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Hello world, my name is Metal Mouth

I’m getting my braces today. Quick, somebody say something encouraging!

This blogger is getting adult braces

So on Wednesday I went in for my adult braces consultation. It actually went really well. The doctor answered all of my questions, and I really like him and the facility. I feel comfortable there, and it’s in a convenient location. So, I went ahead and booked my appointment.

On April 4th, I will be getting ceramic braces on the top, and metal braces on the bottom (just like the picture). My treatment will last anywhere from 18-24 months, and will also include minor, “non-invasive” surgery. The doctor told me that while I absolutely would be able to get Invisalign braces because my problems are minor, traditional braces are going to be faster and more effective than Invisalign – and also less expensive. I’m not happy about getting traditional braces, and they looked really awful when he showed them to me (even though I’ll have the latest technology which just came out a few months ago), but I know that they will be better for me. I understand where he is coming from so I’ll do what he recommends.

The cost breakdown:
After much thought, I’ve decided to go with a payment option for my braces, rather than saving for a year and then paying everything up front. Just like when I financed my LASIK eye surgery at 0% because I wanted it done ASAP, it will benefit me in so many ways to have my teeth corrected as soon as possible. Plus, the 0% interest and quarterly payments spread over 2 years makes it more manageable for me and my savings goals. I don’t like the idea of going into debt, but I’m looking at it as a wise investment in my health.

I have to make an up-front payment of $1,180 on the day of my appointment. After that, I will have 8 quarterly payments of $725. Meaning, every bi-weekly pay cheque I will need to save approximately $120. For a grand total cost of $6,980.

But how will I pay for my braces?

As a follow-up to my post last week about probably having to get adult braces (boo!), tomorrow I have my orthodontics consultation. I’m kind of dreading it, because I know what’s in my best interest is to fork over the thousands and thousands of dollars to get Invisalign braces.

They offer a 0% interest payment plan, but I don’t like the idea of having recurring payments like that (since I already have one with my car, and by next year – fingers crossed – a mortgage). So I guess my only other option is to save the money. But realistically, how long will it take me to save $5,000-7,000k? And how will it affect my other financial goals – like saving for retirement, saving for a down payment, and the travel plans I have this year?

I would consider trying to increase my income to offset the cost of adult braces, but if my goal is to already increase my income by 50% this year, I don’t think there’s much more I can do in that department, unless I want to stop sleeping.

So, if my goal is to save $7,000 in 1 year for braces, here is how much I would have to save: $585.33 each month (12), or $269.23 bi-weekly (26).

Is this a realistic goal? Yes.

But do I really want to wait another year to get adult braces? Not really. The longer I wait, the older I’ll be.

It’s a lot to think about, and it will be interesting to get an actual price quote from the consultation tomorrow.