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Money, and what we do with it

I’ve been telling a lot of stories lately about my friend, and I don’t want it to seem like I’m bashing her, because I do love her dearly. It’s just that I’m fascinated by personal finance, and what makes them “personal” to each individual. It’s interesting how people perceive money, and sometimes I find it mind boggling what some people do when they have it, and even when they don’t.

I was never interested in personal finance until I determined that my goal was to be a property owner. For years, I was living pay cheque to pay cheque, often not able to make ends meet. I was in so much debt that the THIRD WEEK we started going out, the BF had to loan me $10. I didn’t even have $10 to my name! How embarrassing. Ugg. I never want to be in that kind of situation again.

Anyway, it was this friend who was the one who made me see how important personal finance was – not by what she said, but by her actions. You see, I don’t want to make the same mistakes she has made. I don’t want to be 30, unemployed, in debt, and mooching off my family to make ends meet. I want to be independent, and free from debt. I want to create a good life for myself, and for my future husband and children. I don’t feel like that could have happen if I continued on my current path of life, so after graduating college, I sat down, sorted through all my finances, organized myself, created goals – and am trying to stick to them! That’s why I get so frustrated with this particular friend when we talk about money. And then I rant about it on this blog. I just wish she could see the potential she has to make everything right. She’s smart, pretty, and has the education … she just lacks the motivation and the drive to succeed.

So I just wanted to make it known that I love my friends a lot, and I don’t want it to seem like I think I’m above them, because I’m not. I just want to tell a story about my experiences with personal finance, whether it’s my own, or somebody I know. That’s why we read PF blogs – to find out what other people are doing with their money, and to create a support network, and a sense of community and togetherness, so we can all achieve our individual goals.

Anyway, I’ll get back to posting about real finance-related material shortly. :)

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