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Booked my Seattle hotel

I booked myself into the Moore Hotel for my 1 night in Seattle at the end of August. The hotel isn’t that great to look at, but it’s in a good central location and is within walking distance of everything. Plus, it was only $74 US/night.

I read a lot of reviews in Expedia and Yelp, and most of them seem to be quite positive. So we’ll see!

I was hoping there would be a good show happening at the Moore Theatre, but the night I’m there is the Avett Brothers or something like that. I don’t know who they are, and I’m not sure I’m willing to pay $25 to see a random show.

And the next day, BF is going to meet me in Seattle to hang out and catch a ball game. I saw tickets in Row 1 along the 3rd base line for only $60 each. I might snag those. It’s a good price, and is looking like the only ball game I’ll get to see this year. But then again, it’s just Kansas City, and do we really need sweet seats to watch them? Bleacher seats were nice last time, and are like $15 each.

My next cross stitching project

So I just found out that my best friend from high school (I went to Ontario for her wedding in the fall) is pregnant! I was wondering how long it would take her to get knocked up. :) Also within 5 min. of reading that e-mail, I found out a friend from college just got engaged! Everyone is growing up so fast.

Anyway since I’ve been looking for a new cross stitching project, I figured that it would be nice to make something for my friend’s future baby. A little premature, but considering how long it’s taken me to do the last cross stitch, I’m probably right on time. She’s due in the year.

For $17.62 (including shipping), I bought a birth record cross stitch off eBay. I think it’s really cute – super colourful and fun. I’d love to go visit them in the spring, but I’m not sure that’s smart with a newborn around. I’m sure they’d be really busy. So if I can’t deliver my gift personally, I can just mail it to them.

A random trip to Steveston

Yesterday after we dropped off my sister at the ferry terminal, we decided to go for a drive to Steveston. Neither of us had ever gone, and as BF called it, it would be a nice “Sunday drive.” I was more concerned about wasting gas, but as soon as we got to Steveston, I fell in love. What an amazing, oddly located town.

Now maybe it’s a little too touristy and people from the Lower Mainland don’t really like Steveston? I’m not sure what the general feeling is of the place, but it’s pretty much great. Reminded me a lot of Sidney on the island, but cuter.

Oh, and I love love loved the houses and condos right by the water. They were so cute, and exactly what I’d want to buy. Too bad the condos were about $400k and the houses were around $800k. A bit cheaper than closer to the city, but still relatively expensive. I guessed that properties would have been cheaper because the location is quite far away from Vancouver … oh well. :(

Anyway, BF and I were thinking of going back for an evening after work this summer on a date night. We could have dinner at one of the restaurants on the pier, and then walk around the town. Hopefully end up going back sometime soon. :)

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