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Review: Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara

Okay, so most of you know I’m pretty much obsessed with mascara. It’s really the only make-up I wear, aside from a touch of press powder to control shine. I’ve tried dozens of different types over the years. From cheap to expensive; natural to over-the-top … in the quest to find The Perfect Mascara.

So far, the closest to come is L’oreal’s Voluminous (waterproof). And even then, it has its problems. It can get super clumpy and never lasts for more than a month. At least for me. And I’m not a super heavy mascara user either. But I do put at least 2 or 3 layers of it on at a time. I only wear it during the work week (on the weekends I try to keep it natural – no make-up and no blow-drying my hair).

About 3 months ago, on a whim I picked up Maybelline’s Pulse Perfection mascara (waterproof) from Superstore. It was a little expensive for a drug store mascara, I think at around $17. But I really, really wanted to try it out. A vibrating mascara wand? Come on.

After trying it out, I personally think the vibrating function is a load of crap. It’s pretty gimmicky, and I rarely ever use the vibrating feature (it kind of irritates my eyes). Although, it is handy for the lower lashes. That being said, the actual mascara itself? BRILLIANT. I love it. It never smudges, never comes off (except when I use my make-up remover), and keeps the curl in my lashes all day – even in misty-always-damp Vancouver weather. I like my lashes to look a bit bolder than the “natural” look, since I don’t wear anything else on my face – and this does it perfectly. Unlike other mascaras that need 2 or 3 layers (plus another squeeze of my curler), Pulse Perfection only requires 1 swipe and I’m done.

I wish Maybelline sold the same mascara formula, but without the stupid pulsing wand. But even at the $17 price tag, it’s still better than what I was using before, because I have to replace it less often (maybe every 3 months instead of every month) and it works for the weather around here. Plus, I bet it’s even cheaper in the US. Will check it out the next time I head across the border.

Has anyone else tried it before? Thoughts?

Huge contest over at Money Crashers!

Hey! Just wanted to let GMBMFB readers know that over at Money Crashers, they are holding a huge 2010 New Year Giveaway bash! There will be over 100 winners who will win over $6,200 worth of awesome prizes – including cash, gift cards, Apple iPods, Amazon Kindles, a ton of popular finance books, and so much more. This looks like an amazing contest!

Check out their website for details on how to enter. On February 3rd, they will randomly select winners for each individual prize. So what are you waiting for!? :)

What’s your bra colour?

I spent all morning wondering why so many of my Facebook contacts were putting different colours/patterns as their status updates. So I did a little Google sleuthing, and apparently they represent the colour of the bra they are currently wearing. With the purpose of raising awareness of breast cancer. Not really sure how it all got started, but I’m game!

So if you’re a girl (or a boy who wears a bra), here’s what you should do right now: look at your bra & note the colour, type it in your FB status bar, and feel up your boobs to make sure there are no lumps. And if there are, call your doctor!

Now go log into Facebook!

P.S. My bra is black. :)

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