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A case of the Mondays

I’m experiencing severe writer’s block today, so I apologize in advance. I’d usually have 2 or 3 posts up by now! :)

Work has been dragging along today. I’ve been staring at my cell phone, wishing it would ring … but so far it hasn’t. It’s a little deflating that I’ve only gotten one interview since I started job hunting 26 days ago, and it’s left me feeling frustrated and unmotivated.

I haven’t listed any new eBay items all week. Although thanks to, I found an awesome deal where Canada Post will give you official eBay mailing envelopes and stickers FOR FREE! I placed my order on Monday, and got my package on Friday. This is going to drastically cut down on my shipping costs now that I don’t have to pay for packaging. :) I guess this should motivate me to start looking at more things to sell.

Holding myself accountable for my goals

Along the lines of yesterday’s post, I’ve decided to really focus in on the three aspects of my life that need the most attention right now. Below are a few goals I want to zone in on for the rest of the year:

  • Finances – I need to save up for so many different things right now and pay back my RRSP loan … I don’t have the money to be buying clothes or handbags (I was oh so close to buying a $300 Coach carryall tote … but I told myself that if I can come up with the funds in full through PPP and by selling stuff on eBay, I can go ahead and buy whatever I want … even the most expensive diamond-incrusted Hermes bag there is. Just as long as I don’t spend any money from my pay cheque for it. And also as a side note, am I the only one who absolutely thinks Hermes bags are hideous? Well, maybe they’re not hideous, but what’s so special aboutthem? Why are they considered such classics? They’re kinda boring and so over-priced … plus I would find that closure flap/lock thing so annoying and inconvenient!) My goal is to save more than I had originally anticipated myself saving for my down payment.
  • Relationships – I think I’m starting to spread myself too thin … what with working 2 full-time jobs, and my part-time job at the arena is starting early this year b/c my boss wants me to work a few events before the season starts. I guess I could have said no, but I didn’t really want to. I feel very possessive about that job for some reason. Another time commitment is that I’ve agreed to playing on 4 field hockey teams this year, as opposed to the 3 teams I usually play for. I’m finding that my relationship with my friends and family are suffering, because I’m working all the time or playing field hockey, and the rest of the time I’m too tired to really do much. I usually don’t leave until 8:30 – 9pm … and I’m finding I don’t have time for household duties like doing the dishes, vacuuming, laundry, etc. My goal is to stay in touch with my friends by writing an e-mail or calling somebody at least once a day, if only just to chat for a minute or two.
  • Body – I’m on a mission to get a totally hot bod, but I’m not thinking I’m going to need to dedicate much time to it, what with playing 3-4 hockey games per week, plus a practice. Oh, and I bought two cheesy fitness DVDs from the second-hand store downtown for $5 each. I figure that they’re cheesy enough to entertain me while I do my workout, and plus it’s a lot cheaper than taking a fitness class at a rec centre. This way I can do my workout whenever I want (and can look like an idiot in my own living room, instead of in a class full of people who probably know what they’re doing), and also as a bonus I don’t have to schedule a class into my already busy week. My goal is to 1) lose 7-10 lbs., 2) drop down to a true size 4, and 3) and get back to the shape I was in at the end of last season (May).

I think that in 2 months, when my 2nd full-time job ends, I’ll be able to take back control of my life a little bit. It’s the final sprint to the end, and I’m throwing elbows. I’m not just going to finish the race, but I’m going to achieve all my goals along the way.

If I could give just one piece of advice …

Well I was tagged by Loonies And Sense to continue Moolanomy’s My One Money Advice (MOMA) Meme. The aim of this meme is to help promote financial responsibility and awareness in our hyper consumption society.

The question: If you can give one advice, tip, or story related to money, what would you share?

That’s a hard question. After thinking about this for a while, my advice would be:

“When you think you can’t … you can.”

For me, it was all about budgeting; for years I just stuck my head in the sand and did nothing about my finances. I let the debt pile up and just kept on spending. The debt seemed too big for me to handle … that there was no way I could get myself out of my situation, so why bother trying?

When I finally sat down and tried to figure out a budget, it was really hard for me because I never had a budget before. Every month, I would revisit my budget and see if there was any fat I could trim off. It became a game to me – how little can I spend each pay period? It was really surprising how much money I could save if I just made it my priority. And just when I thought I couldn’t possibly trim my budget down anymore, I found another way to save a dollar. If you’re reading this and looking to create a budget and start hacking at your debt, it takes discipline and it’s not easy, but you got yourself into this mess, now get yourself out.

I used to be very good friends with this girl in college … she was the type of person who would complain and complain about being “broke as hell,” but wouldn’t do anything to change her situation. Meanwhile she would continue to buy booze every week, dine out with her BF, buy her expensive clothes, go dancing on the weekends, concerts with her friends in Vancouver … things that aren’t cheap!

She says that she deserves all of the things she spends money on, because she works hard. She says she can’t live on such a small amount of money, can’t get ahead, can’t save, can’t get a second job, can’t change her ways. Can’t, can’t can’t. It’s not my place to give her advice, but if she ever asked for it, I would tell her that SHE CAN. She just has to believe in herself and stop making excuses.

There’s always a way out of every problem … but as I’m sure all of you PF bloggers out there already know, it takes sacrifice and hard work to correct years of poor financial decisions. No one can force you to do anything, so you’ve got to want it. But it can to be done, no matter what type of situation you’ve gotten yourself into.

If I can do it, she can do it, and so can anyone else out there.

Anyway, that’s my advice. Believe in yourself, because when you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Sappy, but true. :)

Now, I’m going to tag NIUiceprincess, Dimples, Angie, SavingDiva and No More Spending.

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