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April Goals: My Review

Today was pay day, so I updated the sidebar. I put $800 towards my line of credit (almost have that paid off!), $150 for rent, $50 into my RRSP, $150 into the Emergency Fund, and $175 into the Condo Down Payment Fund. I also had to pay my cell phone bill of $42.

The rest of my money went to pay off the charges on the credit card that I’ve spent over the last two weeks, but that was only $158.05 – and that was ALL of my spending for two whole weeks, including groceries. I think that’s pretty good! Anyway, I’m one of those people who charges everything to a credit card, and then I pay the balance off every 2 weeks. With my Visa, I get 1% back on all my purchases, and my Mastercard I get 10 points for every $1 I spend. Once I get 10,000 points, I get $10 worth of groceries. They also give you points for paying bills online, getting pay cheques automatically deposited into your account with them, etc. The BF has the same bank, so we end up combining points. We find that every 3-4 months, we can get $40 worth of groceries. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it sure feels nice to get a free week’s worth of groceries once in a while just for spending money we would have spent regardless.

Without further ado, my monthly review …

April Goals (end of month review):

  • Pay off the rest of my student loan (!!!). I achieved this on April 13th. HOORAH!
  • $1,200 towards my line of credit. I was able to contribute $1,455, so I’m happy.
  • $100 towards RRSP. DONE. I know I don’t pay enough into it. For May, I’m going to increase the amount to $300/month.
  • $200 towards Condo Down Payment Fund. I was able to deposit $300.
  • $200 into Emergency Fund. I was able to deposit $250.
  • Stay completely on budget for the month. Well, as we all know, I went over budget on my dining out budget. As of right now, I stand to be $6 over, but I’m going for lunch with the BF today, and then going for a cup of tea at Starbucks with my friend.
  • Find out whether the client is ready for me to start working on her project. Well, she is not ready for me to start working yet, because she doesn’t know if she has it in her budget to pay me. She suggested that I take on other contracts in the meantime, and once she’s ready, she’ll wait for me to become available.

Halfway through the month, and already over budget?

Damn! I was checking Quicken last night, and I’m already $1 over my dining out budget for April. And it’s only the 14th! Okay, I know, it’s only a buck. But still. Being over budget already makes me think that it’s already a lost cause, and it doesn’t matter how much I spend on food anymore, because I’m already not going to achieve my target. I even adjusted my dining out budget to $50 this month too, so it makes me sad. It was one of the challenges I set for myself this month: don’t go a single dollar over budget. I really thought I could do it too! I guess it was because I was going from one job to another, and 14 hr. work days … just didn’t really think to pack a lunch and a dinner on those days.

It is going to be so hard not to buy a single cup of tea, or a snack or anything for the rest of the month. Two weeks. I wonder if I can do it! I guess that’ll be my new challenge for the month. If I can do it, and only be off my goal by $1, then I won’t feel so bad.

April Monthly Goals

I’m going to try and be a hardass this month, what with me being so close to being debt free. The only difference this month is I anticipate going out for my friend’s birthday, so I’ll up my $30/month dining out budget to $50. I might not need the $20 breathing room, but at least it’s there!

April 2007 goals:

  • Pay off the rest of my student loan (!!!). I will achieve this by April 13th. HOORAH!
  • $1,200 towards my line of credit. I will try to contribute more, if possible.
  • $100 towards RRSP. I want to up my contributions to $150+ bi-weekly in order to exceed my 2007 goal of $3,000, but won’t be able to do that until I finish paying off my line of credit. So until then, I’ll just contribute my regular $50 bi-weekly.
  • $200 towards Condo Down Payment Fund.
  • $200 into Emergency Fund.
  • Stay completely on budget for the month. This means not one single penny over (except for the dining out budget change). The past few months, I’ve been going over budget in certain categories. $5 here, $10 there, and that adds up to a lot!
  • Find out whether the client is ready for me to start working on her project. If she has not made up her mind by the end of April, then I will start to take on other projects if they are presented to me.
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