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A whirlwind of spending

Well this weekend I’m going back to my hometown for my friend’s bachelorette party. I feel bad because there aren’t that many people going, and at the end of the night it could end up just being me that’s left! It’s too bad, but it was definitely planned last minute.

On Sunday I’m heading back to Vancouver and BF and I are going to Bodyworlds with some of his friends. The admission was kind of expensive ($26 for adults, $22 for students), and it prompted me to have a chat about money with BF. Going forward, we’re both going to really try hard and re-commit to limiting our spending while we’re living off one income.

I think this month is really stressing me out especially because of our trip to Hawaii (in 10 days!!!). I need to take out cash for spending money (I’m budgeting $600 US for the both of us on our trip, which includes my hair & mani/pedi appointment with the bride on her wedding day – and that’s not cheap!). Which means I’ll be saving next to nothing for the month of September. Okay, I saved $250 still.

I’m pretty confident we can do Hawaii with under $600 – probably $450 after my appointments with the bride. We’ll only be there for 5 days, and we don’t plan on going to any attractions that aren’t free. In fact, the only time we’ll probably leave the beach just outside of our condo is to go for a hike and to go to the wedding. Or maybe to find another beach! :) We have a rental car as part of our Expedia package, so we’ll have to pay for gas, groceries (we plan on making most of our meals in the condo), some booze, and maybe 3 meals out (lunch instead of dinner because it’s cheaper).

Which means Hawaii in total will cost the both of us combined $2,100. Or $1,050 each. Including flight, condo, rental car & spending money. Expensive and a little bit stressful, but totally worth it to see our friends get married.

Review: WildPlay Element Parks

Cost: $40 + tax
Time: approx. 2.5 hours
Website descriptionMonkido tree courses are elevated obstacle courses set in a beautiful forest and securely suspended in the trees at 10 to 60 feet off the ground! Elements include a Tarzan Swing, zip lines, scramble nets and swinging logs. (picture is also from the website)

This was my first time in about 10 years doing an obstacle course, so I was really excited/nervous. I’m a bit scared of heights, so I thought this would be a really good thing for me to do. (That’s also why I like climbing mountains so much!)

Anyway, we knew WildPlay would get crazy busy during the weekend, especially on a nice day, so we reserved a spot right when they opened at 9am. We also got there 30 min. early so that we could fill out our waivers, etc. And we’re both REALLY glad we got there early because we were the only ones on the course for about half of our time there, and it was really cool and peaceful.

Before you’re allowed in the course, someone there goes through a 15 min. introductory/safety lesson, where you learn how to get in your harness, hook up your carabiners to the safety lines and zip line device. You’re always attached to a safety line, so even if you fall during the course, you won’t plunge to your death, obviously. :)

There are 4 different stages to the obstacle course, each stage getting progressively harder. Our guide said only about 80% of people attempt the last stage because it’s quite a bit harder than the 3rd stage. Also, there was a really wide variety of obstacles, so you were never bored. The first two levels were fun, and not hard. But the last two levels were actually kind of hard to do physically. My arms are sore today as a result! I was impressed at the difficulty level and was glad that it was challenging. There was also a good number of zip lines.

Also, there are guides on the ground to watch you and make sure you’re not doing anything stupid. But to also help if you’re stuck in a certain place on the course. They were also good for encouragement during the hardest stage.

We both agreed that it was DEFINITELY worth the $40+ admission, and that we were looking forward to trying out their other locations as well in the future.

Friday Miscellaneous

Last night I went to a friend’s house for a BBQ. There was nothing else on, so she forced me to watch The Last Song on her laptop with her. I absolutely cannot stand Miley Cyrus. And also, it was literally the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. But do you want to know what the most horrifying part of the entire night was? The realization that she was the best actor in that entire movie. Everybody else was so awful that I wanted to stab my eyeballs with knives.

Moving on … in news about my car, I’m still waiting to get my bumper fixed. I took it into the shop and they ordered the parts in, but then they had to cut out a HUGE chunk of my bumper to colour match the paint. Hopefully it will be done by the weekend!

Oh, and finally in blog-related news … the big “reveal” will be happening around the second week of September. So stay tuned! :)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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