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April 2014 Goals

Well I’m really looking forward to April. Not only are BF and I going to Las Vegas together, but I can actually start to make progress on my financial goals for the year. And that starts by getting in the right frame of mine – limiting the daily money bleed, bringing in more money, and getting back on track with my fitness. I might be screwed for the BMO Half Marathon I signed up for on May 4th, but I can at least focus my attention on staying healthy and getting back into half marathons for the fall.

I’ve also added the Parking line to my monthly expenses. Other than that, and my travel expenses, the budget is relatively normal.

04 - April Budget

April 2014 Goals:

  • Bring my lunch to work every day. Unless it’s mandatory for business or for legitimate networking purposes, there’s no reason why I should be buying my lunch at work. It only takes a few minutes to pack a lunch the night before, and it will save me $5-10 every time.
  • No coffee. On my short 10 minute walk from my car to the office, I pass by not one, but two Starbucks locations. Plus a Blenz. It’s going to be hard to resist going in there, but if I can do it for a month, then I think I’ll be less likely to pop in regularly.
  • Work out 3x/week. Guess what? The company I work for has a free gym for employees. Well, it’s technically for all people that work in that building, but I’m pretty excited about it anyway. I may not be able to run long distances just yet (still nursing that nagging foot injury), but I can definitely do some stationary biking and the elliptical machine. Then, if I feel better, maybe a bit of short distance running.
  • Earn $1,800 in freelance income. I should be able to bring in over $1,000 through existing invoices, but as for the other $800? Gotta start hustling and making up for lost income while unemployed.
  • Get back on track with RRSP/TFSA contributions. Self-explanatory. I need to start regular contributions again.

March 2014 Goals

I’m optimistic for March. The weather is getting better, my cousin is visiting from Australia for the first time in over two years, and the job search is going well. I’m willing to wait for the perfect opportunity to come along, but I’m also realizing that that opportunity might not look exactly what I thought it would look like. So I’m also keeping an open mind; I’m applying for jobs a little outside of my comfort zone, with the understanding that I’m aiming for a career with a company – not just a job.

Nothing is out of ordinary with the budget below. I’ve trimmed back a few expenses – namely entertainment and car/transportation. BF and I have made a conscious decision to spend less money while together, and try to only go out for meals when we’re being social with others. Now that I’m not driving to work every day, I’m saving a lot on gas. I used to get gas every week – and now I can probably go 3 weeks without filling up. See, there’s always a bright side, eh? :)

As for Portland, one of my goals below is to stay on budget while we are there. Along with being our first weekend away together, I think this is going to be a great opportunity for me just to de-stress and take it easy. We’ve also been binge-watching Portlandia for the past few weeks, haha!

03 - March Budget

March 2014 Goals:

  • Try two new recipes. Vegetarian, obviously. Any suggestions?
  • Stay on budget in Portland. I think BF and I are both on the same page in terms of spending while traveling. I’m not into splurging on too many things during this trip. I’d like to eat some good food, drink coffee, and wander around the city.
  • Do my taxes. I’ve already done a preliminary run of my taxes, and everything looks good. Now I just have to tally up my receipts and file online.
  • Focus on my foot. It’s been 7 months since I first injured my foot, and it still hurts. I really need to work on taking it easy. That means no running. If I’m not healthy by the summer because I didn’t listen to my body, I’ll be so disappointed in myself. Summer hiking is something I’m really looking forward to.

February 2014 Goals: Recap

Well this was an interesting month to say the least. :) I honestly didn’t think I’d be in the position I am today, but that’s life. And life would be pretty dull if everything went according to plan all the time, right? Anyway as you can see, I stayed under budget for the month because I really tried to hold back on my spending.

02 - February Recap

Over Budget:

  • Travel – I basically stayed on budget for this one, so carrying on…
  • Personal Care – I got a hair cut early on in the month for $49.10, which would have kept me on budget. But once I lost my job, I decided to renew a prescription one last time before my health care coverage ended.
  • Fitness – I added an engraving extra for my medal… but that might have been the wrong thing to do because I might not even be able to run in this race.

Net Worth Change+ $1,424 (1.49%)

Despite not putting much money into my RRSP and decreasing my mortgage contributions, I still saw a decent increase to my net worth. I don’t anticipate this happening again for a while, so I’ll take it. :)

February 2014 Goals:

  • Read 2 books. FAIL. I should be reading up a storm with all this free time on my hands, but I didn’t do much reading this month.
  • Try two new recipes. CHECK! I made a cauliflower and mushroom dish, and tried a roasted eggplant recipe.
  • Save $800 into my RRSP/TFSA. FAIL. I contributed $400.
  • Run 100+ km this month. FAIL. I ran zero kilometres this month. That’s right. I’m seriously considering pulling out of this race. My foot has been bothering me since September. I really want to let it heal so that I will be completely healthy for the summer (hiking!), but I also really want to be out there, running! Sigh. I guess if my foot still hurts me over 7 months later, it’s time to be an adult about this injury.
  • Get my taxes ready. CHECK! All of my paperwork is ready to go. All I need to do is set aside some time to file.
  • Connect with at least one old friend. FAIL. I had plans to meet up with an old friend, but they fell through.

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