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Skiing in Whistler

Today we went skiing in Whistler for the day. That’s about a 2.5 hour drive from where we live. But thankfully BF was able to scrounge up 2 free passes, so all we had to pay for was the gas to get up there. And this trip was much, much cheaper than going up for the impromptu long weekend trip that I had ended up budgeting for.

I’ve never been skiing in Whistler before, so it was quite the experience. First, it’s MASSIVE! Whistler/Blackcomb is so ridiculously big. I only ended up seeing about half of Blackcomb, and we didn’t even get to take the gondola over to the Whistler side. But, we have 3 more passes so I’m sure I’ll get ample opportunity. Second, the snow was great. Perfect conditions. And it wasn’t even that busy up there. I had plenty of room, and often times there was no one around me at all. Which was good, because I’m a pretty crappy skier. :)

We were up there for about 5 hours, and near the end I was getting tired and cranky. Hopefully I will be able to last an entire day out on the slopes by the time we go on our Whistler weekend trip in late-March/early-February.

Hopefully we get some snowfall on the local mountains in the next few days, because with all this rain we’ve been getting, it’s starting to look ugly!

Ski season is approaching

As most of you know, I love breaking down my activities into cost-per-use. I’ve seen websites where people break down the cost-per-wear of items of clothing, and I’ve always wanted to do that because it’s really nerdy but still kind of cool at the same time. But I know I won’t be able to keep up with it – recording every piece of clothing I have and tallying up whenever I wear it. That’s exhausting.

Anyway, as ski season approaches, I want to update you on my cost-per-use so far (I did a post like this last winter), and where it could go in the future. I still have until the end of this season to use my pass before I buy a new one.

The total cost for my ski equipment was $830 ($430 for new boots & $400 for skis/bindings/poles/helmet/goggles – plus a pair of boots that ended up not working for me). The cost for a ski pass for 1.5 seasons was $370 (an excellent deal). So the total I’ve spent on skiing is $1,200. This doesn’t include any ski clothing because I already have that stuff.

$1,200 / 5 = $240
$1,200 / 10 = $120
$1,200 / 15 = $80
$1,200 / 20 = $60
$1,200 / 25 = $48
$1,200 / 50 = $24

I started skiing halfway through last season and went 10 times at a cost-per-use of $120. BF wants to ski a lot this year, and I’m always up for it. His FT job is quite physical so a lot of times he’s just wiped out after work. But he needs to get better at skiing for his career, so chances are we’ll be going a lot more often this season. Plus skiing is something I can do on my own (unlike rock climbing), so on nights/weekends he’s busy, I can always go up myself – which I did once or twice last season.

A trip to Marble Slab Creamery

Yesterday I had the worst headache and wasn’t feeling very good all day. I even considered leaving work early in case I was starting to come down with something (still feel pretty crummy, but better than yesterday). Anyway I came home from work and BF had made me my favourite dinner – breakfast! :) Eggs, bacon, hash browns (with onions, mushrooms & broccoli), and toast. So good.

Then we decided to go to the Marble Slab Creamery for dessert. I know, so bad for you. BF had never been, and I had only gone once before, a long time ago. I got pumpkin pie ice cream (could only finish half of it, then he had to eat the rest), and he got raspberry cheesecake. The total came to $12.23 for the both of us – so expensive! But a nice treat. It was good, but BF wasn’t sure if it was even better than Dairy Queen (which is quite a bit cheaper), so I’m sure we’ll give it another try one of these days … but probably not for a while.

Tonight after dinner, BF has to go to a work thing, so I’m going to do a hard workout on my Wii. Doesn’t make up for how terrible I’ve been eating the past couple of days, but at least it’s better than doing nothing.

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