubby, or what would look best with the coat I’m wearing that day. So by the end of the week, I have a closet full of bare hangers, and all my work clothes laid out on my ironing board. Or on the floor under my ironing board.

In the afternoon BF and I went to the climbing gym. I am very pleased to report that I got both the 5.10- and 5.10+ routes I was having trouble with last weekend. Although, for the 5.10+ route, I had to stop and take a tiny break before the last move (meaning I sat on the rope, so I kind of cheated). We’re going climbing again tonight with a few people, so I’m going to do that route again just for self satisfaction. I want to know that I can do it cleanly without cheating.

Sunday we went to Mt. Seymour with one of BF’s friends. I hiked in my crampons, got some use out of my ice axe, and got to repel myself down some steeper sections. It was pretty fun, but really really windy and snowy and cold. I also desperately need to get waterproof gloves. Holding onto the wet rope made my hands freeze, and I had to borrow a second pair of gloves from BF’s friend.

Later on yesterday BF had two of his friends come over. They are planning on climbing Mont Blanc in the French Alps in April, so they had to go over some rope technique and check out flights. Last year BF and a few friends went to Alaska to climb Denali. It was really hard for me to deal with – the possibility of him dying on the mountain and also him going away for 3 weeks (I still didn’t really have any friends in Vancouver). But this time, I think it will be better. I have friends that I can call on, and I am confident in BF’s climbing abilities. I’m a little sketchy about 2 of the 3 people he’s going with, but I’m sure it will be okay.

Anyway, I’ve been working out a lot more lately. And I’ve been feeling better about myself. Now that I have more of a grasp on my personal finance (since I started budgeting in January), I feel like I can now tackle my fitness level. If I lost 15 lbs, I’d look absolutely killer in a bikini. But that’s 10 lbs less than my natural body weight, and it takes a lot of effort to get there. Plus, I’ve never been able to maintain it. So we’ll see what happens. Right now my goal isn’t really to lose weight, but rather to get in really good shape. And then everything else will fall into place. :)

Tuesday Miscellaneous

Tonight BF and I are probably going to a show. I’m excited because I’ve only heard this band once (his friends), but I really liked them. Well, I liked them a lot more than the other bands his friends are in.

As you know, my New Year’s resolution was to try and not be so shy, so I’m going to work on that. It’s hard though, to go outside of my comfort zone. I ran into one of BF’s friends downtown the other day, and we chatted for 10-15 min, and I felt totally awkward because really, what do we have to talk about? But she is always friendly so I felt okay after we hugged and parted ways.

Hopefully we’ll get to go rock climbing before the show. I’m working on a 5.10+ route, and I know that if I can just get passed this one move that I’m stuck on, I’ll be able to finish it.

I love rock climbing. It’s so much fun. I wish we did it more often. BF likes it too, but he likes a lot of other things more – like skiing and hiking. And that sucks, because it’s not like I can go without him, and I don’t have any other friends that like climbing. Actually, I do have a friend that likes to climb, but it’s too expensive for her ($17 to drop-in, plus rental equipment). But I guess if we go at least once per week that should be okay. Ideally I’d like to be going 2-3x/week, but that’s unrealistic.

Looking towards the future

BF is thinking of getting a PT job for the next year, so that he can save up money for traveling, start to save for retirement, and pay for the certification courses he’ll need to take next year in order to start his career. I do make significantly more than him (about $15k more/year), so it’s a lot easier for me to save.

I’m surprised and happy that he’s willing to sacrifice so much in order to get himself together for our future. It makes me feel good. Not only because he’s committed to being with me, but because maybe a little bit of my personal finance journey has rubbed off on him. He’s starting to ask more questions about RRSPs and TFSAs and how to save more and cut expenses. Which may not seem like much, but considering he has been a free spender his entire life, this is a life changing transformation. I told him that I refuse to go traveling with either of us in debt. When we get back from our trip, we’ll need money to tide us over until we both start working, and we both know that we can’t get married and start our future together if either of us owes money.

But it’s also going to be a hard year for us to get through. We wouldn’t get to see each other very often. I’ll probably suck it up and get a PT job as well. I get lonely quite easily, so if I have something to occupy my mind, it’ll probably make it easier on the both of us.

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