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Tonight’s dinner – what am I eating?

Here’s a picture of my dinner from tonight. We’ve got a bit of brown rice, some steamed fish with lemon and herbs … and a whack of steamed veggies (with a bit of lactose-free margarine and salt/pepper to taste).

Like I’ve always said, I eat so simply. Mostly because I can’t cook very well, but also because usually the simple things are the healthiest.

I have one of those Cuisineart rice cooker/steamer combos (my sister bought it for me for Christmas), and it’s amazing. While it cooks your rice, it can also steam your fish and veggies … so you just flip the switch on, and just forget about it until it’s finished cooking. So super easy. I love it. Except that it’s really only big enough to serve 2 people, max. BF and I have made dim sum with the steamer too, so it’s pretty versatile. I use it way more often than any other appliance I have, even the stove … and it’s so inexpensive, considering all that it does.

What’s in my lunch bag – Part 2

I decided to do a little “lunch bag preview” again today, just to compare what I ate yesterday to what I’m eating today.

Breakfast 9:30am
1 cup of vanilla tea
1 All-Bran bar

Snack 11:30am
1 apple

Lunch 1:00pm
1 cup of green tea
2 pieces of flat bread & hummus
1 serving of coconut tofu
2 homemade chocolate chip cookies

Snack 3:30pm
1 whole grain Kashi bar

Also, I got a few comments that I eat very little … I don’t know … I never feel hungry during the work day, and usually after lunch, I feel so full that I wish I hadn’t eaten that much.

For those who are curious, for dinner last night, I ate 2 flax seed pitas with hummus and a bowl of steamed veggies with a bit of lactose-free Earth Balance margerine and pepper/salt. YUM!! :)

Tonight for dinner I’m going to make some brown rice, steamed veggies and 1/2 snapper fillet.

What’s in my lunch bag?

It’s lunch time, and as I’m casually working through some files on the computer, I decided to post what I packed for myself to eat today:

Breakfast 9:00am
2 cups of green tea

Snack 10:30am
1 apple
1 All-Bran bar

Lunch 12:30pm
1 cup of green tea
1 small tin of spicy thai chili tuna & bowl of red leaf lettuce
1 serving of orange mango tofu

Snack 3:00pm
1 whole grain Kashi bar

This is actually what I’d typically eat every day of the week. Sometimes I’ll bring left-overs … but honestly, most of the time it’s some sort of salad. And it’s always a super super simple salad too. Like, just lettuce and/or spinach. I find the flavoured tuna more than makes up for any other jazz I could throw into there. Plus, it keeps my lunches that much cheaper.

The only bad thing about how I eat is that I’m usually starving by around 6pm … and I like to eat dinner around 7:30pm. So a few weeks ago, I bought a bunch of grapes and froze them (I don’t know what it is, I like to eat frozen grapes) … and when I get hungry, I just eat a small bowl of grapes to tide me over until I make dinner.

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