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I’m no longer homeless! :)

I went to view that suite today after work (the one the woman who had my job before me lived in). It was really nice, very clean and well-kept … although quite small. It was in a good neighbourhood (about a 25 min. walk to work, or a 5 min scooter ride), and I really really liked the landlord. There’s a place I can park my scooter off the street and has shared laundry too. I asked if I could have the suite before he showed it to anyone else, and about 20 min. later, I handed over a cheque for the damage deposit. He said I could start moving in on Monday, and he wouldn’t charge me rent for the rest of January, which I thought was really nice … even though it’ll only be 4 days until the end of the month by then.

So, the rent is $600/month, all utilities included except for internet and cable … internet isn’t that expensive but it’s a necessity for me to keep in touch with my friends & family, and I’m undecided as to whether I’ll get cable or not. I don’t really watch TV, except to watch sports … and I could just go to BF’s if I want to catch the hockey game or something. And the few shows I do watch, I’m sure I could just watch online if I become that desperate.

It’s a month-to-month agreement, but I plan on staying there at least 6 months. Probably more like a year. Like I said before, the place is super small (3 rooms – kitchen/living area, washroom, bedroom) … which is good b/c I don’t have a lot of furniture … and for only $600 in Vancouver, that’s really cheap considering I won’t need to buy a bus pass or anything, since I’m so close to work.

The one thing I’m worried about is how small the bedroom is. I don’t even know if a queen-sized bed and dresser would both fit. I have an idea as to how I’m going to maximize the space, and BF said that he could build me a bed that was raised up high enough so that I could store stuff underneath (I’m thinking maybe 3 ft. high). I don’t know how much work it takes to build a bed (he built the bed he currently has), but it definitely sounds like an awesome idea. I’d pay him, of course.

Anyway, I’m feeling a lot less stressed out now that I’ve found a place to live. I’m going to stay with BF until next weekend (this weekend we’re going to Seattle for the Ryan Adams concert) … because then we’re going back to the island to move all my stuff over. Probably in a UHaul, because I’ll have to bring my scooter over somehow as well, and not everything will fit in a truck.

Promising suite viewing tomorrow …

So BF and I went to check out that $500 2-bedroom basement suite yesterday, and it was a total dive. You could just tell that the guy didn’t take pride in his house – he was just using it to generate an income. The backyard was littered with debris, and the carpets inside were stained and dirty and disgusting. Plus, the guy was kind of weird. I guess that’s what you get sometimes – gotta weed out the crap.

Today after work, we went to see another place. This was a 1-bedroom suite for $650, utilities included. It was much, much nicer … and in a much nicer area of town. That being said, I didn’t ask for it right away, because I’m going to see another suite tomorrow after work – this is the one the woman whom I’m replacing at work lived in. It’s $600, utilities included … and the landlord seemed really keen about me moving in, since I came recommended. This suite is much closer to work – so close that I could walk to work – and that would save huge on transit costs. Plus, I’m pretty sure she said there was in-suite laundry. Fingers crossed!

So sorry for the lack of updates. I haven’t even gotten the chance to read many blogs either. It’s just been a crazy last few days, and I haven’t had much time for anything lately.

Viewing my first suite in Vancouver tomorrow

It’s 2:00am and I can’t sleep … BF is picking me up from the ferries tomorrow afternoon at around 2:30pm, and then he’s coming with me to go check out a place I found on Craigslist.

This place seems like a pretty good deal – $500/month (all utilities included) for a 2-bedroom basement suite … which is way, WAY under budget for rent. It’s kind of unbelievable, actually.

The guy who owns the house, he occupies one of the bedrooms, but he lives up north, and only comes back down to Vancouver with his wife about once a month for a few nights … so I would practically have the place all to myself. AND, the entire place is fully furnished (except for my bedroom), so I wouldn’t have to buy anything except a bed frame (and also a dresser, since I forgot the one I have is completely shot to hell). It seems like an ideal situation, and the guy seemed really nice on the phone, so hopefully the place isn’t a dive, and the surrounding area isn’t completely shady.

The guy is heading back out of town tomorrow evening, and he would ideally want to have a deal done by the time he leaves … so if everything checks out, I could have a place as early as tomorrow!

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