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Shedding the relationship weight

So after Saving Diva made her public declaration about wanting to lose 10 lbs, she’s inspired me to do the same. I too want to lose 10 lbs, and it’s hard because my natural weight is exactly 10 lbs heavier than what I’d ideally like to be at. So it’s a constant struggle to keep that weight down. And honestly, even though I have a smallish frame (size 4), I’m the only one who can notice that extra 10 lbs on me. But it’s the difference between my clothing fitting me perfectly, or them pulling a little where they really shouldn’t be pulling. Plus, I find I’m much more confident when I’m at my ideal weight. With my natural weight, I’m a little self-conscious.

For the past two weeks I’ve been keeping a food journal (much like a spending journal), and I’ve been recording everything I eat, including the time I ate it … and how many glasses of water I’m drinking each day. It’s kind of tedious, but it’s definitely been working. I used to keep a meticulous food journal when I was playing high level sports, and it really helped me eat properly and control what I was eating during the season.

Also, along with playing hockey 3-4 times per week, I’ve been doing cardio and weights at the gym at work and a gruelling 15 min. ab workout that our coach used to make us do. When this job ends, instead of buying a gym membership, I’m going to start running outside again (provided I can control my shin splints), plus I have free weights and a mat at home, so that won’t be a problem.

The last 2 weeks have gone by so fast!

Well, today is my last day of full-time employment at my job. Starting next week, I go part-time here until November and start my new full-time job. :) I also checked the work schedule, and my first day at the PT job isn’t until late October, which I’m happy about because it’ll lessen my work load a bit.

So, I figured from now until November I’ll be working 60-70 hr. weeks. My new job has a 35 hr. work week (salaried), and my part-time job is flexible up to a max of 35 hrs./week (hourly). This is going to be a challenge, but people everywhere work long hours like that all the time, so why can’t I!? Plus, I only plan on working a couple of evenings/week at the part-time job, and do the rest of it from home. I think the potential to make big $$$ for my down payment will be the motivating factor for me to try and work as much as I can to maximize my earnings while I can.

All this probably means I won’t be writing for PPP much anymore, if at all. Not that any of you mind, I’m sure. :) If my PR goes up a lot during the Google update that’s supposed to happen next week and I become eligible for posts with a significant payout, I’ll still probably take the time to write them. But I won’t be writing anything for less than $10 anymore.

My only concern with this whole work situation is come September, I start playing for my 3 hockey teams again. I’ll figure out how to juggle my time somehow, but I still think it’ll be challenging. I may have to drop the team the BF and I play for, even though I really don’t want to. But it’s not really an option to drop the other 2 teams because I love it so much. A lot of my old friends play on the teams, and I also get to play with my sister. Plus, that’s the most elite hockey league you can play around these parts, and I love the competitiveness of it all. It’s worth the lack of sleep to play. :) Although we’ll see if I still think that way come September!

In eBay news, two auctions have ended for a profit of $29.

No hockey tournament for me this year

I hate taking the bus. Not only is it always crowded (and I always have to stand for the entire 1 hr. trip), but it always smells like rotting fish. Always. It’s also expensive! It costs me $2.75 for a one-way fare to get to work, so that’s $5.50/day! Even if I buy the discount ticket sheet at $25 for 10 tickets, that’s still only a savings of 50 cents a day. Considering it costs me approximately $7/week in gas for my scooter, I try not to take the bus at all. However, sometimes it’s unavoidable.

Tomorrow I’ll have to take the bus, and since I’m out of bus tickets, that means I’ll have to stop off at the store and buy a $25 sheet before work. I’m still on meds from my wisdom teeth surgery, and the weather forecast says 60-90 km/hr wind warnings, and there is no way in heck I’m riding in a wind warning. The last time I did that, I nearly got blown into on coming traffic!

In other news, I have decided not to go to the hockey tournament that my team enters in every May. Last year we won the whole thing! :) But after tournament fees, hotel, and travel costs, it’s about $200 … which is pretty good for a 4-day tournament … but that’s also not including food. Since we stay at a hotel, there’s no kitchenette, or even a microwave, so that pretty much eliminates making my own meals. Plus, since we’re there as a team, everyone likes to go out for team meals, which equals $$$ in a big way. Anyway, last year I think it ended up costing me a little over $400. I only budgeted $400 for all hockey expenses this year, and I’ve already allocated all of it to the fees for the 3 leagues that I play in. :( So unfortunately, no fun tournament for me this year. That makes me sad, but the debt takes priority. Hopefully I can go next year when I’m out of debt.

That means the only time I’ll get off this island this year is in the end of June, when a friend and I are going down to Seattle for the Canada Day long weekend. I’d better make the most of that trip!

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