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June 2017 Goals

June’s budget makes my head hurt because it’s going to be so expensive. SO expensive. Good thing it’s a 3 pay cheque month, right? :)

Even though we close on our condo on June 13th, we are paying rent until the end of the month – giving us about 2 weeks to move – but also 2 weeks of paying rent and a mortgage. Boo. But it’s a lot less stressful this way, and really can’t be avoided because RD wants to spend a couple days painting the place, and then he goes off on a week-long work trip. While he’s gone, I’ll start moving some of the smaller stuff over in my car, and will leave the big stuff for the movers who come on the 28th. :)

Some of the numbers in my budget below are just a shot in the dark. I’m not exactly sure how much the notary will cost, so I just estimated based on the last time I bought my home. And as for the mortgage/strata/property tax, I just estimated based on a partial payment for the month. I’ll write up a post in a few weeks detailing all of the closing costs associated with our purchase, and I will be very curious to see how they compare to my costs back in 2011. Spreadsheets will be made. So much fun will be had!

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To add to the piles of moving expenses this month, we will also need to book the last week of our Portugal trip (I booked the first week last month because budget-friendly accommodation was getting scarce in the Azores). We are hoping for an average of $100/night in Lisbon and Porto, which should be doable.

AND oh yeah, we’re going to Seattle for with my family for our annual Blue Jays weekend. We’ve already paid for our baseball tickets and train ride, so all we need to pay for is our accommodation for 2 nights and food.

Anyway, here’s my budget:

You can see I’ve updated the way I present my monthly budget. Now, I’m breaking up my spending into Fixed and Variable categories, as well as clearly indicating what is a shared expense. This makes it easier for me (and probably for you) to visualize, as I’m obviously only going to be sharing my half of the expenses.

June Goals:

No goals. Seriously. There’s just too much going on this month, that whatever goals I try to make, will definitely 100% not get accomplished.

May 2017 Goals

Well May is a difficult month because RD is gone and I already miss him, but I have a lot of fun things planned – and work is going to be super busy, so I’m looking forward to picking up a lot of OT hours to help pay for all the travel we have left in the year. :)

This coming weekend I’m headed to Seattle for a girls trip with one of my best friends. We’re splurging a bit and taking a cruise ship from Vancouver to Seattle for one night. :) We’ll then stay another night in the city and catch a Mariners game. I’m excited for this trip because we used to travel a lot together, but she had a daughter now, and understandably it’s much harder for her to get away.

I’m also headed home for the May long weekend to take my sister out for her birthday. I booked us a session at the Float House, as well as a massage afterwards. It’ll be pricey, but I’ll be able to claim my massage through benefits, so it’ll be less expensive than last year’s birthday trip to the spa. :) I’ll also get to see some friends that I haven’t seen since Christmas, so I’m really looking forward to that.


I mentioned in my April goals review that I got a raise. It’s not a huge bump, but every bit counts, and it does increase my net income by about $220/month which definitely affects my budget. I’m mostly really happy that my  hard work was acknowledged! After thinking it over, $75 of that will be saved for retirement, $100 will go towards general savings, and the rest will be eaten up by lifestyle inflation because this fall we are getting a cat. :)

The second bit of news is that RD and I have bought a condo. We were both really surprised that we found something in just a few months of looking. But it was exactly what we were looking for, and came in under our budget so we’re pleased. We don’t take possession until mid-June, so May’s budget is not affected. I have a big post scheduled for Monday that will run through the details, so stay tuned for that.

Here is my proposed budget for May:

May 2017 Goals:

  • Exercise. I bought a one-month pass to YYoga on Monday because it was on sale, but it was still expensive! I went to YYoga last May when they were having a sale on passes, and I loved it because they offer both spin and yoga classes. It was a nice break from the climbing gym, and helped me get my cardio up for the hiking season. I can’t justify a studio pass AND a climbing membership for the year, so this is my one month to get as much yoga and spin in as I can. :)
  • Organize our move. When RD and I moved into our little laneway house 1.5 years ago, he did all of the legwork because I was in Toronto doing some freelancing. So now that the roles are reversed, I have a lot to organize. I’ll need to get quotes from movers and painters (to see if it’s even feasible that we hire them), organize move-in times with the building, look into getting strata approval to do a quick renovation, and start to pack up our home with the things I know we’ll be taking with us.
  • Refresh GMBMFB. I’ve been wanting to do this all freaking year, but this is going to be the month to do it.

April 2017 Goals: Recap

April was expensive, but I ended up coming under budget because we decided to use our credit card rewards points to offset some of the cost of our Portugal trip, and I booked cheaper tickets to the Blue Jays games. The prices of the good seats were just outrageous, especially with the exchange rate, and all the seats at Safeco Field have a great view anyway.

We started organizing and setting aside items for donation and to sell, which feels really nice – but the place looks like a bomb went off. And now that RD is off on his annual 5-week trip for work, I’ll have a pretty busy May trying to sort through and sell what we no longer need. 

In work-related news, I might have mentioned before that my boss has taken the next 3-months off to go on an epic around-the-world adventure with her partner. I’m so thrilled that she’s on such an amazing trip, and I’m also very happy that the company I work for is flexible and allows for life events like that. While she’s gone, I’ll be working a lot more overtime because I’m taking on some of her workload. But I’m more than happy to do it. And the extra hours means more banked vacation time. :)

I also got a raise a few weeks ago, which will allow me to increase my retirement contributions. I haven’t figured out exactly how much I’ll be increasing it by, but will have the numbers in my May Budget post later this week.

Anyway, here’s how I did this month:

Over Budget:

  • Utilities – The amount we were billed was for March and April. It’s been chilly the past 2 months, and we used our heat more than I thought we would. We’ve since turned the thermostats all the way down, so I don’t anticipate the next two months to be very expensive.
  • Food – We fell out of sync with our normal grocery shopping routine near the end of the month when we were both preparing to go away but didn’t want any leftovers in the fridge.
  • Household – RD ended up buying some plastic totes because they’re more durable for storing stuff in the garage. I’m glad he did because our stuff is just sitting on the floor in cardboard boxes.

Income and Savings:

I only made a few hundred dollars in freelance income for the month, but am in negotiations for two or three projects in May. I also have a cheque from the conference that I spoke at this last weekend, but will group that in with my May income.

  • Current Down Payment Fund: $133,650 / $150,000 (+ $500)

April 2017 Goals:

  • Be openCHECK! I’m introverted, so public speaking can be difficult for me. Actually, even a lot of social interaction is difficult. Thankfully I’m able to overcome it most of the time, and perform in a way where people might not know how scared/nervous I actually am. I felt like when I was at the conference (more so talking one-on-one with people and not during my talk), I was able to be authentic and show my true self. And that’s all I really wanted. :)
  • Be budget consciousCHECK! I tried really hard to watch my budget this month, and because of that (and some rewards points), I was able to save $500 to my down payment fund, in addition to my regular automated retirement contributions.
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