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Miserable Monday

This past weekend was fun. Not exactly that frugal, but I didn’t spend more than I made this weekend at the PT job, and that’s always what I’m aiming for when it comes to going home.

It’s raining and miserable here in Vancouver, so I’m glad I have warm, yummy chili in my fridge and freezer to eat. Although that chili is supposed to only take 1 hr. to make, but my stove in my apartment is a piece of crap. The big burner isn’t working, so I have to cook on the small burners – and it took over 2 hrs! I was also using a cheap, crappy stock pot … so for Christmas I’m going to ask my parents for a real stock pot so I can make chili and soups to my heart’s content.

My landlord came in and tried to fix the stove, but didn’t get it to work. So, he’s either going to get a repairman in, or he’ll just replace it with a new stove. Either way sounds good, as long as my big burner starts to work again! :)

I’m also hoping that sometime this week we can go to IKEA so I can at least buy my dresser. I’ve been monitoring Craigslist, but haven’t found anything available that I like in the price range that I’m looking for. I’m looking at the EXPEDIT bookshelf to be my dresser. I like that idea b/c I can get wicker baskets to store my undies and socks, and then everything else is organized and available. Some people might not like how it’s so open … so everyone can see your clothing, and you always have to keep it tidy … but I think that it works with the look and feel of the apartment. It’s $149, and the main reason I’m drawn to it is it’ll hold more clothing than a used dresser on Craigslist – and it has more compartments so I can organize all the different kinds of clothing I have. And I like everything to have its own place. :)

Something to consider

So, there are 2 condo units for sale in the apartment building that I live in.

My co-worker and I did some calculations, and if I purchased one of the units, my monthly mortgage payment would be $545. Compared to the $725 I’m paying in rent for the same place, that’s highway robbery! If you factor in strata fees and property tax, it would be $765. Which includes heat, hot water and parking. But that’s also using the asking price – those units have been listed for a while now – I’m sure the price would be negotiable. At least to the point where I’d be paying the same amount for the mortgage payment as I would for rent.

I’m not seriously considering it, but it’s definitely in the back of my mind.

Top 5 most expensive housing markets

I was reading International Architecture & Design today, and I came across this little article:

The Top 5 Most Expensive Housing Markets
… for executive homebuyers working in downtown business districts (based on 2007 average prices). All amounts are in Canadian dollars.

1. LONDON, UK ($5.68 million)
2. NEW YORK CITY, US ($2.5 million)
3. VANCOUVER, Canada ($1.55 million)
4. SYDNEY, Australia ($1.4 million)
5. PARIS, France ($1.39 million)

My home town also ranked in the Top 10, at #8 with $850,000.

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