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The Costco trip

BF and I went to Costco yesterday evening, and I ended up spending $28.46.

  • $7.99 – box of 20 bran bars
  • $3.69 – unsalted butter
  • $5.99 – 90 pieces of flat flax bread
  • $10.79 – 15 garden burger patties

That means I now have $54.90 left out of my $150 grocery budget for the month.

Even though there are 2 weeks left, this is completely doable. I can do this.

$34 grocery shopping trip

Yesterday I went grocery shopping … because I was in BF’s neighbourhood, I didn’t get a chance to go to the Asian grocery store for my produce. I’m disappointed b/c I could have saved some money … but also it’s scheduled to rain for the entire week, and the thought of walking 60 min. in the rain is not appealing. So maybe the extra $$$ I spent this week was worth it.


  • $5.00 – 3-for-5 sale on big chocolate bars. I’m a weak woman. So sue me.
  • $2.29 – Silk soy milk.
  • $1.49 – 6 large eggs. I don’t really eat eggs, they’re for baking J some cookies. I tried an egg-less cookie recipe a few weeks ago. He still ate them, but they were pretty disgusting.
  • $3.00 – cream cheese.
  • $2.86 – 1 cod fillet (2 meals).
  • $2.70 – 1 sole fillet (2 meals).
  • $1.99 – 1 mango. Not exactly necessary, and kind of expensive … but delicious.
  • $1.69 – red leaf lettuce.
  • $0.60 – 1 large red onion.
  • $0.88 – 10 mushrooms.
  • $1.77 – 3 Gala apples.
  • $2.49 – tofu (2 meals).
  • $3.48 – dessert tofu (4 servings). It’s like jello and yogurt combined … but made of tofu. :)
  • $3.99 – Happy Planet juice.

TOTAL = $34.56

That means, I have $83.36 left of my $150 grocery budget for March.

I’m right on track … but BF and I are going to Costco sometime this week I think, and that should be at least $20 right there … so even though I’m doing well right now, there are 2 more weeks left in the month. I will have to really monitor my spending for the rest of March. I’m confident I can do it, because I have a ton of food at home now. I might not even need to buy anything next week, aside from fresh produce.

I guess I eat less than I thought

I didn’t think I bought enough food to last me the entire week, but after I made dinner last night (brown/wild rice, steamed baby bok choy, 1/2 snapper fillet), I realized that I have way more food than necessary. After overloading myself with bok choy the past few days, I still have 1/3 of a bag left. I guess I overestimate how much I actually eat.

So I tossed the other half of the snapper fillet, and the 2 chicken breasts into the freezer. I won’t be able to eat them before I go back to the island on Friday after work … and I want to concentrate on eating all my perishable produce before any of it goes bad.

So tonight I’m going to make another pizza because I want to use up the rest of the mozzarella, and I have a whole container of washed spinach that needs to be eaten. Plus, those red and green peppers aren’t going to eat themselves! :)

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