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BF’s birthday is next week!

Okay, so BF’s birthday is coming up fast (next week!). I bought him his present (can’t say how much or what it is – although I did mention on Twitter). I’m kind of kicking myself because if I had planned it better, I could have purchased it cheaper online or even during my last trip across the border. But I waited until the last minute, and that’ll generally kill it every time.

We are also going for all-you-can-eat sushi (our go-to dinner when we’re celebrating something – about $45 after tax/tip for the both of us). And then after that, we’re going to a late show of MacGruber. No joke. The skits on SNL don’t seem that funny and I thought the movie looked kind of dumb in previews. But now, all my friends have seen it and think it’s the most hilarious movie they’ve seen since Anchorman (which is our holy grail of funny movies). And it’s also gotten decent reviews online, so now we’re both curious. Has anyone else seen MacGruber? Thoughts?

Thursday Miscellaneous

I woke up this morning and thought today was Friday. Ugh. What a disappointment.

Last night BF and I went for a shortish 8km walk to Tim Horton’s after the Habs/Pens game (BF is a huge Habs fan, and an obnoxious one at that). I got a medium iced cap, which as usual, I couldn’t finish. When will I learn that I can only ever finish the small portions of anything? And even then, half the time BF has to help me finish my meal. My eyes are always definitely bigger than my stomach.

We also rented this crappy vampire movie called Daybreakers. BF’s pick. Has anybody else seen it before?

As for Hawaii, BF thinks that we will still be able to go, just perhaps not for as long as we had hoped. We were only planning on going for 5 nights, but maybe 3 or 4 is doable. Not ideal, but at least then we’d be able to see my friends get married.

We talked a bit about him moving away. Turns out he might have to find short-term housing while he’s there since his aunt lives 3 hours away round trip – and that might be too long of a commute, especially with an old car. And after he’s finished his course, he’ll have to work at least 6 months somewhere else in the province. We’re of course hoping it is close enough to home that he can commute to … but all of that is up in the air until he finishes his 3 months of courses.

Potential temporary LD relationship

So. The courses BF needs to graduate from his program aren’t available in town. So he’s thinking of moving away for 3 months in the fall to compete his courses elsewhere. Otherwise he’ll have to wait until January to enroll. Which would mean a long-distance relationship and maybe no trip to Hawaii. Boo to both! :(

When BF first told me of his potential plan to move away, I was not in favour. At all. I’m trying to be as supportive as I can, because it is a great opportunity for him to get going with his career – but I hate hate hate LD relationships. I’ve been in them before. They don’t work and they put a huge strain on the relationship. Luckily this would only be for 3 months, although there is a chance he will have to do a co-op type placement for 6 months in some random town in the province. But, there’s an end in sight if BF does have to move away, and we have a solid relationship so I know we will be able to do it. It just sucks.

What does this mean? Hawaii is on hold, possibly canceled if BF decides to move. I could go by myself, and I still might … but 1) it’s much more expensive to go by myself, and 2) it was really supposed to be a vacation for the both of us – as well as being there for my friend’s wedding. Going to Hawaii by myself doesn’t really sound that great. Of course, I still want to see my friend get married, but she will be having a full blessing and a big reception in town. Which I would be okay with going to, but I know I’d be disappointed to not be there for the real ceremony. And I don’t want to be a bad friend and totally bail on her ceremony just because my BF can’t go. Not that she would mind. As of right now, BF and I were the only non-family members who were going to Hawaii – the rest of her friends couldn’t afford it. I guess I have to think about it.

BF said that if he does have to move away, maybe we could shorten our trip to Hawaii or maybe he’d be able to take the time off to go – he thinks the course might have days on and off. But nothing is finalized, and everything is up on the air. He said he’ll have everything figured out in the next couple of weeks.

45 days till Mexico!!! :)

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