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Canucks pre-season game

Tomorrow BF and I are going to the Canucks/Ducks pre-season game with my sister and her BF. We always try to catch at least one pre-season game, but this is my sister’s first NHL game ever. I think her BF went to one game last year. We’re sitting up in the nosebleeds as usual. :)

Before the game, we want to grab some dinner downtown. I was thinking Japadog, because I have been wanting to try it since I moved here. But I fear that everyone else will want to sit down and enjoy a couple of beers before the game. And I don’t believe they have a liquor license. So we’ll see where we end up! I don’t know many places to eat downtown. The last time we had a date downtown, we went to Guu in Gastown. Which was lovely and delicious, but a little expensive.

Anyone have any suggestions for reasonably priced downtown Vancouver eats?

Review: Body Worlds

What: Body Worlds & The Brain
Where: Science World, Vancouver
Description: BODY WORLDS & The Brain was created by anatomist, Dr. Gunther von Hagens, inventor of plastination—the groundbreaking method of anatomical specimen preservation. This technology allows authentic specimens to be displayed in a lifelike fashion for instruction and education, giving you an opportunity to appreciate what it really means to be human.
Cost: $26 adults, $22 students/seniors

I won’t post a picture of this exhibit, in case some people are squeamish! :)

We went to the opening weekend of Body Worlds with a bunch of BF’s friends. this past weekend. Body Worlds  is an exhibit of real human bodies that have been preserved through plastination. Entrance into the exhibit was every 15 minutes, and you had to buy your ticket online to secure a spot (there are something like 175 spots open every 15 minutes, so you can imagine how crowded it was).

It was very interesting to know that what I was looking at was a real human being, and not a mold or casting. I didn’t really think much of it, until I got to the preserved fetuses and embryos, or the woman with the fetus inside of her. This exhibit is definitely NOT for everyone. And I found I had to fight against emotion (what happened to these people – how did they die?). Actually, midway through the exhibit, I found that I was more interested in the process of plastination than the make-up of the bodies themselves. And I also was very curious as to how they were able to pose the bodies how they did.

We spent about 2 hours in the exhibit.

Afterward, BF and I both agreed that while the exhibit was interesting, we felt like herded cattle, shuffling from viewing case to viewing case. There were line-ups and crowds to see everything, and often times I would be waiting for 10 minutes just to get a glimpse of the body. I certainly didn’t get to see everything for as long as I wanted. To the point that it was too crowded to fully enjoy ourselves. And we decided that for $50 admission for the both of us, it was not really worth it. It would be MUCH better to go on a weekday when things aren’t as busy. Unfortunately that just wasn’t an option for us.

That being said, I do think Body Worlds was fascinating. The preservation of the bodies was incredible, and very very educational. I’m glad that I was able to see it, but probably wouldn’t go to see the exhibit again the next time it’s in town.

Bachelorette Party break-down

Well I had budgeted $200 for my friend’s bachelorette party, and here’s what I ended up spending:

  • $14 ferry ride
  • $130 dinner & drinks – We went to Bard & Banker, which isn’t cheap but offers great atmosphere and the bride really likes the place. There were a total of 8 people at the dinner. I ended up paying for all of her drinks and her dinner, and nobody else even offered to pitch in. Let me first say that I have absolutely no problem paying for her dinner/drinks, but most of the people at the dinner weren’t even going out to the pub/bars afterward, so the least they could have done was thrown in a bit of money for her dinner. I also paid for my sister’s dinner.
  • $50 cash – for drinks at the pub & bars we ended up going to. Drinks are A LOT more expensive than when I used to go to the bars. And whatever happened to drink specials? It’s like that notion has disappeared, and $7-9 drinks are standard.
  • $15 cab ride home – would have been a bit less, but the cab driver didn’t really know where he was going to get me home, and then blamed me for not giving him directions the entire time. I’m sorry sir, but Victoria is a small city. And that’s what the GPS mounted on your dashboard is for.
  • $15 greasy breakfast – on Sunday morning.
  • $14 ferry ride

So I ended up spending $238. A bit over budget, but I did not anticipate paying for all of the bride’s dinner/drinks by myself (I figured everyone would chip in $5-10 each, because that’s what usually happens at bachelorette parties!), and I also didn’t anticipate buying my sister’s dinner.

Also, the bride had a wedding shower at her office the week before, so she already had all the obligatory bachelorette stuff – veil, sash, etc. I didn’t have to buy any other supplies or decorations.

It was super fun and the bride had an awesome time, so that’s all that matters. We didn’t get home until about 4am, and I can’t even remember the last time I stayed out that late or drank that much. I felt like crap on Sunday morning, and now remember why I don’t drink on a regular basis. :) Also, we all felt super old, partying in clubs with 19 year olds surrounding us.

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