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June Dining Out Challenge: Week #3

It’s the end of Week #3 of the June Dining Out Challenge! We’re almost there. How did you do this week?

Please leave a comment with how much you’ve spent / how much your budget is.

I’m still on the island, so I won’t be able to total up my spending until tomorrow … but I’m definitely still under budget. Probably around $100 out of my total $200 budget.

Also, if you haven’t already, you should sign up for the July Transportation Challenge! :)

July Transportation Challenge

Alright. July is going to tackle one of the biggest PF issues we’re all facing this summer – gas prices and the cost of transportation! This challenge was BF’s idea, who suggested this right before he left for Alaska.

This month’s challenge is to set a monthly transportation budget for yourself, and stick to it! If you would like to join me in my challenge, please leave a comment and indicate how much your budget is for.

For me, my transportation costs are going to include any bus/cab fare, gas money I pay to BF (my scooter won’t need to be filled up for the rest of the summer), and travel expenses anywhere I go. So far, we are going to Seattle, and to Bowen Island … and I expect to go back home once as well. I’m also crossing my fingers for a camping/hiking trip with Z or BF.

For some of you, your budget might also include your vacation travel expenses, car insurance (if you pay monthly), or maintenance costs as well. It’s all up to you!

What’s your transportation budget going to be?

June Dining Out Challenge: Week #2

Alright, we’re half way through the month – how did you do?

I did just okay. I really need to keep myself in check and be conscious of my spending. Because it’s the summer, it’s so easy just to want to go out and spend money. Plus, it didn’t help that I didn’t even go grocery shopping this week. Plus, the only reason my total isn’t ridiculously high is because BF treated me to dinner/drinks on Friday night, lunch on Saturday, and dinner/drinks Saturday evening. Sigh.

Please leave a comment with how much you’ve spent to date / your monthly goal.

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