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Las Vegas team building activity?

Help! I need your ideas.

I have been put in charge of booking some sort of fun “team building” activity while we’re in Las Vegas next month. There will be about 10 people from my company coming down – all various ages and fitness levels. Budget is flexible, but nothing ridiculously overpriced.

We will have about 2-3 hours to do this activity, and it will be scorching hot outside (mid-July, afternoon). So nothing really outdoorsy – like a hike.

It has to allow for conversation – so no shows – unless it’s something totally cool and interactive – but it also has to be in the afternoon, so that’s a bit hard. No restaurants or bars either, as we’ll be doing those things too while we’re there. We want something fun and unique.

So far, my ideas were: gun range, helicopter tour, sky diving, indoor rock climbing (maybe not), hot air balloon ride, zip lining … but after that, I’m kind of stumped … and I’m hoping that you readers out there might know of something that could fit what I’m looking for!

Shaping my job to suit me

I think I mentioned before that the graphic designer at work had left one day before I started my job. So since I’ve started, I’ve taken over the graphic design role as well as my actual job. In the next few weeks we’re going to be starting the hiring process to get someone into that design position.

My boss asked me how I feel about giving up the design/web aspect of my job, and whether I wanted to slide into the new position, and we would hire for my job instead. She said she feels completely comfortable with me in either role, since I’ve been doing both jobs for the past 2 months.

It’s interesting because while I like graphic design, I’m admittedly not that great at it. I have a good eye for layout and composition which is more suited to desktop publishing. Everybody has liked my work so far, so I do feel confident that I could continue as the company’s designer, but it’s such a specialized position and I don’t think I want that. I’ve always leaned towards marketing/communication positions because they offer more room for growth and movement. There are more advancement opportunities on the business side. And while designers can move into art directing positions, there aren’t as many opportunities to do that. You can really just move around as a designer.

We also spoke about the new job opening encompassing the social media aspect of the job, and that’s one area where I definitely want to have in my job portfolio (obviously!). My boss said that she’s open to me taking that task away from the vacant job position. And if I had that as part of my job description, I think I would feel better about giving up the design aspect of my job. Not that I’d have time for it anyway!

So my boss told me to take a few days to think about what I want, and that she is flexible with moving around duties and shaping my job to better suit what I love the most.

And that is why this is the greatest job ever.

Applied for my first PT job

I applied for my first part-time job. As a cashier at a local grocery store. It doesn’t pay very well (I think the starting wage is $9/hour?), but  it will be a good way to meet new people and earn a bit of extra cash.

My goal is to work between 5-15 hours/week. Definitely no more than 15 hours consistently – I could work around 20 on occasion, but that’s my absolute maximum. And it’s quite hard to find a job that is flexible enough for me to somewhat make my own schedule. So I figured a big chain grocery store or even a big department store (or box store) would work out for me. In high school I worked for a big department store for a few years, and I could pretty much set my own schedule. But I think that might be a rare situation.

I’m also thinking of maybe working at GM Place or something like that for hockey games or events, because I have a ridiculous amount of experience in that area. But working downtown does not appeal to me. It’s just too far away from home, especially for late night shifts.

So we’ll see! I’m going to keep looking at local places and hopefully apply for a few more jobs this week.

P.S. I’m still looking into the option of working in a weight room, but there don’t appear to be any certification classes anytime soon and I don’t have any weekends free for the next few months to take the CPR course again anyway.

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