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Snow anticipated this weekend!

Well I don’t have much planned for the weekend. Tonight BF and I are either going skiing or rock climbing, or both. Then perhaps we’ll rent a movie.

Tomorrow, we’ll probably go skiing and rock climbing, and then I’m guessing another mellow evening. I’m sure Scrabble and Frustration will both creep their way into our lives in the next few days. Perhaps even Boggle.

And then Sunday BF is going with a few friends to climb a mountain. He wants me to go too, but I am not fast enough to keep up with 3 or 4 guys who have been hiking for years and years. And I don’t want to hold them back, so I’ll probably just stay at home. Go for a run (or the gym), and clean house. Perhaps do some much-needed laundry as well.

All in all, it should be a relatively cheap weekend. I don’t anticipate needing to spend money on anything, except perhaps groceries and a few snacks if we’re out and about.

iPod problems again

My iPod is sick. Again. This time, sometimes when I use the click-wheel, there’s a 20-25 second lag before it does what I ask it to do.

I don’t mind the battery dying, because I know with a lot of use, all iPod batteries have to die sometime. But this lag is really killing me. I’ll stick through it though b/c I don’t have it in my budget to replace the iPod until later this year – maybe around Christmas when I can perhaps catch a sale?

It’s really annoying, but at least it still works.

Last night’s concert

Last night my friend and I went to the Donavon Frankenreiter concert. I had a fabulous time. We started off with dinner at Café Crepe. We both had a panini and fries, plus a drink. The total after tax and tip for the both of us was $35, which I paid for since she paid for our movie date a few weeks ago.

We received 2 complimentary tickets and backstage passes. It was really cool meeting the guys and watching the show from backstage. They’re really down-to-earth and friendly, and we got to chatting about money made when touring vs. album sales. It’s all pretty interesting stuff, and I probably could have talked about that for hours, but they had a show to perform. And I didn’t want to be nosy. So we just hung out and drank their wine.

Anyway the show itself was great. The band sounded really tight, and actually way better live than on CD – which is always a huge bonus. Of course, the venue was fabulous. It was a sold-out show, and everyone in the audience was really into it.

Oh, and I ended up telling my friend about my blog. I kind of had to, since one of the guys in the band (and his wife) actually read this blog (sometimes) – and we talked a bit about it. And it wasn’t scary or weird telling her about it either. Lately we’ve been talking a lot about personal finance, and I know that’s something she’s really interested in. So now there are 3 people who officially know about my blog.

After the show my friend dropped me off at a SkyTrain station, and BF met me at another station. Greatest. Boyfriend. Ever. He stayed up late just so that he could pick me up and get me home safely.

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