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September Goals: My Review

September Goals (end of month review):

  • $1,300 towards RRSPs. I contributed exactly $1,300, so now I’m maxed out for 2007. Hoorah! It’s going to be nice not to have to contribute money into this for a while … I should figure out how to calculate how much my 2008 contribution amount is, so I can start saving.
  • $1,500 towards RRSP loan. $2,000 towards it. I need to destroy this at a faster pace.
  • $500 towards Condo Down Payment Fund. I wish I could say this happened. I was only able to contribute $250, but in good news my non-registered mutual funds gained nearly $75 to get to $2,095.
  • $100 towards Travel Fund. I contributed $200 towards it. I upped my contributions to $150 bi-weekly, so I will have more than enough by next summer.
  • $400 towards Emergency Fund. I only contributed $250 because I wanted to put more money towards that RRSP loan.
  • $65 dining out budget. I just squeaked under this amount, with a dining out total of $62.66. I could have definitely trimmed this amount, as I will admit that I’ve bought my lunch a few times from that expensive organic market by my work. Granted, it was only $5.50 each time, but it all adds up!

September Monthly Goals

September 2007 goals:

  • $1,300 towards RRSPs. This would max me out for 2007.
  • $1,500 towards RRSP loan.
  • $500 towards Condo Down Payment Fund.
  • $100 towards Travel Fund. I’m not sure how much money I’m going to need to save up for next summer, but I’m pretty sure $50/month isn’t going to cut it. So for now, I’m going to increase it. It isn’t a big increase, so I don’t think I should miss the extra $50.
  • $400 towards Emergency Fund.
  • $65 dining out budget. In August, I spent $71.56, so I’m hoping to bring it down by a few dollars. I’m sure I’ll be able to do it, as long as I don’t keep buying over-priced salad dressing. :)

August Goals: My Review

August Goals (end of month review):

  • $2,000 towards RRSPs. Well, a turn of events in my condo down payment plan saw me dump $12,398 into my RRSPs this month. Even when you factor in the $6,500 RRSP loan I took out, I still put in $5,898 of my own money, which I think is awesome.
  • $200 towards Emergency Fund. I was able to save $310!
  • $2,000 towards Condo Down Payment Fund. I put in $450 because the rest of it went into my RRSPs.
  • $50 dining out budget. I didn’t make it this month, at $71.56 … but that’s still pretty good. A little lower than last month, although not by much. Will try to reduce it a bit more for September.
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