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Bring on the extra income!

So far this month, I’ve made $980 in extra income through my PT job, and through this blog. :) I’m really happy for the extra income because it will help with the extra bills that I am paying, and for the 2 weddings that we will be attending this summer.

I still have to claim for a few expenses from the Las Vegas trip (probably around $50-60), as well as get a refund for my prescriptions that I claimed on my extended health plan ($100+).

Going forward, I don’t think I’ll be making any money from the PT job until early September. Which is fine, because in August I’m set to get another Google Adsense cheque, and hopefully I can do a few odd jobs with my side business or sell some unwanted items on Craigslist or eBay.

I’m grateful that I have multiple channels to generate income above and beyond my FT job: this blog, design side business, and my new PT job (at the end of the year, all extra non-taxed income I make gets grouped together under the umbrella of my design side business, for income tax purposes – gotta stay legit!).

So this means that starting in the fall, I should be able to bring in an extra $1200/month, which will boost my income by 29% and put me in the $65,000 salary range. Of course, that means I’ll have to pay more taxes at the end of the year, but it won’t put me in a new tax bracket at least.

A new dress for the wedding?

I found the perfect dress to wear to my friend’s wedding in Maui. Except that it’s $70. I’ll have to think about it, because that’s a lot to spend and I’m already going all the way to Hawaii. I do have another dress that could work, but it’s really plain and not in the least bit dressy. It also has spaghetti straps, which I don’t like wearing to weddings (prefer wider straps for more coverage).

That being said, this week I should bring in about $450 from selling my shoes on eBay and from a contract assignment. So I technically could afford it, but I should use that $450 and change it into US$ for Mexico/Vegas spending money.

Decisions, decisions!

Job in a fitness centre?

Yesterday I got a cheque in the mail from Google Adsense for $133.38! Woo hoo!

I’ve had Google Adsense installed on my blog for 1 year now, and in those 12 months I’ve made $250. Not a lot, but not too shabby either. I’ve recently joined another advertising network so we’ll see how that plays out.

In part-time job-related news, I’ve thought about getting a job at a fitness or recreation centre. Now I’m not talking about being a fitness instructor, but rather a weight room attendant. Make sure everyone is behaving, put away equipment, clean off gross sweaty machines … it’d be a good way to interact with people, get a free gym membership, and make a little extra money. Plus, the hours are pretty flexible. And generally speaking, recreation centre weight room attendants make OK money – or at least OK money for a part-time job (from the postings I’ve seen, $13-18/hr).

Pre-requisites for a weight room attendant job are: a fitness background (check!), current CPR Certification (mine just expired), and a BCRPA Fitness Certification (which is a bit of a pain to get, and costs around $200).

This is something I’ve been interested in ever since I worked in a rec centre a few years ago, so I’m going to do some research and figure out when classes are being held and if it’s possible to get certified while still working a full-time job.

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