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Tuesday Miscellaneous

Tonight BF and I are probably going to a show. I’m excited because I’ve only heard this band once (his friends), but I really liked them. Well, I liked them a lot more than the other bands his friends are in.

As you know, my New Year’s resolution was to try and not be so shy, so I’m going to work on that. It’s hard though, to go outside of my comfort zone. I ran into one of BF’s friends downtown the other day, and we chatted for 10-15 min, and I felt totally awkward because really, what do we have to talk about? But she is always friendly so I felt okay after we hugged and parted ways.

Hopefully we’ll get to go rock climbing before the show. I’m working on a 5.10+ route, and I know that if I can just get passed this one move that I’m stuck on, I’ll be able to finish it.

I love rock climbing. It’s so much fun. I wish we did it more often. BF likes it too, but he likes a lot of other things more – like skiing and hiking. And that sucks, because it’s not like I can go without him, and I don’t have any other friends that like climbing. Actually, I do have a friend that likes to climb, but it’s too expensive for her ($17 to drop-in, plus rental equipment). But I guess if we go at least once per week that should be okay. Ideally I’d like to be going 2-3x/week, but that’s unrealistic.

Looking towards the future

BF is thinking of getting a PT job for the next year, so that he can save up money for traveling, start to save for retirement, and pay for the certification courses he’ll need to take next year in order to start his career. I do make significantly more than him (about $15k more/year), so it’s a lot easier for me to save.

I’m surprised and happy that he’s willing to sacrifice so much in order to get himself together for our future. It makes me feel good. Not only because he’s committed to being with me, but because maybe a little bit of my personal finance journey has rubbed off on him. He’s starting to ask more questions about RRSPs and TFSAs and how to save more and cut expenses. Which may not seem like much, but considering he has been a free spender his entire life, this is a life changing transformation. I told him that I refuse to go traveling with either of us in debt. When we get back from our trip, we’ll need money to tide us over until we both start working, and we both know that we can’t get married and start our future together if either of us owes money.

But it’s also going to be a hard year for us to get through. We wouldn’t get to see each other very often. I’ll probably suck it up and get a PT job as well. I get lonely quite easily, so if I have something to occupy my mind, it’ll probably make it easier on the both of us.

What did you do this weekend?

This past weekend was super relaxing. On Saturday, BF worked hard to build a fireplace at his house. I sat around and watched TV (NHL Super Skills competition – boring!), cross-stitched, and generally did nothing. I don’t even think I got out of my PJs. We made fajitas for dinner and then watched Bangkok Dangerous that night. Awful movie. Just terrible.

Yesterday, BF worked on the fireplace again (he said it’ll be done by the end of the week so that I can roast s’mores!!!!!). In fact, I took a picture of it with my cell phone. I should try to post it when I get home tonight. We watched the AHL All-Star Game, and the 1st period of the NHL All-Star Game before heading out to the rock climbing gym. Then we went back to my house and baked cookies. :)

We were supposed to go hiking with BF’s friends, but they bailed. Which is too bad, because I was actually looking forward to the trip. Oh well. Next time.

Today after work I’m going out for tea (or to the gym) with a good friend. She just got engaged a few days ago, so I’m super excited to hear about her wedding plans. She said they haven’t set a date yet, but definitely in the summer of 2010. Hopefully it’s before we leave for our trip!

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