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June Dining Out Challenge: Week #1

Okay, it’s the end of Week #1 of the June Dining Out Challenge. How did you do this week?

I did okay. I made the mistake of letting the intern choose where we went for lunch the other day (I was thinking somewhere easy like sushi or Subway). She chose Cactus Club – a place that I hate with a passion. It’s so over-priced and pretentious. Anyway, this was her last day working for us for the summer, so I decided to go for it. An hour later, I was $25 poorer. :( Oh well!

Please post how much you’ve spent / what your budget was!

May Grocery Challenge – Week #4

Well it’s Week 4, so that means we’re done the May Grocery Challenge! Hoorah!

How did you do this week? Did you learn anything from this challenge?

I learned that without even trying very hard, I was able to shave my monthly grocery spending from around $150 down to under $125. $25/month may not seem like much, but over the course of a year, that’s $300 that I could be saving instead of (literally) flushing it down the toilet. :) So I’m going to keep on trying to spend $125/month on groceries from now on … but if one week I want to buy chicken, or something special, I know I’ll be able to afford it b/c I’m used to budgeting $150/month.

This is also the last call for participants in the June Dining Out Challenge! :)

May Grocery Challenge – Week #3

It’s the end of Week 3! How did you do this week with your May Grocery Challenge?

For those that are looking for next month’s challenge, it’s going to be a dining out challenge. So don’t forget to sign up for it!

Anyway, please leave a comment with how much you’ve spent so far, and what your monthly goal was!

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