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A trip to the emergency room

OMG last night was a nightmare. At around 5pm, I started itching like crazy … but I thought it might just be the fleece blanket I had wrapped around me. A little later, I looked down at my arm, and I was covered in hives! Not only that, but they were spreading everywhere – my neck, back, front, arms … it was awful. And extremely itchy.

BF was at his house, and he suggested I call 8-1-1, which is this new service in BC – you can talk to a nurse and while they can’t diagnose anything, they can recommend what to do. After talking with a nurse, she told me I should go to the ER right away just in case it was something super serious … especially because the hives spread so rapidly. So BF drove over to my house and took me to the hospital.

At the hospital, they gave me some pills and said that if the hives haven’t gone away in a day, to come back and they’ll give me something stronger.

This morning, the hives have subsided, except I am extremely itchy still. And I know that if I scratch, the hives will come back. I need oven mitts!

I’ve been trying to figure out what could have triggered my hives. I’m allergic to penicillin and that gives me hives, but that’s about it. I didn’t eat anything different, and my skin didn’t come into contact with anything out of the ordinary. Could be the cold weather I guess, or the fact that I’m sick. Who knows.

Lasik eye consultation

I stayed home sick from work again today. But this morning I braved the cold and the snow and went downtown to my appointment at LasikMD. As it turns out I’m a very good candidate for Lasik, and my appointment is booked for February 5th!!! I am very excited. Nervous, but excited. I can cancel the appointment if I want to, so it’s not set in stone.

The doctor gave me 2 options: standard Lasik or Zyoptix Lasik, which is a new type of Lasik that is custom to each eye and each patient. She said that while I don’t technically need Zyoptix, it would be the best thing for me to get (obviously she would say that) – I would reduce the chance of halos and glare, and my night vision would improve. She explained that with regular Lasik I have a 5-10% chance of halos, which could be permanent.

Standard Lasik: $1,580
Zyoptix Lasik: $2,980

Quite a price difference! But after researching into the two different procedures, I really think it’s worth the price to get the Zyoptix. What do you think?

As for financing … I have to call Desjardins to see if I can get approved for the 0% interest/0 down/0 payments (until January 2010) deal. And if I can, then I’ll keep the Feb 5th appointment and pay off the surgery with my tax refund. If for some reason I can’t get approved for that deal, then I’ll re-book my surgery for sometime in May, after I get my tax refund and can pay for it in cash.

Thinking of going to massage therapy

I’ve been having problems with my shoulders and neck lately. It’s from staring at the computer screen for too long. And I was fine for a while when I was going to the chiropractor, but since I’ve switched jobs, nothing is covered under medical anymore so I stopped going.

My chiropractor gave me stretches to do, and I’m wearing new orthodics … and I know how to sit properly at a computer … but I get these sharp pains sometimes, and it’s always sore.

While the chiropractor is good, I always found massage therapy to be more beneficial. So I don’t know. There is a massage therapy clinic right next door to where I work. It wouldn’t be covered under medical, so I would have to pay for it – and then file the receipts with my tax return. I’m going to go check out their prices and see what I can do. Maybe once every 2 weeks?

I booked a 45 min. appointment for tomorrow. It’s $65 … yikes! The initial visit has to be 45 min, but she said I could book 30 min. appointments afterwards for $45. I checked around at 2 other places in the area, and they charge the same or more.

I also looked into a massage school down the road. I think I might check them out as well, since they are definitely a lot cheaper!

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