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But how will I pay for my braces?

As a follow-up to my post last week about probably having to get adult braces (boo!), tomorrow I have my orthodontics consultation. I’m kind of dreading it, because I know what’s in my best interest is to fork over the thousands and thousands of dollars to get Invisalign braces.

They offer a 0% interest payment plan, but I don’t like the idea of having recurring payments like that (since I already have one with my car, and by next year – fingers crossed – a mortgage). So I guess my only other option is to save the money. But realistically, how long will it take me to save $5,000-7,000k? And how will it affect my other financial goals – like saving for retirement, saving for a down payment, and the travel plans I have this year?

I would consider trying to increase my income to offset the cost of adult braces, but if my goal is to already increase my income by 50% this year, I don’t think there’s much more I can do in that department, unless I want to stop sleeping.

So, if my goal is to save $7,000 in 1 year for braces, here is how much I would have to save: $585.33 each month (12), or $269.23 bi-weekly (26).

Is this a realistic goal? Yes.

But do I really want to wait another year to get adult braces? Not really. The longer I wait, the older I’ll be.

It’s a lot to think about, and it will be interesting to get an actual price quote from the consultation tomorrow.

Adult braces: are my teeth worth it?

Guess who might be getting adult braces? That’s right, this blogger.

Yesterday I went to the dentist for my regular check-up. I also inquired about my options for orthodontics, because the past 3 dentists I’ve been to have suggested that it would be a good option for me – not only to straighten my teeth, but to prevent problems in the future. I’m kind of borderline though; my teeth aren’t that bad. Looking at my teeth, you probably wouldn’t think I’d need braces. But, I know it is in my best interest to get it done in order to keep my mouth healthy. My teeth are kind of crowded in places and I absolutely know that it is going to cause me problems in the future.

So, my dentist told me to contact a few places in Vancouver that offer  Invisalign braces and take on a lot of patients with adult braces. So, in the next few weeks I’ll book myself in for a free consultation. It’s a big decision, not only for my wallet, but it’s something I’ll have to live with for a minimum of 2 years. Oh, and if you’re wondering, metal/traditional braces are just not going to be an option for me. I would much rather pay a bit more for the freedom of Invisalign. And that’s just a personal choice I’ve always known I would make if it came down to it.

My dentist advised me that based on my situation, Invisalign would cost me between $5,000 to $7,000. Unfortunately, adult braces are not covered by my extended health benefits (orthodontics is actually covered under my health plan, but not for adults).

I know that it’s something I should want to do ( I’ve actually been thinking about it for a few years ), and that money shouldn’t be a factor when my teeth and my health is concerned. But, let’s be honest. Money plays a factor into every purchase we make – especially a huge purchase like this. I’m extremely hesitant, but then I look at my decision to get $3,000 LASIK eye surgery , and that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. But at least with LASIK, then down time was minimal and I was good to go after just a few weeks. Having braces will mean at least 2 years of wear, plus years after that of wearing a retainer. AND thousands and thousands of dollars. Plus, well, I’ll have adult braces.

Sigh. Adult braces. It’s a lot to think about. But getting orthodontics is something I’m eventually going to want to do in my life, the sooner I get it done, the better.


If you’re new to my blog, and wondering if I did end up getting braces (the answer is yes), you can read more about my adventures with adult braces here:

Shopping for orthotics

When we were at the PNE last weekend, we strolled through the market place and I saw a business selling custom made orthotics. I chatted with the owner for a while, and told him that I was looking for a good pair of orthotics to replace my 10+ yr. old custom made pair.

He showed me the kind that they make, and they are far superior to any ones I’ve ever seen. They’re flexible and look comfortable (leather foot bed!). And they make their orthotics through digitization, not through conventional casting. I actually had a pair done for me a couple of years ago, but they are so uncomfortable and they give me blisters! Anyway, this new company does lifetime repairs and replacement on their orthotics, which is a huge bonus for me because 1) orthotics are not covered under my extended health plan, and 2) I tend to be hard on my orthotics.

I did some research on the company. They’ve been around for about 11 years, and seem reputable. The orthodics are $400-450. Which are expensive, but it’s literally a once-in-a-lifetime expense since they do free repairs and replacements. It doesn’t hurt to book a free appointment, and with field hockey season fast approaching, I really need a good pair. So that’s next on my list to save up for!

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