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May Grocery Challenge

So, May’s challenge is getting back to the basics – grocery shopping!

This month’s challenge is to set a monthly grocery budget for yourself, and stick to it! If you would like to join me in my challenge, please leave a comment and indicate how much your budget is for.

I think this is a great challenge because not only will it make us think about the price of food that we’re buying, but it’s also going to make us more aware of what we’re eating. I know that before I gave myself a $150 monthly grocery budget, I was buying such random things. Now when I go shopping, I know exactly what I’m going to buy.

I also found that by paying close attention to what I was buying, I end up eating a lot healthier. And that’s really important to me. For example, now that I’m examining the price of the food that I’m buying, I’m also looking at the ingredients. The general rule of thumb for me is, if I don’t know what the ingredients are that are listed on the package (or if the name is so long that I can’t even pronounce it), then I don’t buy it. There are some exceptions, but I’m always trying to find alternatives to those particular items.

Like always, at the end of every week I’ll write a post, and you’ll be able to let us all know how you’re doing – how much money you’ve spent so far, and your thoughts on how this challenge has affected the way you shop for food.

No lunch today …

I stayed at BF’s last night, so therefore I don’t have a lunch today. Damn.

In my desk, I have 1 cookie and a half-eaten package of Wasa rye crispbread … plus all the tea I can drink.

This is going to be a tough day to get through, but that’ll teach me to leave home unprepared.

April Budget Challenge – Week 2

Well, it’s the end of Week 2 for the April Budget Challenge. I’m getting dangerously close to capping out of my $50. I’ll have to go over my receipts from the weekend to figure out how much I actually spent. I will post my results ASAP.

Also, for those that are interested, I will post the May Challenge tomorrow! :)

How did you do this week?

Beauty/Health Products


Dining Out




  • quarterlifefinances$172.12/$300
  • TV Girl $1.08/$20


  • Hyperchondriac4/2 (Starbucks drinks per week)
  • Meli1/1 (snacks per week)
  • Tough Broad$550/$1,200 (towards CC debt)
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