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Phone interview tomorrow

So I have a phone interview scheduled for tomorrow. It’s with a company I’ve worked with before when I was employed by the non-profit a few years ago. It seems like I would be doing the same marketing work I’ve been doing over the last few years (probably utilizing my skills a bit more than my last job), plus there’s a sales side to the job – generating reports & analysis, but not actual sales (which is good, because the last thing I want to do is become a salesperson).

It’s a good organization, so I’m excited to hear more about this position!

Happy Thursday!

So I got a call from the recruitment agency yesterday for the Marketing Manager job I interviewed for. Apparently the HR person who works for the company is going on vacation, so I won’t know if I’ve made it to the next round of interviews until after April 6th. Boo-urns!

A few weeks ago BF helped a friend cut down a tree, so yesterday we spent a few hours hauling branches away. It was hard work. I got sap all over myself, scratches all down my arms, and afterward, My arms were shaking they were so tired. Much better than an arm workout at the gym, that’s for sure. Today I’m headed back to the rec centre ($5.10). I’m hoping to improve on my 5km time again!

As for my March goal of working out 6x/week? HA! A big fat laugh to that. I’m a loser. Once I lost my job, I couldn’t get my act together, and spent about a week just eating my mom’s home cooking and definitely not working out. But I’m back on the wagon and have my goals back in sight.

Speaking of fitness, BF and I are trying to plan a 1-week hiking trip in April, provided I’m still unemployed. We’re tossing around Cape Scott, but it’s a little expensive with the ferry ride and all. So we might find a remote location to do some climbing and “bag a few peaks” as BF likes to say.

The job hunt continues

Sorry for all the boring job-related posts. Clearly I have nothing else to blog about these days. Not buying anything, not saving anything. Just kind of drifting along. Working at feeling normal again. Trying to set a workout schedule, finding a climbing partner, thinking about volunteering with my ex-ex-job at the non-profit.

As for my job search, I haven’t been applying for jobs that are beneath my skill level. I spoke with an employment advisor on Monday who told me that since I am on EI, I have the time and resources to make sure I land a job that is equal or above the job I was just at. He said that since I have almost 5 years of experience in my field, I should be looking for “intermediate” positions – or for jobs that have growth opportunities. At the very minimum, jobs that are on par with the one I just had. He said I shouldn’t sell myself short and settle for a lesser job just for the sake of working again (unless it was my dream job) … because after a few months I’d end up restless, bored and unhappy, and would be back on the job hunt anyway.

I ran salary numbers for marketing positions with 4-5 years of experience in downtown Vancouver, and I’m right on target in terms of salary expectations. I’d consider a little less money for full benefits and more vacation time, but I feel confident that eventually, I can find something in the salary range that I’m comfortable in, with the challenges and growth opportunities I’m craving. I just don’t know how long I’ll have to wait.

Prior to yesterday, I have submitted 6 resumes for jobs that I feel I am qualified for, and have gotten 2 interviews. Today I have applied for 3 more jobs. I’m not exactly qualified for one of those jobs, but figured it doesn’t hurt to throw my resume into the pile.

I must admit, it’s been really hard to stay positive. Lots of highs and lows. Sometimes I feel confident, but most of the time I feel like a failure and also, kind of a loser. Word is spreading around my circle of friends that I lost my job. Not that I really care too much because they’d find out eventually, but it kind of sucks that the small group of people I’ve told, decided to spread it around when I asked them not to. People lose their jobs all the time, I know that. And really, it wasn’t my fault that I got let go. But still, I feel inadequate. And it really makes me think hard about applying for certain jobs when I don’t have experience in a particular industry. What if the same thing happens to me again?

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