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I’ve got the blahs

I updated my Condo Down Payment graph on the sidebar just now. Instead of trying to save $20k, I have to be realistic here and try and save $40k. I want 20% for my down payment, and I know I won’t be able to get a decent condo anywhere in the 4 major cities of Western Canada (Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary) under $200k.

And since I will be purchasing the condo by myself, that means it’s all up to me to come up with the money. I can’t rely on anyone else, and I like that independence … but, sometimes it feels like I’m so alone in my goals. None of my friends or family plan on buying property anytime soon, so it’s hard to relate to any of them. It’s actually been really nice that I’ve been finding blogs lately that deal specifically with trying to save up for a home.

It’s just really really depressing to see that I’m only at 2.6% … and I’m starting to stress out about everything now – money, the relationship with the BF, the future, my job … I’m already 24, and I’m afraid I will never achieve all the goals I’ve set for myself. I think it’s a lack of motivation … the goals seem so far away. It’s taken me so long to become debt-free, and now that I am, I just feel so blah about everything. I know I have to tighten my belt now more than ever, and I want to, it’s just that … I don’t know. I guess it’s hard to see that far into the future when my life in the present is so uncertain. I just hope it’s all worth it in the end.

All quiet on the spending front

Nothing much to report on the financial scene. Without really trying, I haven’t spent any money since Friday, and it looks like clear sailing until this coming Friday as well. It’s interesting how, once I make it a goal not to spend money for 7 days (my failed NO SPENDING CHALLENGE attempt), I end up screwing it up on Day 3 … but when I’m not concentrating on spending money, I can go so much longer without spending a dime.

The day has finally come!


My hands are shaking right now as I type this. I can’t believe I’ve finally rid myself of the financial baggage and stress I’ve carried for so long!!! Goodbye student loans! Goodbye stupid line of credit! You’re all dead to me now!

Starting this blog was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, because it made me accountable for my spending habits. So thank you all for your support! :) You might notice that I’ve updated the sidebar today as well. I rolled my LOC and Student Loans into one category called “My Debt” to save space. I also put July 14th, 2006 as the starting date, because that’s when I made my first payment towards my debt. I put $100 into my EF, $100 into the condo down payment fund, and $50 towards my RRSPs.

Ahhhh!! I’m practically bouncing off the walls with excitement. Time to get out of the house and celebrate! Well, seeing as it isn’t even 8am yet, maybe I should wait. :)

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