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Extra income

One of my goals for February was to make an additional $450. I am happy to report that just 2 days into the month, I have already made an extra $615. :) I do have a bit more money that should be coming to me by the end of this month. Maybe I can make it to $800?

I have a couple of things that I want to sell on eBay (have been meaning to list them since December!) … so hopefully I can motivate myself to list them.

Definitely makes me wonder if I could do this every month. And I suppose I could. If I’m willing to put in the effort. Even an extra few hundred dollars a month would go a long ways towards my savings goals.

Turning down a design contract

Right now BF and his friends are in NYC. I’m jealous, because I’ve always really wanted to go to New York (I’ve been to upstate NY a bunch of times, but never NYC). Plus, the Blue Jays are playing the Yankees today! But oh well. We’ll go together another time. :)

He was able to call me yesterday and Saturday, and said that he’s having a good time, but the city is really, really expensive. I’m sure they’ve spent loads on food and booze and entertainment. I am a little concerned that he’s there with 4 single guys (some newly single) and they’ll be drinking and hitting up pubs and whatnot, but I trust him.

In other news, I made an additional $60 doing some follow-up work for one of my contracts. They want me to start on another website, but this new project is going to be huge. They basically want their website revamped, plus SEO, marketing, video and text blogging, flyers, etc, and it might be outside of my capacity. Especially because I just don’t have the time to take on what’s going to be an almost full-time job. I already have a FT job, and I don’t want to be working an additional 25-30 hrs/week – even if the pay is good! It’s just too much work. So I’m probably going to decline this opportunity. I hope it doesn’t mean that I’ll lose work in the future from them.

Couch: pending sale

I put an ad up for my couch on Craigslist at 10:10am, and at 10:12am it got sold. Well. I mean, the guy is coming this evening to pick it up. And I have 5 or 6 more people who are ready to buy it should this sale fall through. I guess I should have priced it higher! But I just want to get rid of it.

Last January I bought it for about $350, and now I’m selling it for $75 – minus the microfiber pillows that come with it because they go so nicely with my new couch. :) Hopefully the sale goes through.

Perhaps I’ll try to list the custom-made bed that BF made for me. It’s pretty nice, and we’re never going to use it (since he already has a bed). It sits 3 or 4 ft. high, so there’s tons of room underneath to store boxes and stuff. There’s also a little wooden ladder that comes with it. :) I think he was going to offer it to his parents first though, so I’ll ask him tonight.

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