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Sidebar update

Today was pay day, so I updated the sidebar. I put $625 into my condo down payment fund ($475 into mutual funds, and $150 into my savings account). I also put $150 into my EF. I’ve already exceeded my June goal of putting $500 into my condo down payment … maybe I can get it up to $1,000 with my next pay cheque!

When I was at the dentist earlier this week, they didn’t say anything about payment for the surgery, so I figure they’ll either make me pay in two weeks when I go in for my final fitting, or they’ll mail me an invoice.

June Monthly Goals

Can you believe it’s already June? This month will be a lot better for me financially than May was, mostly because I won’t be spending a ridiculous amount of money on clothing. Although, I do have a trip to Seattle planned at the end of June.

June 2007 goals:

  • Don’t go into debt. This goal is self-explanatory. I use my credit cards to pay for everything so I can get the rewards/cash back … I just have to make sure I keep tabs on what I’m spending, so I don’t go over budget.
  • $100 towards RRSP.
  • $500 towards Emergency Fund. Since my EF is going to be wiped out thanks to my dental surgery on June 5th, I’ll have to start all over again. It’s kinda depressing since it’s taken me nearly a year to get to $1,000 … but that’s what an EF is for, right? Emergencies. And if I didn’t have the EF, I’d have to put the surgery on my Visa.
  • $500 towards Condo Down Payment Fund. Sometimes I just wish my parents would hand me a huge cheque for a down payment, but they’re definitely not those kinds of parents. So many of my friends have gotten gifts of money from their parents or a rich relative to fund their down payment. Unfortunately, I have to save up the old fashioned way, and I’m okay with that. And when I ran out of money I had to take on student loans!
  • $300 – $350 budget for my trip to Seattle. Depending on what I do, it could extend to be a 3 night/4 day trip for me because I was thinking of going down for 2 days by myself, and then my friend would drive down and meet me since she isn’t able to get the time off work. Of course I’d stay at the hostel while I’m there by myself (that’s what I usually do when I take solo trips to Seattle) … and maybe switch to a B&B when my friend comes down. I’m still trying to convince the BF that he should come down as well, but he definitely would not stay in a hostel, so we’ll see!

May Goals: My Review

I updated the sidebar today. My EF and my condo down payment fund are both at the $1,000 mark, which I’m pleased about.

May Goals (end of month review):

  • Pay off my Line of Credit. I achieved this on May 11th, and I officially became DEBT FREE!!! :)
  • $100 towards RRSP. Done!
  • $500 towards Emergency Fund. Well, I was only able to contribute $451.66, and I also had to take out $239.45 to pay for my prescription sunglasses. As of today, I haven’t received the refund from Blue Cross yet.
  • $300 towards Condo Down Payment Fund. Contributed $375.
  • Find another part-time job. I was able to get a contract job from the book publisher for $25/hr, and although I have yet to be assigned any work, I’m confident that this will pan out nicely in the end. I’m still cruising a few job boards to see if any super easy part-time jobs are available, but it’s not a big deal anymore. Especially when I know I have my part-time job waiting for me in October when the hockey season starts again.
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