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Pay day & benefits breakdown

Today is pay day (and Friday – woo hoo!). My net pay is only $60 less than my previous job and I’m getting more vacation days and full 100% coverage health benefits for the both of us. PLUS, previous to this job, BF and I were paying $114/month combined for MSP (since we didn’t have a health plan), and that is now covered. So really, I’m making more than what I was at my old job, even though salary-wise I’m making a tiny bit less ($1k difference annually).

After my car payment and setting some aside for regular living expenses, here is what I was able to save today:

  • $300 Retirement Portfolio ($250 RRSPs, $50 TFSA)
  • $50 Emergency Fund
  • $100 Savings Fund
  • $75 Property Fund (BF also contributed $75)
  • $50 Travel Fund
  • $25 Car Fund

That’s $600 I was able to save, for a total of 43.5% of my net income.

I’ve had some people curious about my health & benefits package. I’ve already started coverage – there is no waiting period. There is also a $1 million lifetime maximum under the plan – so in other words I can’t exceed $1 million worth of benefits. It’s a 100% full coverage package, which includes extended medical, dental, short/long term disability, and life (2x annual salary). The cost of this package for BF and I (which also includes our MSP payments of $57/month each  = $114/month) is $23.54 bi-weekly. This means all of our prescription drugs are 100% covered, doctor & dentist visits, emergency medical, as well as specialist visits (up to $500 annually for each) like chiropractor, massage therapy, acupuncture, etc. We also have a Health Spending Account (HSA) of $250 annually that we can use if we go over the $500 annually for specialist visits, or if we go over for custom orthotics or vision (which neither of us need). This is one of the best health & benefits package I have ever seen.

Anyway, I’m closing in on my 4th week on the job. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by! My old job still hasn’t found a replacement for me (they probably never will with the ridiculously strange qualifications they’re after), and it really feels like just a few days ago I was still unemployed and depressed. It’s good. I’m excited for what’s to come.

Job in a fitness centre?

Yesterday I got a cheque in the mail from Google Adsense for $133.38! Woo hoo!

I’ve had Google Adsense installed on my blog for 1 year now, and in those 12 months I’ve made $250. Not a lot, but not too shabby either. I’ve recently joined another advertising network so we’ll see how that plays out.

In part-time job-related news, I’ve thought about getting a job at a fitness or recreation centre. Now I’m not talking about being a fitness instructor, but rather a weight room attendant. Make sure everyone is behaving, put away equipment, clean off gross sweaty machines … it’d be a good way to interact with people, get a free gym membership, and make a little extra money. Plus, the hours are pretty flexible. And generally speaking, recreation centre weight room attendants make OK money – or at least OK money for a part-time job (from the postings I’ve seen, $13-18/hr).

Pre-requisites for a weight room attendant job are: a fitness background (check!), current CPR Certification (mine just expired), and a BCRPA Fitness Certification (which is a bit of a pain to get, and costs around $200).

This is something I’ve been interested in ever since I worked in a rec centre a few years ago, so I’m going to do some research and figure out when classes are being held and if it’s possible to get certified while still working a full-time job.

I’m going to Vegas (again)!

Um, so guess what PF blogger is going to Vegas this summer!? That’s right, ME! I’ll be going for work conference along with a bunch of other co-workers, so my flight/accommodation & meals will be paid for. We even each get a room to ourselves in a fancy hotel. HEAVEN!

Of course, we’ll be working during the day. But it’s Vegas, baby!

So, this year I will be doing a lot of traveling:

  • Mexico (7 days, end of June-early July) – parents have paid for the entire trip at an all-inclusive resort. My budget will be around $300 for excursions & miscellaneous spending.
  • Las Vegas (5 days, mid-July) – flight/accommodation & meals paid for by the company. My budget will be around $200 in case we want to go to a show one evening, or other miscellaneous costs. The good thing is I’ve already been to Vegas twice, so I don’t need to spend $$$ to see all the touristy things again.
  • Toronto (July 31-Aug 2) – My budget will be around $900 for flight/hotel & spending money. I’m crossing my fingers that I can do this, and if I have to stay in a hostel, then so be it.
  • Hawaii (5 days, end of Sept-early Oct) – My budget will be around $1,200, which includes flight/hotel/rental car & spending money. But does not include a wedding gift. I’ll wait to see where they register.

So … yeah. Even with 2 of the trips paid for, it’s going to be an expensive year of traveling. But it’s totally going to be worth it and I am so freaking excited!!!

BUT that might mean our trip to Thailand might get postponed. Actually, it probably will get postponed. I know. It sucks. But with the savings goals I have to reach, it’s not responsible to go on a huge trip like that when travel costs are already going to be so high this year.