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August 2013 Goals: Review

Even though I went over a little on my budget, it was still a decent month. During the summer, it’s hard to say no to social events, and with the weather being so gorgeous for much of the month, I tried to make the most of it by hiking as much as possible… and doing social things, which included driving into Vancouver most of the time. That being said, for the sake of my savings rate, I’m glad that August (and the summer?) is over, and am looking forward to tackling my September budget! :)


Over Budget:

Cell Phone – Usage while in Seattle

Household – Miscellaneous stuff from Target

Entertainment – One too many meals out. :P

Clothing – bought new running shoes to correct my overpronation. The shoes that I currently wear are fine for runs under 15km… but anything more than that, and they’re horrible. My feet are completely torn up, and I’m really just hoping to solve this issue. Part of me thinks I should just go back to running in VFFs, since I never experienced any problems when I wore them for running.

Travel – Well, I budgeted for the wedding I was in, but completely forgot to take into account the cost of hair/make-up ($126.79). Which is almost exactly how much I went over in this category.

Car & Transportation – I drove a lot this month – two hikes up in the Whistler area, two trips south into Washington, and one trip home to Victoria. :|

Personal Care – unplanned dentist appointment to get a cavity filled.

Net Worth Change+ $1,420 (+ 1.67%)

August 2013 Goals:

  • Run 100 km. CHECK! I ran 114km this month – something I’m actually really proud of because I was able to increase my distances without going overboard. I had two 20km runs, and a few 15+km runs… this makes me feel good for the two half marathons I have scheduled for this fall. I’m also really happy to have people to run with! It’s really helping me pace properly during my long runs, since I always tend to go fast if I’m by myself.
  • Earn $1,500 in freelance income. FAIL. I only earned $933.92, but am waiting on about $1,800 worth of invoices to be paid out from July.
  • Utilize my Questrade account. FAIL. The simulator (WeSeed) I was using, well it closed. So I got all paranoid about actually buying something if I couldn’t see my (simulated) trade history over the last year. :| I’m going to add a bit more money into this account, and then regroup next month.
  • Buy a bed frame. FAIL. Why do I even bother trying to set goals like this? We all know I’m never going to buy a bed frame, and will sleep on a mattress on the floor for the rest of my life.

August 2013 Goals

Instead of trying to cut back after a bad July, I decided to be more realistic with my spending. I’m going to be driving a lot more to go hiking (and maybe trail running), spending more on food, and going out with friends. It’s the summer. :)

08 - August Budget

August 2013 Goals:

  • Run 100 km. I’m beginning to look forward to longer runs now. My goal is to be the type of runner that can comfortably go on 20-25 km runs every week. Maybe that’s not realistic. I don’t know yet. But this month will be an interesting challenge because I’ll have summer field hockey practices to deal with, as we ramp up to the start of the season in September.
  • Earn $1,500 in freelance income. I’m starting to work harder at my writing, and as a result, my posting has slowed down a bit here. I need to figure out a schedule that will allow me to incorporate writing with this blog, running, field hockey, friends, and a full-time job. This is the problem I had near the end of 2011: not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything.
  • Utilize my Questrade account. Bringing this goal forward, since I failed at it last month. My goal? Actually buy something. :)
  • Buy a bed frame. Okay, I’m serious. This month, it’s actually going to happen.

July 2013 Goals: Review

What an ugly, ugly month. I can blame my over-spending on a lot of reasons – like having to find ways of entertaining myself all month without being able to exercise (which takes up a lot of my free time), but the biggest reason? I didn’t plan ahead. I didn’t think that my sister was coming into town. I didn’t think that it was Nic’s birthday. I didn’t think that I would be booking accommodation to the Canadian Personal Finance Conference this month. I need to do a better job at remembering big expenses. :|

07 - July Recap

Over Budget:

  • Food – My weekly grocery budget stayed about the same (it went up a little bit because this was the month I started using my juicer), but it was the little things that added up. Trips to Booster Juice, grabbing something from the deli when I was too lazy to make dinner, Starbucks, etc.
  • Entertainment – Wow, I just decimated my monthly entertainment budget, eh? This represents about a million meals out with friends, birthday dinners, a bit of booze, movies, markets, etc. All of the things I love to do that are free (or relatively free) – like running, field hockey, hiking, yoga, etc. – were taken away from me this month due to my surgery. So I ended filling my time socializing with friends. It was a fun month, but I’m eager to get back into shape and back to a more regular (less expensive) routine.
  • Travel – This was entirely the $304 I spent on my accommodation in Toronto for CPFC13.
  • Car & Transportation – This category includes transportation, parking, and gas. My SkyTrain usage went up this month, I paid for event parking downtown for a concert, and this also includes gas for two trips: one north of Whistler, and one just south of Whistler.
  • Personal Care – Monthly prescription refill.
  • Miscellaneous – Field hockey insurance fee ($66), Scrambles in Southwest BC ($33), add-on for my blog ($39.99)

Net Worth Change+ $1,200 (+ 2.28%)

A nice little boost to my RRSPs, and continuing to chip away at the mortgage.

July 2013 Goals:

  • Run 25-40km. CHECK! I ran 32km this month, and also hiked 21km.
  • Make $1,000 in freelance income. CHECK! I squeaked in, earning $1,080.99. :)
  • Utilize my Questrade account. FAIL. I forgot about this. Whoops.
  • Pack a lunch every day. FAIL. I ended up going out for lunch 3 times this month. But every other day I ate homemade salads, so I still consider it a win, even though it’s technically a fail.
  • Rebalance my RRSP account. CHECK! Based on the plan my financial advisor gave me about two years ago, I rebalanced and am good to go for another year.

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