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Potential temporary LD relationship

So. The courses BF needs to graduate from his program aren’t available in town. So he’s thinking of moving away for 3 months in the fall to compete his courses elsewhere. Otherwise he’ll have to wait until January to enroll. Which would mean a long-distance relationship and maybe no trip to Hawaii. Boo to both! :(

When BF first told me of his potential plan to move away, I was not in favour. At all. I’m trying to be as supportive as I can, because it is a great opportunity for him to get going with his career – but I hate hate hate LD relationships. I’ve been in them before. They don’t work and they put a huge strain on the relationship. Luckily this would only be for 3 months, although there is a chance he will have to do a co-op type placement for 6 months in some random town in the province. But, there’s an end in sight if BF does have to move away, and we have a solid relationship so I know we will be able to do it. It just sucks.

What does this mean? Hawaii is on hold, possibly canceled if BF decides to move. I could go by myself, and I still might … but 1) it’s much more expensive to go by myself, and 2) it was really supposed to be a vacation for the both of us – as well as being there for my friend’s wedding. Going to Hawaii by myself doesn’t really sound that great. Of course, I still want to see my friend get married, but she will be having a full blessing and a big reception in town. Which I would be okay with going to, but I know I’d be disappointed to not be there for the real ceremony. And I don’t want to be a bad friend and totally bail on her ceremony just because my BF can’t go. Not that she would mind. As of right now, BF and I were the only non-family members who were going to Hawaii – the rest of her friends couldn’t afford it. I guess I have to think about it.

BF said that if he does have to move away, maybe we could shorten our trip to Hawaii or maybe he’d be able to take the time off to go – he thinks the course might have days on and off. But nothing is finalized, and everything is up on the air. He said he’ll have everything figured out in the next couple of weeks.

45 days till Mexico!!! :)

Time is flying by

Let me just say that it is a very weird to have both me and BF unemployed. I was getting used to my alone time during the days, and I didn’t have to worry about someone else making noise or doing other things while I was searching/applying for jobs, or calling back potential employers. In fact, I had to respond to a voice message this morning, and I made BF leave the house to get coffee before I called. There’s just something about doing phone interviews with other people around. Not that I mind having him around. It’s great because I’m less lonely – I guess I’m just a bit more productive than him when it comes to not having a job.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get a job ASAP. This month-long vacation is driving me insane (I cannot believe it’s already been a month since I lost my job – time is flying by!). BF is the opposite – he is LOVING not having a job. He doesn’t find it stressful at all, not having an income coming in. Which to me, is very strange. But I guess he finds it strange that I am stressed out about money, even though I’m collecting EI. :)

I mentioned yesterday that today is my 2nd interview with an organization, and then tomorrow I have set up a phone interview with another company. The kinds of companies I’ve been interviewing with have been so different in terms of the industry that they’re in. I don’t have experience in any of those fields, so it’s really exciting to think that I could be learning something completely new while doing something familiar to me (marketing). So far I’ve sent out 18 resumes and have gotten 5 interviews.

Combining our money

There has been some talk around the PF blogosphere about how couples are managing their money.

Yesterday when BF and I were out walking, he finally admitted that it would be best if I control our family finances once he starts his career next year (he’ll be training and in school until then). He wants me to pay the bills, manage the savings & retirement – basically handle all of the day-to-day money activities. And I couldn’t be happier taking on that task. Personal finance isn’t just something I do because I have to; I’m sure you can tell that it truly is a passion of mine. And let me tell you, it’s been a long road for him to come around to the fact that he is just not that great with his money. His parents are spenders too. I’ve known it all along, but I guess he had to come to that conclusion by himself. :)

Of course he’ll be 100% involved in figuring out how much we are saving, how much the bills are, and other important information. It’s just that once we get a joint chequing/savings, etc. I will be the one executing and dispersing the money.

It’s exciting knowing that in a year (provided I get a job by then – sigh), we’ll both be making over $50k each. BF is working very hard to change his career direction and bump up his salary level so he can be passionate about his job, and so that we can live the kind of life we want to live  – which means buying our own little place, saving money for all of our goals, getting married within the next 2-3 years, and retiring early.

We still have a year to figure out all the details regarding combining our finances (along with joint accounts, I still want us each to have separate accounts too), but I’m happy that in terms of personal finance, we are on the same page.

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