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Macbook Pro almost within reach

I am very close to buying a new MacBook Pro. I’ve been doing months of research on what exactly I’ll need, and who to buy from for the best possible deal. I’m getting a great deal by buying from a reputable online seller (trust me, I researched up on this big time). Basically I’m getting student discount pricing, and saving an additional $400  for a fully loaded 15″ MBP. Was going to go with the 17″, but it’s just a little too big for easy portability.

The total cost is $2,600. Go ahead, freak out a little. I’m freaking out too! It’s a lot to pay for a computer (less than I paid for my current one though). When I was researching laptops, I knew 2 things: it was going to be an Apple product, and it had to run multiple CS5 programs at once with minimal lag. I work my computers hard when I’m designing, and I need this to last me at least 5 years.

I was originally set to wait a year or so to upgrade to a new computer, because my current one – despite its inability to run CS5 without major lag (it can barely run CS4 when I downloaded the full trial version) – is in great condition. But with the release of CS5, my design business still getting work, and this new PT job opportunity, portability is so key. Especially in our house, where space is at a premium and I might have to relocate to a coffee shop or outside if BF is studying. Plus, the upgrades to the Adobe products are so crazy that I need to get out of CS3 and into CS5.

Right now I have about $1,200 in cash saved up from extra income that I’ve made over the past few months – which includes the $300 sitting in my Savings. I would have had more, but the weddings took a fair chunk of change out of my accounts. I put my iMac up for sale and have generated good interest at $1,100 … hoping to sell it for no less than $900 (anyone want to buy an awesome used computer?). That leaves me with about $300-500 left to make. I’ve got about $300 of guaranteed side income coming up, so once I get that, depending on how my iMac sells, I could have all the cash in hand! :) All that without having to dip into my regular FT job income.

Timeline for purchase is by the end of August. Hopefully mid-August.

Bring on the extra income!

So far this month, I’ve made $980 in extra income through my PT job, and through this blog. :) I’m really happy for the extra income because it will help with the extra bills that I am paying, and for the 2 weddings that we will be attending this summer.

I still have to claim for a few expenses from the Las Vegas trip (probably around $50-60), as well as get a refund for my prescriptions that I claimed on my extended health plan ($100+).

Going forward, I don’t think I’ll be making any money from the PT job until early September. Which is fine, because in August I’m set to get another Google Adsense cheque, and hopefully I can do a few odd jobs with my side business or sell some unwanted items on Craigslist or eBay.

I’m grateful that I have multiple channels to generate income above and beyond my FT job: this blog, design side business, and my new PT job (at the end of the year, all extra non-taxed income I make gets grouped together under the umbrella of my design side business, for income tax purposes – gotta stay legit!).

So this means that starting in the fall, I should be able to bring in an extra $1200/month, which will boost my income by 29% and put me in the $65,000 salary range. Of course, that means I’ll have to pay more taxes at the end of the year, but it won’t put me in a new tax bracket at least.

3 months at the job

Today marks my 3-month anniversary at my job, and that means my probation period is over. Sometimes, I feel like I’ve been around for much longer than that, but most days I feel like time is flying by. I really like it here, and I’m lucky and grateful to have found a job that I enjoy – with co-workers who actually care about me. There is a lot of turmoil going down at the place I used to work at, and I’m glad that I am no longer there. They haven’t even hired for my replacement yet!

My job is also evolving. Right now, I’m doing 2.5 jobs – my job (marketing), the graphic designer’s job (going to hire someone by the end of the summer), and the sales coordinator (I took on 50% of her duties while she is on maternity leave). Going forward, I will be the lead person for our social media campaign – which I am very excited about.

As for my PT job, that will start shortly and will boost my annual gross income by about 25%. I’m not sure how many hours I’ll need to put into it each week, but I’m thinking it will be around 5-10 hours. No set hours – all at my own pace. I really want to get that Macbook Pro I’ve been talking about, so that I can make my job more portable. But I just don’t have the cash flow to do it at the moment. Hopefully by the end of the summer.

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