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October 2013 Goals: Review

Well, I grouped 5 days of travel spending from November into my October expenses because that’s how I budgeted for it. Thankfully, even though I went over on my budget, I had a good month for bringing in freelance income to make up for it.

As for the entertainment category, I was only in town for like 10 days of the month, so I clearly went crazy. I just couldn’t help myself, even though I knew I would be going over budget. This was a result of going to 5 movies (4 from VIFF), as well as a birthday dinner with my neighbour.

I also took the time to analyze my travel spending this year… and yikes. It’s a rough one. 2013 was supposed to be the year I stayed home and explored Vancouver (since 2012 was all about travel). But so far this year, I’ve gone to the Okanagan, Las Vegas, Toronto, France, Morocco, and Seattle. :| I want to do another big trip next year, but looking at how much travel is costing me (when I could be saving it for retirement), I’m apprehensive.

10 - October Recap

Net Worth Change+ $2,192 (+ 2.50%)

October 2013 Goals:

  • Stick to my travel budget. FAIL. As noted in my Morocco trip recap, I was $351 over budget because apparently I can’t control myself when it comes to leather bags and jackets.
  • Post on this blog 3x/week. FAIL. I was surprised at how little free time I had while traveling, and internet connection in Morocco (surprise, surprise) was spotty in most places we were at. I have a lot of ideas for posts though, so this is going to have to be a priority going forward.
  • Earn $2,000 in freelance income. CHECK! I’m happy to say that I brought in $2,752 this month in extra income.
  • Increase my RRSP contributions. CHECK! I was originally contributing $350/month into retirement, and just increased it to $400/month ($300 RRSP, $100 TFSA). My goal by the end of the year is to have it up to $500/month, but I really should have it up closer to $600/month. :|

How did you do in October?

October 2013 Goals

October is my favourite month of the year. The weather has cooled down, field hockey season is in full swing, and I get to celebrate my birthday (or not celebrate, depending on how old I feel, haha). And this month is going to be even more exciting because I’m finally going traveling again – even if it’s only for 3 weeks.

10 - October Budget

October 2013 Goals:

  • Run in my first half marathon. That’s my official goal. My unofficial goal is to run this in under two hours.
  • Stick to my travel budget. I’m really, really hoping I can do this. It’s going to be a different experience though, being on a tour. When I was traveling with Nic, we were both relatively frugal. Now that I’ll be with different people, I might have to choose between being frugal, and being social. Still, I took a look at the itinerary, and I know which activities I’d be willing to pay money for, and which ones I’m not interested in. There’s obviously flexibility around this, but I have no problem exploring on my own either.
  • Post on this blog 3x/week. There are a lot of draft posts I’m working on, so hopefully I can finish them off and have posts scheduled for when I’m traveling. I’m also trying to revive The Frugal Wanderer. I haven’t paid much attention to it this year, but when looking back at the posts, I forgot how fun it was to write there. So we’ll see.
  • Earn $2,000 in freelance income. Not impossible, but I’m really going to have to stay on top of my e-mails.
  • Increase my RRSP contributions. Self-explanatory.

September 2013 Goals: Review

Well, I was under budget this month. This was a bit unexpected, but I attended a conference for 4 days (where all food was provided), and then was gone to Toronto for 5 days. So, because of that my grocery expenses were down, I was too busy to be super social, and I also didn’t drive that much.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to stay under budget for October as well. It should be doable, since I’ll be spending 18 days traveling – and 8 of those days I’ll be traveling for work, so the majority of my expenses will be paid for. Anybody have any travel tips for Lyon, France? Also, do you think I can somehow claim macarons as a business expense? :P

Anyway, here are my results from last month:

09 - September Recap

Over Budget:

  • Clothing – I bought a pair of cold weather running tights from Lululemon.
  • Travel – went a little bit overboard on my spending in Toronto for #CPFC13, but for the most part I kept my spending under control. :)
  • Personal Care – this included renewing my skincare products (I use Origins, if you’re curious), as well as a desperately needed hair cut.

Net Worth Change+ $1,283 (+ 1.49%)

September 2013 Goals:

  • Run 120 km. FAIL. I injured my foot a few weeks ago at field hockey practice, and it still hasn’t fully healed. It isn’t serious enough for me to stop exercising at this point, but if it gets any worse, I’m going to have to serious reevaluate my fitness goals this year. Deep in the back of my mind, I’m pretty sure it’s a stress fracture. But I’ll be going to see my doctor soon for an evaluation. As a result of this injury, I only ran 75km this month.
  • Earn $2,000 in extra income. PASS. I only got paid $1,495.64, but I would have made an extra $1,500 if I had actually been paid on time by some of my clients. So I’m giving myself a pass, because I know I’ll get that money in the next week or so.
  • Bring my lunch to work Monday-Thursday. FAIL. I bought my lunch two extra times this month. Whoops!
  • Stay on budget while in Toronto. FAIL. I had budgeted $150 for the 5 days I was there, but ended up spending $176.98. Although to be fair, I had decided not to go to the Blue Jays game (Thursday’s conference social event). But at the last minute, I decided to go (albeit I missed the beginning of the game). The ticket was $25, and if I hadn’t gone, I would have been almost exactly on budget. Still, it was worth it.
  • Get my business cards printed in time for CPFC13. CHECK! Although I kind of screwed up and I think the type is too small for the pulp paper I chose. Still debating whether to keep them, or print them again with a bolder font. :|

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